Paris: Best Food Markets

Paris: Best Food Markets

That image you have in your head of Parisians strolling through a colourful market with a basket under their arm, chatting to vendors, and picking up the freshest produce, is pretty accurate. Most Parisians visit their local market at least once a week to stock up on the finest fruit, vegetables, cheeses, and cured meats that the city has to offer. When you first visit Paris, it can be difficult to know which market is right for you. We've explored them all, and come up with the best. We'll tell you the best markets for bargains, the best for organic produce, the best for local specialities, and more. With precise maps, nearest metro stops, and clear opening hours and days, you'll know exactly which market is right for you, and when is the best time to visit. We've even included suggestions for the best places to get a snack or drink nearby, once you've finished shopping. So you can make like a Parisian local, basket and all!
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1. Marché d'Aligre

Marché d'Aligre
The cheapest and arguably best market in Paris. The area has a rich cultural heritage, with a traditionally North African, working class population. Aligre maintains this village feel today. There are three elements to the fabulous Aligre market. First, the street market: fruit and vegetables are sold at crazy cheap prices, especially on a Sunday. Stroll up and down the street before making your purchases, to find the best deal. Second, the covered market (Beauvau): everything from artisan goat milk cheeses to cured hams, all under one roof. More expensive than the street market, but great quality. Third, the bric à brac market: operating mainly on weekends, on the Place d'Aligre. The place to come for that elusive vintage teapot or picture frame. Great prices too! Metro: Ledru-Rollin (line 8) or Gare de Lyon (lines 1 and 14, RER lines A and D).
Where to find it:
Place d’Aligre 75012 Paris, France

Working Hours:
Tue-Fri: 09:00am-01:00pm; 04:00pm-07:30pm
Sat: 09:00am-01:00pm; 03:30pm-07:30pm
Sun: 09:00am-01:30pm

2. Marché Biologique Raspail

Marché Biologique Raspail
If you're looking for top-quality organic produce, the Marché Biologique Raspail is the market for you. French note: 'biologique' (or 'bio' for short) means 'organic'. This left-bank institution offers everything from locally produced organic vegetables to traditionally made organic bread baked by artisans. You'll also find honey, flowers, and other sweet treats. Everything on sale is organic, and much of it is local. So you'll be doing your bit for the planet and your health while you stock up on the delicious goodies. Métro: Rennes (line 12), Saint-Placide (line 4), or Sèvres-Babylone (lines 10 and 12).
Where to find it:
Boulevard Raspail, 75006, Paris, France

Working Hours:
Sun: 09:00am-15:00pm

3. Marché Richard Lenoir / Bastille

Marché Richard Lenoir / Bastille
This huge market is perfect if you want top-quality produce from some of France's finest farmers and producers. It's technically called Marché de la Bastille, but all locals know it as Richard Lenoir, after the Boulevard where it takes place. Producers, farmers, and artisans from across France head to this market to sell their delicious goods. Fill your basket with nutty camembert from Normandy, or olives from Provence, or Toulouse sausages, or Breton artichokes, or any of the other speciality foods on sale. This is the place to build the perfect French picnic, ideally to be enjoyed on the banks of the nearby Seine. Metro: Bastille (lines 1, 5, and 8).
Where to find it:
8 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France

Working Hours:
Thu: 07:00am-14:30pm
Sun: 07:00am-15:00pm

4. Marché des Enfants Rouges

Marché des Enfants Rouges
Created in 1615, this is Paris’ oldest indoor market. Its name, meaning the red children, was inspired by a nearby orphanage where the children were all kitted out in red. Today, there are 2000 m2 of stalls to explore, with the usual market fare of meat, fish, fresh produce, breads, and so on. As a bonus, there are a couple of places to get a tasty, super fresh bite to eat. The location is also great for exploring every tourist’s favourite area of Paris: the Marais. Metro: Filles du Calvaire (line 8), Arts et Metiers (lines 3 and 11).
Where to find it:
39 Rue de Bretagne, 75003, Paris, France

Working Hours:
Tue-Sat: 08:30am-07:30pm
Sun: 08:30am-02:00pm

5. Marché Biologique des Batignolles

Marché Biologique des Batignolles
Here's another market for lovers of organic produce, this time north of the river. If you're in the North West of Paris on a Saturday, the Marché Biologique des Batignolles is the place to go for all your organic needs. Here you'll find everything from organic bread and pastries to locally produced fruit, vegetables and honey, via organic meat and charcuterie. Oh, and oysters, cheeses, eggs, and more still. The only downside are the limited opening hours, but if you're in the right place at the right time, the Batignolles organic market is a great spot. Metro: Place de Clichy (lines 2 and 13).
Where to find it:
34, Boulevard des Batignolles, 75017, Paris, France

Working Hours:
Sat: 09:00am-03:00pm

6. Marché Monge

Marché Monge
This left-bank market has to be one of the prettiest in Paris. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday morning, producers of top quality products and produce set-up on this picturesque leafy square to sell their goods. The prices are quite high at the Marché Monge: the area is quite affluent. However, the quality of the goods on sale pretty much justifies the money spent on them. For slightly less expensive produce, head to the nearby Rue Mouffetard, which is also home to scores of reasonable restaurants. Once you've finished shopping, have a well-earned coffee (or something stronger) on the terrace at one of the bars on the Place de la Contrescarpe. A pretty fountain and typically left-bank square await you!
Where to find it:
1 Place Monge, 75005, Paris, France

Working Hours:
Wed,Fri: 07:00am-02:30pm
Sun: 07:00am-03:00pm

7. Marché Saxe-Breteuil

Marché Saxe-Breteuil
Quite possibly the swankiest market in Paris. The west of the city is full of chic Parisians with fur coats and small dogs, and this is where they come to buy the finest produce needed for their exclusive dinner parties. As a bonus, you get a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower as you wander between the stalls selling oysters, foie gras, and fine cheeses (as well as top-quality fruit and vegetables of course). This isn't the place to come for a bargain, but it is the place to come for a uniquely Parisian shopping experience. Metro: Duroc (lines 10 and 13), Sèvres-Lecourbe (line 6), or Ségur (line 10).
Where to find it:
Avenue de Saxe, 75007 Paris, France

Working Hours:
Thu: 07:00am-02:30pm
Sat: 07:00am-03:00pm

8. Marché Saint Honoré

Marché Saint Honoré
Located in the rather swanky and super central 1st arrondissement, the Marché St honoré dates back to 1810. The market has undergone many changes in its 200 + years of existence. Today, it's a great place to shop for all the usual market classics like produce, fish, meat, and bread. You'll also find stalls selling clothes and accessories. There are plenty of wine bars nearby to stop off for a refreshing tipple or bite to eat after your shopping. Metro: Pyramides (lines 7 and 14).
Where to find it:
Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, côté pair, Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

Working Hours:
Wed: 12:30pm-08:30pm
Sat: 07:00am-03:00pm


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