Isola Nightlife, Milan

Isola Nightlife, Milan
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Milan is a cosmopolitan city and a world fashion center, which is of course reflected in its nightlife scene. Every club in Milan has its own unique atmosphere and specialties. Anywhere you stop, you'll be surprised by something - be it the customers, the shows, the interior design, or the drink selection. Take this tour and experience some of the best clubs in the Isola district of Milan.

Isola Nightlife - Route Map

Guide Name: Isola Nightlife
Guide Location: Italy » Milan
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.6 km
Author: kane

1) Hollywood

If you want to meet the top Milan celebrities (the super-models and soccer players) then head to Hollywood. Here you may not only witness developing celebrity scandals, but may also be a part of them! When visiting, be sure you're dressed nicely. Also, if you visit Hollywood in the middle of the week, be prepared for the craziness of Pervert...   view more
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Gasoline Club

2) Gasoline Club

Gasoline Club is another unique place to visit in Milan. Gasoline Club changes its interior and "camouflage" every year. However, something that never changes is the crazy attire of the bar's customers. You may see people enjoying the party both in designer shirts, skirts and jeans and in black speedos. The club's disco hosts gay...   view more
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3) Light

The Light bar has chic decor and an elegant design. The bar caters to a diverse clientèle and celebrates the uniqueness of each person. It is famous for its large variety of drinks and comfortable atmosphere. Spend an unforgettable night out with your friends at...   view more
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Martin Asche
Cantiere dei Sensi

4) Cantiere dei Sensi

Cantiere dei Sensi is the place to visit if you want a more traditional Milan experience, as typical Italian dishes and wine are served here. People come here not only for the drinks but to show off their latest fashions. The Cantiere dei Sensi is an excellent wine bar, with a large selection to choose...   view more
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5) Frida

Frida is perhaps one the coolest and most affordable bars in Milan. Here you may easily socialize, while enjoying some refreshing cocktails. The venue is regarded more as a cocktail and lounge bar than simply a bar. Happy hours and live jazz music attract the...   view more
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Pub 24

6) Pub 24

Pub 24 is largely known among locals as the place where you can have the most foamy and freshly brewed beer in the city of Milan. The beer is served with an impressive portion of fish and chips or any other pub dish from the main menu. Also, the pub provides three huge screens on which you can watch the almost daily football...   view more
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