Staré Město Nightlife, Prague

Staré Město Nightlife, Prague
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Prague offers fascinating night entertainment. It has a lot of clubs and discos. Check out the most popular nightlife spots in Central Prague in the following self-guided tour.

Staré Město Nightlife - Route Map

Guide Name: Staré Město Nightlife
Guide Location: Czech Republic » Prague
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.3 km
Author: vickyc
Nebe Kremencova Cocktail & Music Bar

1) Nebe Kremencova Cocktail & Music Bar

A popular nightlife establishment offering one of the most expansive cocktail selections in the city, Nebe Kremencova Cocktail & Music Bar is found inside a restored medieval building. Attracting a crowd consisting mainly of you professionals and university students both local and from abroad, guests here can sample from its rather extensive menu of over one hundred cocktails, including its signature bucket cocktail that serves eight. Entertainment usually includes popular club hits,...   view more
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Pivovar U Fleku Restaurant

2) Pivovar U Fleku Restaurant

This restaurant offers to its visitors Czech cuisine. Its specialty is U Fleků Platter, a dish made of pork, duck and sausage with two kinds of cabbage and two kinds of dumplings. You will taste there dark strong beer brewed for 170 years on recipe of Flek...   view more
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Solid Uncertainty Bar & Club

3) Solid Uncertainty Bar & Club

Attracting a decent-sized crowd, particularly on the weekends, consisting of both locals and tourists, Solid Uncertainty Bar & Club offers a friendly, casual environment where guests can enjoy a drink with a friend along with some upbeat tunes. While the weekends host DJs spinning a great mix of current and classic pop to get guests shaking on the dance floor, weekdays usually invite local bands and musicians to entertain the crowd from its small stage. Solid Uncertainty’s...   view more
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Lavka Bar and Club

4) Lavka Bar and Club

Situated on the bank of the Vlatava River, Lavka Bar and Club can be found in the Old Town near the Charles Bridge in the heart of Prague. Attracting a good amount of tourists to the city, as well as a fair amount of locals, guests here come to dance the night away, with upbeat club anthems in the beginning of the night yielding to the best current electronic dance music as the night progresses. One popular attraction, and in particular for stag parties, is Lavka’s go-go dancers shaking their...   view more
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Karlovy Lazne

5) Karlovy Lazne

Karlovy Lázně is a five story disco club in Prague  and the largest club in Central Europe. Lázně is situated 50 meters from the eastern end of the Charles Bridge on the bank of the Vltava River. An entrance fee of 75 Koruna allows access to the club, which features different music on each of its five stories. Seeing as Lázně is the largest club in Prague, and supposedly Central Europe as well, the club is crowded at weekends with an assortment of tourists and locals,...   view more
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Zlaty Strom Bar & Club

6) Zlaty Strom Bar & Club

A fantastic party atmosphere underlies any evening spent at the Zlaty Strom Bar & Club. A fun and friendly nightlife establishment that attracts a mixed crowd of all ages, Zlaty’s pole dancing room with topless dancers makes a popular feature for a stag party though the pace also includes two lounge areas, four bars, and an illuminated dance floor downstairs where local DJs spin a great variety of popular favorites from today and yesterday. Its bars feature a wide selection of drinks...   view more
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