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Shopping Tour in Cordoba, Cordoba
Guide Location: Argentina » Cordoba
Guide Type: Self-guided city tour
# of Attractions: 5
Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.6 km
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Javier de Cordoba
Author: StaceyP
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Argentina is well-known for its leather goods throughout the world, but Cordoba is known for its shops that sell a variety of handicrafts made by the local artisans, in addition to leather items. There are also gift shops where you will be able to buy a souvenir to take back home. Take this walking tour to drop in on some of the most interesting shops in Cordoba.
Attractions Map
Tour Stops and Attractions
1) Galería Vía Nueva
Galería Vía Nueva is a great gallery in Cordoba located between Calle 9 de Julio, Tucumán, Dean Funes and Sucre in the heart of the city. The gallery offers a variety of pictures, frames, paintings, and souvenirs. It is very popular among tourists and has a wide selection of pieces of...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and faith goble
2) Mi Tierra
Mi Tierra is a wonderful shop located at 9 de Julio street. It offers a wide variety of dolls that are made of soft fabric in various sizes. The dolls are absolutely unique and are made in the traditional Argentinian style, wearing dresses which are common in various regions of Argentina. In this shop you can also find interesting items and...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and JP Puerta
3) Talabartería Crespo
Talabartería Crespo is a place to buy local handicrafts and gifts. It is located near Iglesia las Catalinas. There is a large selection of leather goods of the highest quality that are made from carpincho. You can also find sweaters of different sizes, knives of all sorts and mate...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Cláudia*~Assad
4) La Costanera Alfajores
La Costanera Alfajores is a sweets shop situated in the nucleus of the city of Cordoba. The shop offers alfajores of various shapes, always covered with a sugar glazing. They sell a wide variety of products from chocolates and candies to cakes and ice cream. All of them are delicious and...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and blmurch
5) Mercado Norte
Mercado Norte is an indoor market situated in the north of the city centre. They sell everything from food, like meat, vegetables, fruit, and seafood to clothes and handicrafts. The market was opened in 1928. The design of the market was created by Godoy Hortal. This is the perfect place for tourists to get acquainted with the everyday life of the Argentinian...
Image Courtesy of Flickr and ollesvensson
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