Borisova Garden Walk, Sofia

Borisova Garden Walk, Sofia
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Vassia Atanassova - Spiritia
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Borisova Gardina is the oldest and most famous park in Sofia. Established in 1884, the park was named after Bulgarian Tsar Boris III. Take our tour to explore the sights within the garden and find out more about this top Bulgarian landmark.

Borisova Garden Walk - Route Map

Guide Name: Borisova Garden Walk
Guide Location: Bulgaria » Sofia
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.7 km
Author: stacey
Vasil Levski National Stadium

1) Vasil Levski National Stadium

Vasil Levski National Stadium, named after Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski, is one of Bulgaria's largest sports venues and the country's second largest stadium. The stadium has 43,230 seats and is located in the centre of Sofia, on the territory of the city's oldest and most famous park - the Borisovata gradina.

Vasil Levski National Stadium was officially opened in 1953 and reconstructed in 1966 and 2002. The Bulgaria national football team's home matches and the...   view more
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Georgi Kalaydzhiev
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Lake Ariana

2) Lake Ariana

Ariana (Bulgarian: Ариана) is the name of a medium-sized artificial lake in Knyaz Boris's Garden in Sofia. It is "B"-shaped, 175 m long and 75 m wide, with a small island at its narrowest point. It is located at the northern most corner of the park, in the city centre, between the Eagles' Bridge and the national stadium.

The lake was constructed in the late 19th Century and has since been a focal point for leisurly walks by Sofianites. Water wheels and rowing boats...   view more
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Aryadne
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Eagles' Bridge (Orlov Most)

3) Eagles' Bridge (Orlov Most)

Eagles' Bridge (Bulgarian: Орлов мост, Orlov most) is a bridge over the Perlovska River in the centre of Sofia. It gives the name to the important and busy juncture at which it is located. The name of the bridge itself comes from the four statues of eagles on it, which are, symbolically, its protectors and patrons.

The bridge and juncture are located in the immediate proximity of the Vasil Levski National Stadium, the Monument to the Soviet Army and the park Borisova gradina....   view more
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Vassia Atanassova - Spiritia
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Mound of Brotherhood

4) Mound of Brotherhood

The Mound of Brotherhood, or Bratska Mogila, is a monument within the Borisova Garden that commemorates all those who fought against fascism. Standing 42 meters tall, this obelisk has a statue depicting armed combatants at its...   view more
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Sheepdog Rex
Borisova Gradina TV Tower

5) Borisova Gradina TV Tower

The Borisova Gradina TV Tower or the Old TV Tower is a 106-metre tall (including the aerial) TV tower in the garden Borisova Gradina in Sofia. It is known as the tower used for the first Bulgarian National Television broadcasts in 1959.

The tower was designed by architect Lyuben Podponev, engineer A. Voynov and technologist Georgi Kopkanov. Construction began in December 1958 and the tower was officially opened on 26 December 1959. It has an area of 144 m², 14 floors and three platforms. In...   view more
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Nenko Lazarov
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Sofia Seminary

6) Sofia Seminary

The Sofia Seminary of St John of Rila, located in Sofia, is the main seminary of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and an ecclesiastical institution of higher education. Founded in 1874 as the Samokov Theological School in the Sts. Peter and Paul Monastery in Lyaskovets, it later moved to the capital of Bulgaria as the city council donated a lot for the construction of a separate seminary building.

The Sofia Seminary's construction began in 1902, when Knyaz Ferdinand of Bulgaria laid the...   view more
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Todor Bozhinov / Martyr
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