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For ice cream lovers and dabblers this guide is a treasure chest of Rome’s 20 best gelato shops. There are gelaterias everywhere. Many visitors to Rome only have a few days to explore the city. You owe it to yourself to make the most of your time and find the gelato locals eat. Often the authentic stuff is just around the corner from a tourist trap. Why not take the recommendation of someone who has been eating and entertaining in Rome for years?
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Guide Location: Rome, Italy
Guide Type: Directory guide (C)
Number of Sights: 20
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Sights Included in This Application
Blue Ice
Gelato di San Crispino
Old Bridge
Fonte Delle Salute
Fiocco di Neve
Gelateria del Teatro
Gelateria dei Gracchi
Gelateria Arteginale
Alberto Pica
Gelateria Antonini
Gelateria Al Settimo
Caffe Minerva Gelateria
Gelateria Della Palma
Fior di Luna
Da Checco
Gelateria alla Scala
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Roman Gelaterias