Go green in Bucharest

Go green in Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania (D)

'Go green in Bucharest' is a directory guide that invites you for a walk in the gardens and parks of Bucharest, those spots of green that defy the pollution of the big city. Every park and garden has a story of their own. Some stories make you dream of happy times, some take you back to royal times.
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Attractions Map

Guide Name: Go green in Bucharest
Guide Location: Romania » Bucharest
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Attractions: 15
Author: Ruxandra Anghel
Author Bio: I spend my time putting people, words and places together.
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Cismigiu Park
  • Herastrau Park
  • The Botanical Garden
  • Carol Park
  • IOR Park
  • Tineretului Park
  • Ioanid Park
  • Icoanei Garden
  • Kiseleff Park
  • Eroilor Park
  • Izvor Park
  • Tei Park
  • Romniceanu Park
  • Vacaresti Park
  • Ateneului Garden
Cismigiu Park

1) Cismigiu Park

Cismigiu is one of the most romantic places in Bucharest. It is also the oldest park in town and the largest park in the city's central area. Its main entrance is from Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, right in front of the City Hall. The park was created in 1847 on a former swamp. The swamp was drained, cleaned and the area was then arranged with flower lots, trees, alleys, statues and an artificial lake. The park is divided into different landmarks, each one having its own specific, like the one dedicated to the Romanian writers. Cismigiu was created in the style of the British gardens, but it has written its own Romanian story.
Herastrau Park

2) Herastrau Park

Herastrau Park is a large green area on the north side of Bucharest. It is a great place for leisure time, for pleasant strolls on the alleys, trips by boat on the lake or by water bike. Enjoy the many species of trees and flowers. There also many events that take place there. And, if you are in Herastrau, you may want to visit The National Village Museum, that is situated on the shore of Herastrau Lake. The royal residency is at the Elisabeta Palace, which you can also find in the park.
The Botanical Garden

3) The Botanical Garden

Built in 1860, The Botanical Garden in Bucharest now holds a long history. Not only a beautiful park to spend time in, the garden has also a scientific role, as it is used by the University of Bucharest for research. The university often organizes educational events for young students to learn the natural sciences. Whether you intend to learn or simply relax, the garden offers various spaces, outdoors and indoors, where you can discover a multitude of luxurious plants, such as the Rare Plants Area, the Mediterranean Plants Area, the Italian Garden, The Carpathian Sector and so on. Don't miss the orchids exposition at the greenhouses. You may also want to visit The Botanical Museum, having 22 rooms, each one representing a well determined biotope.

Open: daily, 8:00 - 18:00

The Botanical Museum: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, 9:00 - 13:00
Carol Park

4) Carol Park

Carol Park was created in 1906 in order to celebrate 40 years of prince's Carol I reign. It was designed by French landscape artist Édouard Redont. The park had an initial surface area of 360,000m², with a 20,000m² lake in the middle. It is officially recognized as a historical monument and is therefore protected by law.

It is situated on the Filaretului Hill and viewed from the foot of the hill it looks like a natural monument. The park is a mix of vegetation and pavilions.

At the top of the hill stands the Mausoleum, an impressive monument with an intricate history during the communist regime. The mausoleum was built in honour of revolutionary socialist militants. Designed by architects Horia Maicu and Nicolae Cucu, it was inaugurated on 30 December 1963, the 16th anniversary of the Romanian People's Republic.
IOR Park

5) IOR Park

IOR got its name from a factory nearby. The park is situated in the 3rd sector of Bucharest, in the Titan neighborhood and it is one of the largest in the city. It was created in the 70's, during Ceausescu's dictatorship. It was meant to be a recreational place for the families of the workers living in the neighborhood. Nowadays it has been refreshed with new playgrounds, as well as special areas for rollers and skaters.

A point of interest is the old wooden church, in the traditional Maramures style, which is located within the park.
Tineretului Park

6) Tineretului Park

Tineretului Park is a very large green area created for leisure time activities for the south neighborhoods of Bucharest. It has many playgrounds, so it is an ideal park for families, but not only. On the lake, there is a famous terrace-bar, with live music - Cafeneaua Actorilor. In the park you will also find Sala Polivalenta, a concert and sport competitions hall. Carting lovers, check out the track located near the Serban Voda entrance.
Ioanid Park

7) Ioanid Park

A trip to Ioanid Park is a trip back in time, to Bucharest's Belle Epoque period, during the middle of the 19th century. It was a residential area in those times and a place for high society gatherings. The park was George Ioanid's property. He was a famous librarian and the park was part of his domains. The structure is inspired by the romantic architecture of English squares and French parks.
Image Courtesy of Darcula&stuff.
Icoanei Garden

8) Icoanei Garden

Icoanei Garden is right across Ioanid Park and it also wears the hallmark of the Belle Epoque period. Near the garden you will find the Anglican Church. Bulandra Theatre is also in its vicinity. You may want to continue your trip down Verona Street. Right until you meet Magheru Boulevard, stop for a fresh lemonade at the beautiful Verona Garden, a delightful terrace-bar.
Kiseleff Park

9) Kiseleff Park

Located on both sides of Soseaua Kiseleff, the park holds a nice small forest encircled by bicycle ways. In the park, one can participate at different social events or traditional fares. Also in Kiseleff there are several museums - The Romanian Peasant Museum, with its inviting terrace where you can relax having a glass of wine, The Museum of Natural History 'Grigore Antipa' and also The Museum of Geology. Going north on Soseaua Kiseleff you will discover the Arch of Triumph and as you go south at the end of the boulevard you will see Victoria Square. The Government of Romania is located there.
Eroilor Park

10) Eroilor Park

Eroilor (Heroes) Park, as well as the entire neighborhood of Eroilor is dedicated to the sanitary heroes of Romania from World War I. The park marks the beginning of the neighborhoods that are dedicated to the military heroes of the country. The streets are named after the names of the doctors and soldiers that participated in war. Across the street from the park there is the Medicine University 'Carol Davila' and the Academic Municipal Hospital. You can start with a walk in the park and then take a stroll through the rest of the neighborhood, to discover the great names of Romania's history and the Military Academy. While you are in the area you may also want to visit the National Opera.
Image Courtesy of Miehs.
Izvor Park

11) Izvor Park

Izvor Park was created on the ruins of two old neighborhoods, Uranus and Izvor, that disappeared during the communist regime. The park is the perfect place for a bicycle ride or jogging due to its large open spaces and the concrete alleys. You can also enjoy the large space offered by the park and have a nice picnic. Being there you will get a very close and complete view of The House of Parliament, that is just across the park. You might even catch a concert, events are often held in the park.
Image Courtesy of RadioIntens.
Tei Park

12) Tei Park

Tei Park is one of the parks of Bucharest created in a workers' neighborhood - Colentina. The park was built in 1948. It has two levels. The flat area is near the street and the downhill leads to a beautiful large lake. By the lake, the view of the neighborhood is very interesting. Tei park has many playgrounds, therefore is a good place for families with children. The park is known for its artesian wells that offer lights and water shows.
Image Courtesy of Olahus.
Romniceanu Park

13) Romniceanu Park

Located in the Cotroceni neighborhood, near the Military Academy, Romniceanu Park is a small and coquette park. It is laid out on a slope, the little sloped streets being specific for the area. Going down the park you will find the playgrounds and, after a refreshing walk, you may want to have some fun at the ping pong tables. The park is ideal for both youngsters, who want to have fun outside, or romantic people, who love taking little walks. While there, you might want to get outside the park and visit the Cotroceni neighborhood, where you'll find the presidential residence at Cotroceni Palace and the Botanical Garden.
Vacaresti Park

14) Vacaresti Park

This park is right south from Tineretului Park, in front of Palatul Copiilor (Children's Palace), where many cultural events dedicated to children take place. It is also named The Children's Park, not only because of the palace, but for its large and inviting playgrounds. Therefore, the park is very wide and it is an ideal place for family quality time. If you want to stay fit, you will find many areas dedicated to sport activities. And, for grill lovers, there are brick made grills in the park.
Ateneului Garden

15) Ateneului Garden

This garden, also known as the Episcopiei Garden, was built on the former grounds of the Episcopacy. After the construction of the Romanian Atheneum, it became the garden of the Atheneum. It is a very pleasant place to relax on a bench. Across the street you will find the National Museum of Arts of Romania and not far from it, on Victoria Way, the statue of Carol I, King of Romania.

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