Path to Ancient Amathus

Path to Ancient Amathus, Limassol, Cyprus (A)

Our way to Amathus, one of the ancient city kingdoms in Cyprus, lies along the Promenade that runs parallel to the best beaches in Limassol. The paved walkway goes past parks, gardens, cafes, five-star hotels. 20-30 meters to the left – and you are on Amathundos Ave. where you can buy souvenirs in one of the shops and supermarkets lining the street. At the end of the tour you’ll see the remains of ancient Amathus located in a picturesque place.
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Walk Route

Guide Name: Path to Ancient Amathus
Guide Location: Cyprus » Limassol
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (A))
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 3.0 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.7 Km or 2.9 Miles
Author: Olga Brus
Author Bio: I was born in 1964 in the seaside Russian city of Novorossiysk. In 1981 I finished school, in 1983 I got married. The next year my daughter was born. In 1993 I graduated from Pyatigorsk Linguistic University. In 2001 I moved to Cyprus.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Onisillos Theatre
  • Dream cafe
  • Vrahimis LTD Superstore
  • Pasalimani
  • Amathus
  • Agia Varvara Chapel
Onisillos Theatre

1) Onisillos Theatre

Onisillos theatre is a standing under the sky, open-air theatre built right on the beach with the same name. In my opinion, it resembles more a small stadium than a theatre. The plastic seats are covered with a roof, the stage looking more like a sport arena and is protected against the sun by a tent. So, even on a very hot day both the audience and the performers feel comfortable. Music and dance events are held here free of charge. The fresh breeze from the sea, the view of the blue waves with white dipping sails add a romantic impression to the classical, pop, jazz, folk music and dance concerts. Once, I saw a concert of a folk group from Greece here... Now for me there's nothing more amazing than Greek dances on the beach performed to live Greek music. The dancers and musicians in national costumes danced to the folk music so inflammatory that I and my friends felt like running onto the stage and joining them. To the right of the theatre you can see a two-story building shared by Agios Tychonas Yachting Club offering windsurfing lessons and equipment and a beach bar with an excellent sport ground where beach volley matches and tournaments are held. The Onisillos beach always looks clean and tidy. It offers sun beds and umbrellas for rent. By the way, the seven Agios Tychonas beaches have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for cleanliness and excellent beaching facilities which meet the EU standards. Safety and protection are provided by qualified lifeguards and wave breakers.
Dream cafe

2) Dream cafe

The Dream café-beach bar is separated from the sandy beach only by the pedestrian path and green lawns with flowerbeds. The beachers can stay here all day long, for they can have all they need for swimming and sunbathing: sun beds, umbrellas, snacks, soft drinks; and when the heat is too strong, they can relax under the trees in the lovely park to the left of the cafe or enjoy the cool air among the eucalyptuses on the right. Apart from the open veranda, surrounded by a beautiful garden, there’s a winter veranda protected from the winds by a screen, a dining hall and a bar. The place is very popular both with tourists and locals because apart from the excellent beaching facilities, it has a free large parking. The bar offers a big choice of beers, both local and imported, cocktails, snacks (salads, burgers) and grilled food as well. The prices are reasonable. Anyway, good beaching facilities and prices are not the only reason why a lot of Cypriots prefer the Dream to the other cafes and restaurants in the area. When sitting at the Dream, you have a chance to watch the magnificent sunset over Limassol bay. If you come here one summer night, you're very likely to see jolly people dancing on the sand in the light of big torches burning in the dark. This is the way Cypriots usually have beach parties at the Dream.
Vrahimis LTD Superstore

3) Vrahimis LTD Superstore

Every traveler is eager to bring home something special in memory of the visited place. Vrahimis is a perfect place to find one of those items. The store welcomes its guests from 9a.m. till 9p.m. It’s easier to say what the shop doesn’t sell, than to mention all the goods you can buy here. Greek Orthodox icons, various collections of pottery including decorative plates, vases, ashtrays made in different techniques with traditional patterns and Cyprus landscapes and seascapes, sea shells, natural sponges, sea stars, cosmetic products with olive oil: cream, soap, shampoo, swimwear, beach wear, towels, traveling bags, hand-made rugs, postcards and calendars with scenes of Cyprus everyday life, local traditional sweets and many other goods which can be taken home as souvenirs and presents to gladden your relatives and friends. The prices are not higher than in the other souvenir shops on the island. But if you want to buy a real piece of traditional handicrafts you’d better do it either in St. Andrews Str. in the Old Town or in Lefkara, the centre of the Cypriot traditional embroidery and lace. But now we’re going back to the Dream Café and continue to walk along the Promenade.

4) Pasalimani

On the way to Amathus you’ll find a lot of places to have a good tasty dinner in Mediterranean style: Puesta oyster bar offers magnificent fresh oysters on ice, the fish restaurant Limanaki, a very romantic place that resembles a fisherman's hut, located next to a lovely arch-like bridge... let alone the numerous cafes, bars and restaurants on Amathuntos Ave. But I recommend you try Pasalimani. Considered one of the best fish taverns in Limassol, a really nice place with polite and professional staff, working from morning till night all the year round. The tavern is a good example of Cypriot hospitality and traditions in cooking and serving food. In spite of its popularity, here you'll always find a table for it has a big hall, a twined by wines veranda facing the sea and the Promenade, and a large patio with a lovely garden in a village style. Here customers are offered a lot of international and traditional local dishes, including the famous Fish Meze. To my mind, it's a crime to visit Cyprus without tasting it, since eating meze turns into a ritual reflecting the Mediterranean people's principles of hospitality. The food made of several types of fish, octopus, prawns, squids, mussels brought to table in small plates, a few at a time and put in the middle of the table. It symbolizes the readiness of Cypriots to share food with friends. There’re two types of meze: fish and meat. Apart from main courses both mezes include Greek salad, fried potatoes and several kinds of sauces. And don't forget to order a bottle of local wine. The wine list is long and includes both local and imported products. If you've succeeded in eating your meze you're likely to be awarded a dish of traditional local sweets. In autumn don't hesitate to ask for wild mushrooms on the grill.

The Pasalimani fish meze costs 24 euros and is served minimum for two persons.

The symbol of the restaurant is a pair of live huge pelicans which have been living there for many years. At the end of your dinner ask your waitress to lead you to the small garden where the birds are kept.

5) Amathus

The remains of Ancient Amathus, the object of our tour, are located on the cliffs with a breathtaking panoramic view of Limassol coastline. Both from left and right the ancient city is surrounded by green picturesque valleys. The wooden bridge going over to the paved path leads us to the Gymnasium, to the right of the site entrance. Here athletes trained and competed. To the left you see the remains of the early Christian Basilica. Then we get to Ancient Agora, a market place, marked with gorgeous marble columns. The presence of the aqueduct at the upper corner of Agora witnesses that the whole city was supplied with fresh water through the intricate system of sluices and mains. On the top of the hill the excavations carried out by French and Cypriot archeologists revealed the Acropolis with the temple of Aphrodite which was built approximately in the first century BC. It’s the place where competitions in singing and dancing known as the festive of Adonia took place. The festive events also included hunting wild boars and sport competitions. All the contests were held in honor of Adonis. This tradition is not lost through the centuries. Nowadays, Ancient Agora hosts a lot of cultural events. If from the site you go to the wooden promenade, you’ll see the remains of the ancient port, the witness of bygone prosperity of Amathus. The excavations, which have already opened to the world a lot of amazing archeological treasures, continue to the present day. Ancient Amathus is not just an archeological site. It's a tiny island of fragile wild nature of Cyprus. The three thousand-year-old stones have become a house for a great number of lizards. And there are so many birds here! While walking over Amathus, you'll be able to enjoy their beautiful singing. If you travel in winter or in spring, you have a chance to admire wild cyclamens, whose tiny tender stems shoot miraculously through the heaps of the ruins. In summer, when the ruthless sun burns everything down, you'd better schedule your sightseeing for evening hours. The site opens at 8 o'clock daily all the year round. From November till March it closes at 5p.m. In April, May, September and October it works till 6p.m. From June till August it closes at 7.30p.m.
Agia Varvara Chapel

6) Agia Varvara Chapel

If we take the picturesque path with old olive trees and go round the Agora of Amathus, just along the wire fence, we'll find ourselves near the small chapel of Agia Varvara. It's located in a lovely place facing the sea, next to the green path lined with cypresses that leads up the hill to the luxurious villas. The architecture is very simple, but inside it's decorated with some frescoes of saints and martyrs. And there're a lot of icons, both antique and modern. The chapel was erected in the place where a medieval monastery had stood, and some fragments of its mosaic floor can still be found nearby. There's a small yard in front of the chapel, where on Sundays and religious holidays local people get together after church services, bring tables and chairs and have something like tea parties with loukoumades and other traditional Cyprus sweets. From here you can get to the Promenade through a small tunnel that follows the green corner with a charming garden. This lovely place has become a cats' shelter. The people who come to church take care of them and always leave some food and water for the little creatures. As you get to the sea-front, you see the remains of Roman Baths.