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Traditional Markets Tour in Manila, Manila
Traditional Markets Tour in Manila
Guide Location: Philippines » Manila
Guide Type: Self-guided city tour
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.6 km
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Author: nicole
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Traditional markets in any country have their own specific kind of life. The Philippines is a wonderful country which offers many unusual things to visitors. Manila markets offer a glance into the true life and habits of the people. Only here can you find authentic products, the real Filipino people and hear the real language. Manila markets sell unique things, things that no shop can provide.
Tour Stops and Attractions
Divisoria Market
1) Divisoria Market
When it comes to trading of any item, the Divisoria Market is the best place in Manila. Unlike other markets, the Divisoria market trades almost everything right from jewelery to footwear, souvenirs to school items, electronics to foods all at wholesale prices. This colossal and chaotic market is also very popular for textiles. The Divisoria situated in the heart of the city is well known as the “mother of all markets in Manila” and also as “the Mecca of value shopping” for the variety of products and the low prices it offers. It is surrounded by Juan Luna, Santo Cristo, Recto and Comercio street.

During the Spanish rule, the non-Christian Chinese merchants were not allowed to trade in the vicinity of Intramuros, the Spanish capital. The Divisoria market was initially a small community of Chinese merchants which then expanded and blossomed into a commercial center and a major trade goods drop-off center in the 1990s. Today, the market has several malls like the 168 mall, Meisic mall, Tutuban Center mall (former Tutuban Central Station) and the Divisoria Mall. Along with all the stores and malls, the Market also has a food hub where one can enjoy a variety of cuisines including the native Filipino food. Although, the market is busy the year around, it is especially crowded before Christmas and around the time when schools reopen. A local guide is recommended if you plan to visit the market just to avoid getting lost in the chaos and the busy streets.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Trishhhh
Salazar Street
2) Salazar Street
The quality of fruit on Salazar is generally better than at other, perhaps more well-known, fruit-selling places. It's located parallel to Ongpin Street, almost directly across from the President Restaurant. The fruit vendors are all on one side of the street, under eaves of buildings or portable umbrellas. Usually, the fruits brought here are from the farmers' own gardens, and the vendors will be happy to tell you stories about any particular kind of fruit.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Trishhhh
Ongpin Street
3) Ongpin Street
No city is complete without its own little suburb that is cramped up with buildings, has restaurants that don’t necessarily level up to the health and safety measures but sell excellent Chinese food and traditional apothecary stores. And like any other city in the world, Manila has its own little China Town to boast about.

Established in 1890s, the Street was named after Don Roman Ongpin, a wealthy Chinese business man whose undying support for the freedom of his country and the Philippine Revolution earned him tremendous respect and immortality in the hearts of his countrymen.

Packed with restaurants and herb stores, the Ongpin Street in Manila is the city’s very own Chinese hide out. The streets are small and the traffic annoying but yet the Ongpin Street manages to attract a fair share of foreigners as well as locals. Here, visitors can get anything from pirated CD’s, clothes and purses, to mouthwatering food, medicinal herbs and other knickknacks. Surely, the area appeases its visitors every appetite.

What looks like a cramped hot place with unusual sights in the day, the glitz and bling of the gold shops manage to transform the area altogether at night. The Ongpin Street is definitely a must visit when you are in Manila.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Siomuzzz
Arranque Market
4) Arranque Market
Arranque Market is located between C.M. Recto and Soler Streets. It has an ancient and somewhat murky collection of food stalls. People from all around flock here to do their shopping. Mostly, the vendors sell fresh exotic fruits. There are also fresh juice stands, and the prices are very reasonable. It's a great spot to taste local food and fresh juice.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Charles Haynes
Ilalim ng Tulay
5) Ilalim ng Tulay
Ilalim ng Tulay is a very popular open street market, situated under Quezon Bridge. Here, you can find really cheap trinkets for tourists, like souvenirs, t-shirts, candles, postcards, toys, handmade wooden dishes, jewelry, and all sorts of statuettes. This is the best place to visit right before you leave Manila, in order to buy a lot of trinkets for your friends and family.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and IK's World Trip
Central Market
6) Central Market
North of Quiapo Church, along Andalucia St., lies the dingy Central Market. Here, they sell clothes, military uniforms, knives and hardware, food, vegetables and fruits, shoes, toys, handmade jewelery, and little souvenirs. In a word: Everything. The diversity is astonishing. Anyone can find anything, mostly at a reasonable price. The market is huge, and all the products are segregated into different areas, in order to make your shopping easier.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Trishhhh
Princess Bazaar
7) Princess Bazaar
Princess Bazaar offers unique fashion for women: skirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and cosmetics. For all ages, all sizes, all tastes. This is the best place to please your little girl, girl friend, wife, sister or mother. Some stands offer wonderful girlish toys and handcrafted items.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Pon "T" un Pin
Quinta Market
8) Quinta Market
At Quinta Market you'll find vendors selling fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and other foods. Some stands offer already-cooked meals, made from the products sold right there in the market. Locals adore this place, as many kinds of meat and very tasty fresh fish is brought to the market early in the morning.
Image Courtesy of Flickr and Charles Haynes
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