Ghosts and ghouls
Image by Ad Meskens under Creative Commons License.

Scotland, Edinburgh Guide (A): Ghosts and ghouls

A tour around the history and scary parts of this great City. From poltergeists to scary noises. All to be found right here. Graveyards, castles, alleyways and dungeons. Keep a open mind and you never know what you may find. So keep you eyes peeled and you never know what you may encounter.
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Walk Route

Guide Name: Ghosts and ghouls
Guide Location: Scotland » Edinburgh
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 3.0 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.2 km
Sight(s) featured in this guide: Edinburgh Castle   West Bow   Greyfriars Kirk   Mary Kings Close   Edinburgh Vaults   Edinburgh Dungeons  
Author: Alex Tull
Author Bio: My name is Alex. I love the city of Edinburgh and My family so much.
Edinburgh Castle

1) Edinburgh Castle

Possibly one of the most haunted places in Scotland. From phantom pipers, headless drummers and French prisoners all have been seen by visitors. The piper was sent down into the tunnels which were found and he played along the way, only for it to stop halfway when he vanished.

The headless drummer only appeared when the castle was to be attacked dating back to 1650 but nobody knows why he haunts here. The castles dungeons are haunted by prisoners where they spent life until they died here....
West Bow

2) West Bow

The Wizard of West Bow also known as Major Thomas Weir from the early 17th Century, lived on this street with his sister and were members of the covenanters. Then one day he confessed to being a satanist and he even practised witchcraft and people thought he had lost the plot. But his sister confirmed the confession He was then given the death penalty, strangled then burnt in 1670, the house was pulled down but his spirit lives on. His sister was also hung around the same time and there have...
Greyfriars Kirk

3) Greyfriars Kirk

Greyfriars Kirk is famous for more than being haunted as its home to John Gray and his dog Bobby, also know as Greyfriars Bobby.

George Mackenzie lived in Edinburgh in the 17th Century and his job would involve prosecuting and condemning Convenanters. He earned the name Bloody Mackenzie. And many of the covenanters were locked up in the kirkyard. But when George died in 1691 he was buried here next to the covenanters prison and mackenzies poltergeist came to life in the 20th century and...
Image by Spencer Means under Creative Commons License.
Mary Kings Close

4) Mary Kings Close

Mary King's close is in the old town of Edinburgh back in the 17th century. The name of this close comes from the daughter of the wealthy owner of the property here, his name was Alexander King. It was over run with rats that came from the ships that docked in Edinburgh and a plauge spread throughout. What the council back then decided was to close off any entrance to the close and victims were locked inside and left, the ghosts of the unfortunate still roam the close. This includes ghost...
Edinburgh Vaults

5) Edinburgh Vaults

Edinburgh Vaults or South Bridge vaults, in the shape of 19 Arches was completed in 1788. It was used in many ways, taverns, trades and the bodies of people killed by Burke and Hare. Since it opened for public viewing, ghostly goings on have become very frequent. One particular ghost is Mr Boots who was a murderer from back then. Stones have been thrown, cold spots, various noises have been heard. Also reports of a little boy by the name of Jack has been seen was murdered by Mr Boots aswell as...
Edinburgh Dungeons

6) Edinburgh Dungeons

Edinburgh dungeon is a place to see what history was like in the olden days. You will witness exhibitions of history from the clan wars between the Highland and Lowlands of Scotland, The Cannibal Sawney Bean, who ate over 1000 people. How they treated people who had illness and injuries is a eye opener And you might even find yourself in the dock for a crime you didn't even know you commited. A great place to see the darker history of not only Edinburgh but Scotland. So be aware you never...
Image by Shadowgate under Creative Commons License.

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