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San Jose Local Food
Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, so natually tasting local food is high on every visitor's to-do list. This guide offers information about the local food found in the restaurants or on the street in San Jose to help visitors make an informed culinary decision. This guide can be downloaded via the FREE MyCityCuisine iPhone app.
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Guide Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Guide Type: Local cuisine (C)
Number of Dishes: 39
Works Offline: Yes, does not require data plan or 3G connection
Cost: Free for lite version and US$1.99 for ad free version
Dishes Included in This Application
Appetizers: 7 items
Soups: 8 items
Salads: 1 items
Main courses: 7 items
Desserts: 9 items
Fast food: 1 items
Street food: 1 items
Drinks (Non-alcoholic): 2 items
Drinks (Alcoholic): 3 items
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