Centro Landmarks Walk, Milan

Centro Landmarks Walk, Milan
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Being over two thousand years old, Milan features an amazing array of architecture. Over the centuries, the city of Milan has been home to some of the best artists and architects of the world. Masterpieces of Baroque, Neoclassical and Renaissance styles make Milan a city of unparalleled architectural value. Take this tour around the Centro Storico of Milan to visit some of its most stunning architectural achievements.

Centro Landmarks Walk - Route Map

Guide Name: Centro Landmarks Walk
Guide Location: Italy » Milan
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.9 km
Author: kane
Torre Branca

1) Torre Branca

Located in Parco Sempione, Torre Branca is a 108.6 m high elegant metal structure. Built in 1933 by Gio Ponti, Cesare Chiodi and Ettore Ferrari, it is the fourth highest construction in Milan. Its top platform is 97 m high and 18.50 meters in diameter. The lift inside the Tower takes the visitors up to the viewing platform in just a minute. A restaurant was present there in the beginning but for safety reasons it can no longer host seats and tables. However, it is still an exclusive place to...   view more
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Basilica of San Simpliciano

2) Basilica of San Simpliciano

The Basilica of San Simpliciano, situated in the centre of Milan, is the second oldest church designed in the form of a Latin cross. It is one of the four churches built by Bishop Ambrose.

Built in the 4th century, San Simpliciano was once situated outside the city walls. Its location was notorious for prostitution. Ambrose, therefore, named the church Basilica Virginum. After Ambrose's death, his successor Simplicianus completed the church and was buried here. The church was, thus,...   view more
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San Marco

3) San Marco (must see)

Located in the Brera district, one of Milan’s most beautiful urban settings, San Marco is a church in Milan dedicated to St. Mark, patron of Venice. He helped the city in the war against Frederick Barbarossa in the 12th century and a church was dedicated to him in honor of his services. During the early days of 1770, he lived in the monastery of San Marco for three months. During the 17th century, the structure was heavily modified in the Baroque style when it became the largest church...   view more
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San Francesco di Paola

4) San Francesco di Paola

San Francesco di Paola is a church that lies in the heart of the richest and the most grandiose part of Milan. It was named after Paola who was the patron Saint of the Church.

In 1623, a huge fire destroyed the oratory of Sant’Anastasia. A new church known as church of San Francesco di Paola was constructed by the architect Marco Bianchi on these ruins. Construction work started in 1728 and it was opened for the devotees in 1735. A well known architect Alemagna concluded the church in...   view more
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5) Sant'Angelo

Officially known as Santa Maria degli Angeli, Sant'Angelo is a church in Lombardy that belongs to the Franciscan Order. The church was constructed over an already existing structure in 1418. Spanish general and Governor Milan Ferrante Gonzaga built the church in the mid 16th century.

Designed by Domenico Giunti, the church was built to replace the old one that had been destroyed. The small bell tower was from 1607 and the façade was in late-Mannerist style.

During the 19th...   view more
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Pirelli Skyscraper

6) Pirelli Skyscraper

The Pirelli Tower or Pirelli Building is the second tallest building in Milan. It is 417 feet high and built of concrete weighing about 70,000 tons.

In 1950, Alberto Pirelli, the president of the Pirelli Company, ordered for the construction of a skyscraper in the area where the corporation's first factory was located in the 19th century. Architect Gio Ponti developed the project with the support of Pier Luigi Nervi. Ponti, a designer and an architect, worked with the engineer...   view more
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Milano Centrale

7) Milano Centrale

Milan Centrale is one of the most beautiful European train stations. Built in 1864, it is conveniently located in the center of Milan. Officially inaugurated in 1931 to replace the old central station, it is Italy’s second largest station in terms of size and traffic volume.

On 15th January 1906 a design competition was held for a new station. The city’s most prominent architects took part in this contest. Many classical and ornamental designs were presented with large cupolas and...   view more
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