Miami Famous Architecture Walking Tour, Miami

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Miami is very rich in architectural constructions, such as churches, towers, bridges, sky-scrapers and more. There is an area that is designated the MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District, it's where you can visit buildings of various designs and colors. Take this walking tour to see the most acclaimed architectural constructions in Miami.

Walk Route

Guide Location: USA » Miami
Guide Type: Self-guided city tour
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.3 km
Author: stacey

1) Bacardi Cantilever Building

The Bacardi Cantilever Building is a landmark structure in Miami and forms part of the complex that houses the headquarters of the Bacardi Rum Company. It has become an outstanding example of engineering in architecture and an important part of the itinerary of visitors to the city.

The Bacardi Cantilever Building was built in 1973 to house the offices of the Cuban company in exile well known for their famous brand of rum. It is located on the western side of the Plaza that also has another...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Mark 2400

2) Ten Museum Park

The Ten Museum Park is the 13th tallest building in Miami and consists of residential condominium units. It is regarded as one of the most creatively designed structures in the city.

Ten Museum Park was designed by Chad Oppenheim and construction was completed in 2007. It is part of the Biscayne Wall, a series of skyscrapers to the west of Biscayne Boulevard. It stands 585 meters tall with 50 floors and 200 condominium units. The lower floors have offices and retail space. The east facing...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and miamism

3) Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower is a seventeen floor structure located on the Wolfson campus of Miami Dade College. It has become the symbol of freedom to Cuban refugees who fled the communist regime of Fidel Castro to Florida.

The Freedom Tower was built in Mediterranean revivalist style in 1925. It housed the offices and printing facility of the newspaper called the Miami News. The design closely resembles that of the Giralda Tower in Seville, Spain. It has a height of 78 meters and the cupola once had...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and hipster librarian

4) Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States Federal Courthouse

Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States Federal Courthouse is a modern courthouse in downtown Maimi. It is named after prominent lawyer and Judge Wilkie D. Ferguson who was born in Miami and made significant contributions both as a lawyer and a judge to the city and the State of Florida.

The Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States Federal Courthouse was designed by the architect firm Arquitechtonica in consultation with Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum. The structure consists of two towers...
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia and Miami92

5) Gusman Center for the Performing Arts

The Gusman Center of Performing Arts is the official name of the Olympia Theater in Miami. It is a favored venue for MTV concerts and has hosted several performances by contemporary pop stars.

The Olympia Theater began in 1927 as a venue where silent movies were screened. It was designed by well known theater architect John Eberson with Moorish style exteriors and atmospheric interior design. It was also known for its perfect acoustics, simulated night sky ceiling with drifting clouds and...
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6) Four Seasons Hotel Miami

The Four Seasons Hotel and Tower, also known as the Four Seasons Hotel Miami, is a skyscraper in the City of Miami. It is located in Downtown Miami's Brickell Financial District. The tower contains a Four Seasons Hotel, office space and several residential condominium units on the upper floors. Rising 789 feet (240 m) and 64 floors, it is the tallest building in Miami and the state of Florida. At the time of its completion, the Four Seasons Hotel & Tower was also the tallest mixed use...
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