City Orientation Tour in Nice, Nice

City Orientation Tour in Nice, Nice
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Nice is a city in the south of France with a temperate climate that attracts many tourists. It is a very beautiful city, with large streets, old squares, museums, beautiful churches and green gardens. It is a wonderful place for shopping, with shops on the main streets and squares, markets with is a wide variety of products from perfumes, jewelry, clothes, fruits, vegetables and fish. Take the following tour to discover the beauty of the Mediterranean city of Nice.

City Orientation Tour in Nice - Route Map

Guide Name: City Orientation Tour in Nice
Guide Location: France » Nice
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 12
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.9 km
Author: jenny
Naval Museum

1) Naval Museum

The Naval Museum or the Galerie de la Marine is located on the Colline du Chateau in the Tour Bellanda. This beautiful round tower was built in the 16th century and has an incredible observation platform at the top of the building. The view from the museum is almost more impressive than the museum itself. From here there is a breathtakingly beautiful view of the port and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as that world famous beach on the French Riviera.

Inside the museum there are models of...
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Cours Saleya

2) Cours Saleya

A trip to Nice absolutely must include a stroll around the Cours Saleya. This incredible area used to be the city square in the days gone by. It is now an open air market that has many different vendors available throughout the week. The sights, sounds, smells and the people are sure to be one of the highlights of any trip.

Every Monday morning is the antique market, where the perfect bit of Art Deco, or that one unique souvenir may be purchased. If you love antiques, do not miss coming on...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Alberto Perdomo
Old Town

3) Old Town

The Vieux Nice is also known as the Old Town. It many respects, it is the most colorful area in the whole city. There are lots of small streets that can be wondered for a very long time, most of which end in a shop, or a great place to eat, or an art exhibit. There are lots of pastels that have been used in the paint. Just to make things even more romantic in design, the locals still hang their laundry out across the street on long clotheslines.

Part of the allure of the area comes from the...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Mike_fleming
Place du Palais de Justice

4) Place du Palais de Justice

The Place du Palais de Justice or the Nice court of law has recently received a well deserved face lift. The whole area has been given a bit of polish and shine, making it a delightful and picturesque neighborhood. The fountain in front of the court building is absolutely gorgeous.

The steps leading into the building lend themselves to getting an elevated picture of the surrounding area. They also are a great place to gather a large travel group to get a picture with a nice backdrop of the...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and i_am_neuron
Cathedrale Sainte Reparate

5) Cathedrale Sainte Reparate

The Cathedrale Sainte Reparate is one of the most interesting and beautiful cathedrals in Nice. It is built on the site of a small church that dates back circa 1200. Built in the middle 17th century, and dedicated in 1699, the building is magnificent. It contains 10 chapels, that were maintained by private families, and three organs.

The name comes from a young Palestinian boy who was martyred for his Christian faith. Saint Reparate was 15 when he was beheaded and his body set adrift in a...
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Place Sainte Francois

6) Place Sainte Francois

The Place St. François used to be the home of the town hall which was built in the 16th century in Baroque style. The square is smaller than some in Nice, but it is still a beautiful place to visit. There is a wonderful fountain in the middle of the square that was built in the 1930s a gift from François Aragon that depicts dolphins.

There is a bell tower on the square that was built by the Franciscan monks who gave the name to the square- St. Francis. This area used to house a large...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Petteri Sulonen
Place Garibaldi

7) Place Garibaldi

This is another of the lovely squares to be found in the city of Nice. It used to be called the Piazza Vittorio, and was designed to be a tribute to King Victor Amedee III. It was built in the late 1700s. When first constructed, it was meant to be a place for the Sardinian rulers to have public functions in Nice, while visiting from Turin. Much later, the square was renamed after Giuseppe Garibaldi, who tried to get Nice included in the governmental rule of Italy during the so-called Italian...
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The Museum of Natural History of Nice

8) The Museum of Natural History of Nice

When you visit the Museum of Natural History, you will get a chance to see one of the oldest museums in Nice. It is also one of the best institutions of its kind to be found in France. So, if you have any interest in natural history at all, you need to plan on paying a visit.

The museum was made possible through the generosity of Jean Baptiste Barla and Jean Baptiste Verany. It was organized and opened to the public in 1846. It has been in continuous operation throughout that time period.

Image Courtesy of Flickr and lizardking_cda
Avenue Jean-Medecin

9) Avenue Jean-Medecin

If you want to get in a leisurely stroll through one of the most popular streets of Nice, you will want to take a walk along the famous Avenue Jean Medicin. This famous part of town was named for one of the former city mayors. He was the head of the town for over 50 years. There has been a lot of care in the overall design, and the tour of the famous promenade is simply marvelous.

The best shopping in town can be found here, but be prepared to spend a little money in these shops. The streets...
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Basilique Notre-Dame

10) Basilique Notre-Dame

The Notre Dame Church of Nice is the largest of the churches that are located in the city. It is also one of the main attractions located in Old Town. It also represents the first of the churches built in the area in a more modern architectural style. You can find the building on Avenue Jean Medecin, in the very heart of that part of Nice.

By far, most of the religious buildings in Nice have been designed in an Italian Baroque manner. So, in 1848, when the Eglise Notre-Dame was built, it...
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Matisse Museum

11) Matisse Museum

This is a wonderfully eclectic little museum that sits atop the hill of Cimiez. It is devoted to the life and work of Henri Matisse. The building is a grand old 17th Century villa that sports a beautiful red paint job, as is adorned with trompe-l’oeil. It used to be the home of the old museum of archeology. It is surrounded by a lovely park that is a wonderful place to take a walk. The olive and pine trees are quite beautiful.

The ground floor of this building is completely dedicated to the...
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Cimiez Monastery and Franciscan Museum

12) Cimiez Monastery and Franciscan Museum

The monastery itself is located in the hills that surround the city of Nice. It was built by the Franciscan Order, and includes several parts. The Notre Dame Church is attached to this, as well as the museum owned by the brotherhood. The exhibitions inside show a history of the Order from the 1200s until the present day.

There are some wonderful sacred works of art on display here, some of which are paintings by none other than Louis Brea. You can also find some important historical documents...
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