Becoming A Tour Guide: How It Works

If you have a passion for your own city and want to show off the best of its history, culture, food, and architectural scene, much as everything else you love and deem necessary to reveal about your city, there is no better way to do it than becoming a tour guide. Not only will you get a chance to tell the story of your city, but will also earn extra income!

Registering as a tour guide

The first step to that is to set up a tour guide account. ***No prior tour-guiding experience is necessary.*** If you have an open-minded, friendly personality and good communication skills, you stand good chances of becoming a great tour guide – rest assured!

Creating your own tour

Once you have created a tour guide account, you can proceed to creating your own tours which can be sightseeing, food, nightlife, street art or any other tour imaginable to highlight the best of what your much loved city has to offer. The tours can fall into the two categories:

Type 1: Free Tour. Guests do not pay anything upfront and your income depends solely on tips. The free tours are becoming increasingly popular these days. Most guests do leave a tip if they are satisfied with your service. GPSmyCity also gives tipping guidelines when the guests book your tour. The tip amount varies, depending on the country or region, but it is usually in the range of $10-20 per person. By not asking upfront payment you are likely to receive more bookings than you would otherwise. So, offering a free tour does NOT mean not getting paid. Oftentimes you can earn even more.

Type 2: Fee-based Tour. You set a fixed price for your tour. When booking a tour, guests must pay 20% of the tour cost, as a deposit, and then pay the remainder (of the due amount) directly to you upon arrival.

Receiving tour bookings

Your tour(s) will be promoted on the GPSmyCity website and mobile apps. You will receive bookings by emails and can contact the guests directly to make due arrangements.

Meeting guests

Meeting the guests and conducting the tour. Now this is time to showcase the city you are so proud of and tell its story to the world and, finally, get paid for it.

Service Cost

Registering a tour guide account is FREE and there is NO out-of-pocket cost to you for promoting your tours on GPSmyCity. Guests will be asked to put down a small deposit when booking a tour. For free tours, it is $2/person. For fee-based tours, it is 20% of the tour cost. The deposit payment will be GPSmyCity commission for promoting your tours and the remainder of the fee payable directly to you is your income.

Getting Started

If you wish to get started, please follow this link “Register A FREE Tour Guide Account”.


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