City Center Churches, Brussels

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Brussels is the cultural capital of Belgium, it is also the spiritual home of Belgium's most significant churches. The city has a number of unique religious sites such as the Saint Nicholas Church, the Church of Notre-Dame de la Chapelle and the Sablon Church. Take this tour to visit some of the most impressive churches and cathedrals in Brussels' city center.

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Guide Name: City Center Churches
Guide Location: Belgium » Brussels
Guide Type: Self-guided city tour
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.2 km
Author: audrey

1) Church of Notre-Dame de la Chapelle

The Church of Notre Dame de la Chapelle (Our Lady of the Chapel) is an imposing Romanesque-Gothic church constructed during the 13th and 14th centuries. Architecturally, it represents a transition between the Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. Its dramatic appearance makes it one of the most interesting churches in Brussels. The church was subject to numerous restorations during the 18th and 19th centuries, but the overall architectural appearance has remained intact. Two important...
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2) Church of Saint Jean et Etienne aux Minimes

The Church of Saint Jean et Etienne aux Minimes, often just called the Church of Minimes, sits at a busy crossroads. It is located within walking distance from two districts: the upscale Sablon and working class Marolles, so it draws a diverse range of parishioners. Constructed in the beginning of the 18th century, the church exhibits an architectural style representative of the period where styles transitioned from Flemish-Baroque to Neo-Classical. The interior of the church feels particularly...
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3) Église Notre Dame du Sablon

The Église Notre Dame du Sablon (Church or our Lady of the Sablon) is a late-Gothic style church in the upscale Sablon area. The original chapel on the site dates back to 1304 and was funded by the Guild of Crossbowmen. Upon completion of the chapel, the guilds-men used it as their place of worship. Later, the church was used by the monarchs; including Emperor Charles V. Up until the late 1700s the church was a burial ground for the rich community members, who would construct their own funeral...
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4) Church of Saint-Jacob

Historically, this site supported a medieval abbey church. However, the original church was destroyed in the mid 1700s in favor of a new church that would be more consistent with the overall urban planning efforts that were underway by Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine. The new church location was proposed so it would be in line with rue Montage de la Cour. The current church was constructed over a 14-year period, from 1776 to 1780, with the addition of the nave, transept, choir and sacristy...
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5) Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral

The dramatic St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral is located at Treurenberg Hill. The presence of a church at this location dates back to the beginning of the 11th century. In 1047, Lambert II, the Duke of Brabant, had the relics of St. Gudula transferred to this site. The original St. Gudula church was constructed in a Romanesque style; however, a renovation in the 13th century resulted in a Gothic style appearance. Glimpses of the 11th century church can be seen through glass viewing areas set...
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6) Saint-Nicolas Church

The charming Saint Nicolas Church is located amid old houses behind the Bourse and is one of the oldest churches in Brussels. The church dates back over 1,000 years, but very little remains of the original building. The 14th century Gothic style façade covers the lines of the original 11th century Romanesque façade. In the Middle Ages, the church has a tall belfry that served as the city watch tower. However, it collapsed unexpectedly in 1714. The records note that the collapse killed one man...
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7) Church of Saint Jean Baptiste

The Church of Saint Jean Baptiste (St. John the Baptist) is a lovely church tucked away in a quiet part of Brussels. The church is an excellent representation of the French-Baroque style of the 17th century and contains a lot of Italian influence in the church facades. The church was designed by Luc Fayd'herbe, who was a student of Rubens. Heads of winged angels decorate the arch junctions above the large arcades. The interior contains an ornate pulpit as well as a collection of paintings...
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