Macedonia, Skopje Guide (B): Post Communist Kitsch in the City of Statues

Post Communist Kitsch in the City of Statues
Skopje Macedonia has been undergoing a facelift. More than city beautification, Skopje is reinventing itself. 

Skopje 2014 Project

The controversial “Project 2014” has been widely criticised as an overpriced frivolous display of nationalistic kitsch, some even labelling it a mini Vegas.

New museums, government buildings, bridges and countless monuments (preferably with a water feature) laying claim to historical Macedonian figures have been constructed and erected. The aim; to give the city a more classical feel.

The number of statues is really quite mind-boggling. They are literally everywhere you look, including on the roofs of buildings. Statues and monuments are not the only over the top installations in the city.

Four replica Galleon style warships are being constructed on the Vardar River in the city. Pegged for use as cafes and restaurants, the theme park style boats, have been described as “the height of bad taste” leaving most locals outraged.

Perhaps the artificial islands in the middle of the river, home to giant potted willow trees were the tipping point for angry locals.

While public discontent reverberates through the country at the government’s frivolous spending, some looking in, claim the city-wide facelift is a way for the Republic of Macedonia to rewrite its history. Others claim it as a direct F.U. to Greece during a continued stalemate over naming rights which resulted in the country’s non-invitation to NATO.

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Guide Name: Post Communist Kitsch in the City of Statues
Guide Location: Macedonia » Skopje
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
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