Article (D) guide: Montevideo Nocturnal Life

Montevideo Nocturnal Life
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This a concise walking guide to the finest bars and clubs in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Two dozen establishments are included with detailed descriptions, exact addresses, hours of operation and step by step directions. Montevideo is a city that rewards the energetic nighttripper with wonders and sensations galore.

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Guide Name: Montevideo Nocturnal Life
Guide Location: Uruguay » Montevideo
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Destinations: 23
Author: David Ellis
Author Bio: David Dock Ellis has been living in Montevideo, Uruguay for 2 years, having previously spent time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally a radio DJ in the United States, his focus now is on exploring South America.
El Mingus

1) El Mingus

This tour commences at El Mingus, a legendary bar at the corner of juan Jackson and San Salvador in Palermo, San Salvador 1952. This place has it all: strong drinks, great food, super friendly staff and a solid clientele. Not to mention terrific music and a vibe that money can't buy. Mingus rages most nights, especially on Mondays when live music is free. This is a terrific choice to start or end a big night...
Kalima Boliche

2) Kalima Boliche

Kalima is renowned for live music most nights and the fabled hot club jazz jam session on Friday. Three levels, lots of room, fine food and drink and a crowd out in front guarantees lots of action inside. It's an essential stop on the Palermo nightlife circuit, and home to a very eclectic...
Bar Lola

3) Bar Lola

Our next destination brings the dedicated nightcrawler to Bar Lola, another triple level attraction that is a newer addition to the neighborhood and steadily gaining in popularity. If you're needing a place to flop in Montevideo, Couchsurfers holds a weekly meeting here every Thursday night. As with most clubs in the city, Lola gets busy after...
Despues te explico

4) Despues te explico

Our march continues to cozy Despues te explico (i'll explain later) just north of Bulevar Espana. Once again, grub, grog, girls, and occaisional live music is the lure, and the floor is cleared of chairs at midnight for a raging dance party. This place is very compact and fills up...

5) Casitanno

Casitanno sits at the corner of Jose Pablo Maria and Maldonado. This is the home of some of the best tacos in town, and yet another cozy place with seats outside when the weather is good. Total capacity is less than 40 inside and is often filled to the limit. The soundtrack is steady electronic beat, and this is a worthy stop on the road to...
Paullier & Guana

6) Paullier & Guana

Paullier & Guan is a legendaty favorite that is extremely busy from Thursday through Saturday, situated on the corner of the streets of those names. Here is a classic neighborhood bar that attracts revelers from all over the city, thanks to it's very nice basement that frequently features live music and dj dance parties. It's also a full fledged restaurant, and always packed when there's anything going on. When the weather is nice there's lots of room at the tables...

7) Living

The fabled and notorious nocturnal hangout Living is directly situated at the intersection of Pratto and Paullier and this is late night central….any weekend when it's happening, it's absolutely heaving, with perhaps 200 partiers going at it in the intersection outside, at least triple what the intrior holds. There is a loft, and a basement provides live and dj dance music, and it is truly amazing how many people show up at 4 in the morning.Tthis is the place where I coined the term,...
Cabo Bar

8) Cabo Bar

Cabo Bar is a small but often action packed dive on the South side of Bulevar Espana next to a perenial construction site. Live music is intermittent, as is standup comedy. Small but comfortable, it'sa favorite of many locals including many from outside the...
Bar Rodo

9) Bar Rodo

The new and vastly improved Rodo Bar, two levels of a roomy and wooden interior and very visible just meters from Living, at the corner across Bulevar Espana and 21 de Setiembre If only because of the super strategic location, the feeling is that this joint will endure and thrive. Service is friendly and efficient, prices very reasonable, the decor is record albums and covers, and a number of upstairs rooms will accomodate...
Tres Perros

10) Tres Perros

The intersection of Obligado and Baldomir features the first of another cluster of worthwhile taverns in Pocitos, one of the best and biggest neighborhoods in Montevideo. Tres Perros is a late night hangout, complete with basement, young crowd, bar food, and the patio is swarming with revelers late on any weekend night. On a 3 way intersection of busy streets, it's easy to grab a...

11) Mandala

Mandala is a personal favorite at the corner of Libertad and Quebracho This is the perfect example of a neighborhood favorite that really fills up on any good night. Great service, prices,s election, food, music, and among other pluses are the best fries in town, as well as a superior Chivito, the classic Uruguayan sandwich. Mandala has it all and a very loyal following Aa great spot for the first, or last, drink of the...
Volve mi Negra

12) Volve mi Negra

Volve mi Negra, on Munoz going up a hill between La Gaceta and Lorenzo Perez, is another of the finest establishments in Pocitos and attracts people from all over the city. This multi level pub has a lot going for it, especially a very scenic clientele, super friendly staff, terrific music, strong drink, and lots of room. The one pool table tends to get overwhelmed by the crowds at times, but this is a beloved bar by almost anybody who has visited it. The food is good, there are several...

13) Uma

Uma is a close neighbor of Volve mi Negra, an offbeat corner pub with lots of tables outside, very necessary as the interior space is small and gets gridlocked. Uma has a gravel floor, unique to Montevideo and for what purpose I really don't know. Even on cold nights there are more people outside than in, mainly because of much more roomon the sidewalk. I do know that it's packed every time I go by, so it has lots of appeal in a neighborhood with much competition. Uma is situated at...

14) Tibet

Tibet is famous for it's big party bus full of hot chicks rolling all over town for private parties, and it's quite a sight. This place is almost total patio, as the interior is small, but the patio heaves on good nights.

A trippy interior appropriate to the name, and the age old combination of drinks and exotic food please many in the hood, which is situated at the corner of Masini &...

15) Mess

Next stop on the circuit of the stars is Mess, on Gabriel Perreira between Ellauri and Tamburini. One way to find this place is to first locate what has to be the biggest tree in Montevideo, if not the country, a monstrous, Swiss Family Robinson titan which sits directly across the street on the grounds of a school. Iit is a beauty, called a Gomero around these parts, which was brought from Paraguay and planted decades ago as a monument to Jose Varela. Jose must have been one heavy dude to...

16) Gallaghers

Gallaghers is yet another Irish themed pub that doesn't serve Guinness, due to some political absurdity of some sort. But they do have a number of fine artisan brews on tap, many types of Irish and Scotch whiskey, and very tasty food. The wood themed interior boasts two levels, is somewhat cramped, and gets packed very quickly, outside on the patio as well. Gallaghers opened early in 2013 and has been a smash from the get go with a diverse and pretty...
Tranquilo Bar

17) Tranquilo Bar

Tranquilo Bar is a longtime fixture strategically located on the corner of 21 de Setiembre and Roque Graseras. This place is all about the patio, as the interior is tiny, but it's a fine hang regardless of the weather. The bar food is high quality, as are the libations, if the service is often a bit sketchy. But Tranquilo is a sure bet for a solid stop on a big night out and is especially popular during the warm weather...
Bar Tabare

18) Bar Tabare

Bar Tabare is a worthy venue to relax, eat and drink in. This venuer is a historic site of sorts, being one of the first mercantile markets in the area, and the building and interior is nothing but fine .It attracts the cream of the neighborhood, one of the swankest in the city, and all the libations and food are equal to the digs. There's a basement downstairs featuring live music lots of the time, and time is well spent here, but make sure your wallet is full, as it's not...

19) Dharma

Dharma, sits on the south side of beautiful Plazoleta Manuel Azana, along with 3 other restaurants and another tavern Dharma is the conspicuous blue building, the interior is plush and super chill, and it's empty until it fills up with a youngish, fine looking crowd. All the usual drinks and bar food, electronic dance music, and plenty of beautiful Uruguayan...

20) Seven

Almost directly across the street from Dharma sits Seven, in a wooden exterior, and another underground marvel with a rabid following. At both these places the clientele is young and spectacular. Next door is a pizza place,and across the street sits a trendy, cool restaurant and a typical parilla. So if this is your final stop of the night, your options are many, and the distances...

21) Red

The visually striking bar Red, situated on the corner of Vasquez Vega and Figueira is virtually hidden in a busy part of town. This is a cush place to relax, with tecno dance usually playing, a full kitchen, heaps of booze, and the interior is as blood red as the outside. I've never seen it very busy, but maybe thaanother story on a different...

22) Mimosa

Mimosa lies at the corner of Franzini and Scoseria, across the street from the venerable El Tigre resto pub. Mimosa is a double level party place full of activity and a young crowd if it's late enough. Late enough in Uruguay means at midnight the place is close to full until it shuts down at 3 or so on...

23) Zudanez

Formerly known as Cataneo, the newly christened Zudanez, named after the street it sits on, is now owned by the same group as Paullier & Guana, so improvements to everything should be in order. It's got a decent enough layout, with a nice open air patio out back, and a very extensive menu. This place will become much more popular in...


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