Historic Center Walk, Milan

Historic Center Walk, Milan
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Bryan Allison
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Immerse yourself in several fascinating centuries’ worth of history and architecture in Milan’s city center. A gorgeous park, elegant palaces and historic houses are just some of the thrilling sights to be seen. A good place to start is with a saunter down Via Dante, named after the Florentine poet Dante Alighieri. This beautiful pedestrianized street is lined with 18th and 19th-century houses, palaces, shops, cafés and restaurants. One of the principle highlights of this part of the city is Castello Sforzesco, a 14th-century castle with a turbulent history. It has been demolished and rebuilt on several occasions, and today offers a wonderful window into the past with historical artifacts belonging to the Civici Musei Castello Sforzesco and numerous other museums in the castle complex. Among them is the Egyptian Museum, the Antique Furniture and Wooden Sculpture Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Musical Instruments. You could easily spend days among the many and varied exhibits. Behind the castle is Parco Sempione (Simplon Park), a large green space designed in the romantic style of an English garden. Amble along winding paths through beautifully landscaped grounds and open grass areas. Check out the attractive bridge across the central pond and the park’s other structures and monuments. Climb up to the viewing platform of the Torre Branca, a 354-feet (108-meter) tall tower erected in 1933. Stop by the Arco della Pace, originally built as a Victory Arch for Napoleon in 1807.

Historic Center Walk - Route Map

Guide Name: Historic Center Walk
Guide Location: Italy » Milan
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 2.2 km
Author: naomi
Duomo di Milano

1) Duomo di Milano

Image Courtesy of Paul Arps
Dante Street

2) Dante Street

Image Courtesy of Pimlico27
Dante Street

3) Dante Street

Image Courtesy of Don Rickards
Dante Street

4) Dante Street

Image Courtesy of Chris Yunker
Cairoli Square, Garibaldi Statue

5) Cairoli Square, Garibaldi Statue

Image Courtesy of Dr. Norbert Heidenbluth
Sforza Castle

6) Sforza Castle

Image Courtesy of Emilio García
Sforza Castle

7) Sforza Castle

Image Courtesy of Paul Barker Hemings
Sforza Castle

8) Sforza Castle

Image Courtesy of Dzhingarova
Sforza Castle

9) Sforza Castle

Image Courtesy of Mark Gregory
Sforza Castle

10) Sforza Castle

Image Courtesy of Giovanni Dall'Orto
Sempione Park

11) Sempione Park

Image Courtesy of Bryan Allison
Sempione Park

12) Sempione Park

Image Courtesy of Pmk58
Sempione Park

13) Sempione Park

Image Courtesy of Amanda Slater
Sforza Castle

14) Sforza Castle

Image Courtesy of Mike and Annabel Beales
Sempione Square, Arch of Peace

15) Sempione Square, Arch of Peace

Image Courtesy of Jean-Christophe BENOIST


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