Self-Guided Walking Tour: Barranco Neighborhood, Lima

Self-Guided Walking Tour: Barranco Neighborhood, Lima, Lima, Peru (B)

People talking about Lima often go into raptures about Miraflores neighborhood. I agree. It is nice. BUT! Barranco neighborhood has lots to see and do as well. I like Barranco more than I like Miraflores.

Barranco offers different types of remarkable architectures, walls full of street art, parks full of monuments and art pieces and is packed with museums, galleries and arts and crafts shops. Hidden cafes, as well as famous restaurants, can be found along the way.

That is why you should not only visit the old town and Miraflores while in Lima. Go to Barranco for a day and make up your own mind. To not miss a thing, you can follow my self-guided walking tour around Barranco neighborhood.

1. Parque Municipal 2. Museo de la Electricidad 3. MATE Museo Mario Testino 4. Museo Pedro de Osma 5. Plaza Chabuca Granda/ La Ermita 6. Puente de los Suspiros 7. Bajada de Baños 8. Artesanos Don Bosco/ El Portico/ El Muelle/ Canta Rana 9. Av. Saenz Peña 10. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

Just a short walk away from the metro station Bulevar, you find the main square of the neighborhood Barranco. It’s a green square with fountains and statues surrounded by the municipal library, the catholic cathedral and colonial buildings. ...... (follow the instructions below for accessing the rest of this article).
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Guide Name: Self-Guided Walking Tour: Barranco Neighborhood, Lima
Guide Location: Peru » Lima
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (B))
Author: Stefka Poessel
Read it on Author's Website:
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Parque Municipal
  • Museo de la Electricidad
  • Museo Mario Testing
  • Museo Pedro de Osma
  • Plaza Chabuca Granda
  • Ermita Church
  • La Bodega Verde
  • Puente de los Suspiros
  • La Bajada de Baños
  • Circuito de Playas
  • Artesanos Don Bosco
  • El Portico
  • El Muelle
  • Canta Rana
  • Av. San Martin
  • Av. Almte. Miguel Grau
  • Avenida Saenz Peña
  • Galeria de Arte Lucia de la Puente
  • MAC

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