Fashion Rivers Part 2

Fashion Rivers Part 2, Limassol, Cyprus (A)

Anexartisias Str. is special. First of all, because of its position. It's located in the heart of Limassol, in the Old Town area, that boasts not only the most popular shops in the city, but also a theatre, some galleries, bars, restaurants, historic buildings... And just like Makariou Ave. it ends in the sea-front with its magnificent palm alley.
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Guide Name: Fashion Rivers Part 2
Guide Location: Cyprus » Limassol
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 10
Tour Duration: 2.0 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 0.6 Km or 0.4 Miles
Author: Olga Brus
Author Bio: was born in Novorossiysk, Russia, in 1964. In 1971 I went to school, and on getting my Cirtificate I entered Krasnodar Polytechnical Institute. It took me three years to find out that engineering was not in my line and I dropped without regret. In 1998 I entered Pyatigorsk Linguistic University which I graduated from with a diploma of an English teacher. After graduation I enjoyed teaching kids English. In 2001 I moved to Cyprus where I'm still living happily with my family
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Mirrors
  • Parenthesis
  • Damart
  • Beauty Line
  • Charles&Keith
  • Bagatt
  • Belucci
  • Addiction
  • Guess
  • Astarti

1) Mirrors

Mirrors is a big, three-story boutique for people of all ages who prefer classics to other styles. There's a big collection of evening wear, office suits, skirts, trousers, jackets. Apart from conservative office clothes, customers are offered more fashionable items, a mixture of classic cut with trendy details. Different sizes, including UK16 and bigger are available. Men are also welcomed to the shop. The staff is very experienced and professional and may recommend you the clothes which really become and fit you. Most clothes come from Greece, Italy and France.

2) Parenthesis

Parentheses is for young girls and for those who feel young and romantic. That’s why here I buy clothes both for my daughter and for myself. The Greek company Zic Zac always tries to keep abreast with modern fashion, my first meeting with its production took place in Greece. The designs were special, a fine combination of classic and modern trends. Last year I saw a collection of exquisite cotton blouses in the shop, and there were good leggings of various types: plain, knitted, lacy. You can also buy dresses for different occasions. The prices are quite affordable. You can also buy shoes and accessories here. The Italian label Artigli is also available. For those who consider that accessories are a must, there's a rich selection of belts and costume jewellery.

3) Damart

Damart is the next shop we are going to visit. Although the French company is specialized in all kinds of women's clothing, here you can buy only underwear, sleeping wear, lingerie, and swimwear. The shop has two floors. It’s so well-organized, that you can easily buy all that you want . The prices are moderate. Besides underwear and panties, there’s a big collection of nightwear. Those who enjoy sleeping in pajamas will be delighted by a wide selection of summer and winter sets decorated with funny applique, trimming and embroidery. Tights, socks and stockings are also available in the shop. Apart from traditional sales, the shop gives special offers like two at the price of one.
Beauty Line

4) Beauty Line

It’s one of the island-wide chain of shops selling perfume, skin care products and make-up. Housed in a skillfully-lit hall, full of miraculous fragrances, the shop resembles a palace where you are greeted like a royalty. The resemblance becomes stronger when the salesgirls, who look like fairies, begin to advertise the magnificent creams that will miraculously turn a fifty-year-old woman into a 15-year-old girl after the very first application. Most of us are realistic and don’t believe these fairy-tales… until we get here. Being under the influence of the magic fragrances and the "fairies’" mesmerizing voices, many people have a burning desire to shop until they drop. Here a customer can also get some beauty and makeover advice. Apart from good prices, the shop always gives special offers and you can buy a leading brand gift set with a generous discount. By the way, on the first floor of the shop you can get facial and nail treatment, pedicure and manicure.

5) Charles&Keith

Charles and Keith shoes and bags look very nice. For me, their only shortcoming are the materials used. All of them are made with artificial leather, at least the ones sold in this shop. In my opinion, in Cyprus it's so hot in summer, that artificial leather may cause discomfort for your feet. But some shoes and sandals look so pretty that one day I will probably bring myself to buy a pair for winter. But if you buy a handbag there, you risk nothing. And none of your friends will guess the leather is not real. The prices are funny. For instance, you can buy shoes for 35 and top boots for 60-80 euros!

6) Bagatt

Bagatt is almost opposite Charles and Keith and it also specializes in selling shoes, handbags and accessories. If you ask me to characterize the goods in three words, my answer is comfort, good quality and a trendy design combined. Plus accessible prices. Women’s footwear for all occasions is sold here. Shoes, classic and modern, boots, ankle boots, top boots, clutches, purses, belts, gloves – all can be found in one small hall. Most items are made of leather, but even those which are not, look lovely. Once my attention was drawn by a special thing. It was a scarf made of cashmere. The exquisite combination of colors, the unusual design with trimmings made of real fur, the pleasant to touch fabric spoke for itself. And the 50% discount made this purchase even more attractive. The leather handbags are also cool and comparatively cheap in price.

7) Belucci

Belucci is the kingdom of men’s clothes and footwear of all types and for all occasions: suits, blazers, sweaters, jeans, formal apparel, trainers… The major label here is Alberto Guardiani, the company whose production is a good example of how elegance can go with comfort, innovations with old Italian traditions in shoe making. The shoes are made of high leather quality, with clear elegant lines. There are two floors in the shop where you can find not only clothes and shoes, but also accessories and watches. To my mind, for any man, A Frank Muller watch is a good thing to have. Good shop. But for those who prefer something a little bit beyond norms, more frivolous, who are reluctant to hide their good sporty figures under loose shirts, who think, that bright colors do not at all suppress masculinity, but on the contrary, accentuate it, I invite to the next shop, Addiction, another shop for men.

8) Addiction

Addiction occupies a two-story modern building . The second floor used to be for women, but recently they closed down the women’s department, and now the cute Energie and Firetrap casual clothes, footwear and accessories are available only for men. The shop boasts trendy designs made mostly of natural materials of a very high quality. Beyond norms, but within good taste - that's what I think about the style of the clothes. T-shirts, shirts, jackets look pretty trendy owing to their bold colors and perfect cut. A friend of mine, a dress-maker by profession, says, that the clothes are perfect both outside and inside, and you will hardly find any flaw, since even inside seams look like embroidery. The prices are not low (around 100 for a T-shirt, around 200 for jeans), but good professional work deserves fair pay, doesn’t it? Although the collection means younger customers in the first place, respectable gentlemen dressed in Energie won’t look funny at leisure if only they don’t wear Energie jeans which are too close-fitting to my mind, but tastes differ, don't they?

9) Guess

Guess is the last “port” in our long trip on the shopping river. Trendy casual and smart-casual clothes both for women and men are available here. But girls are offered some evening apparel as well. The winter collection offers some lovely fur jackets both long-sleeved and sleeveless. A big choice of jeans is sure to surprise denim clothes lovers. You can also buy a trendy coat or a jacket here. Unfortunately, as the collection is first of all created for the younger generation, you won’t find sizes bigger than 14UK here. There’s also a small,but lovely collection of shoes, bags and accessories in the shop.

10) Astarti

If from Guess we continue to go down the street, on your right you’ll see the café Astarti where you can have a rest, a snack and a good cup of coffee on a wonderful patio. The animal lovers will be nicely surprised. Those, who don’t love animals, can enjoy their coffee if they go in the opposite direction to the café called Jazzy B which is just after the traffic lights, on the corner. If you continue to go down the street until the next crossroads and turn right, you’ll find yourself on a pedestrian street in the world of souvenirs. If you take the opposite direction, you’ll find some antique shops and galleries. Enjoy your shopping in Cyprus!