Pubs in Edinburgh New Town

Scotland, Edinburgh Guide (D): Pubs in Edinburgh New Town

A guide to the pubs that make up the area that is called Edinburgh's New Town. A description about what you can expect from each of the locations in the directory. A fantastic directory if you are a tourist or even a local.
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Guide Name: Pubs in Edinburgh New Town
Guide Location: Scotland » Edinburgh
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Destinations: 29
Sight(s) featured in this guide: The Abbotsford   All Bar One   Dirty Dicks   Eighty Queen Street   Jekyll and Hyde   The Kenilworth   The Cambridge Bar   The Oxford Bar   The Queens Arms   Scott's   Tiles   Bert's Bar   The Dome   Edwards   Grand Cru   The Grape   Hard Rock Cafe   Iglu   Le Monde   The Living Room   The Melville Bar   Newtown Bar   The Penny Black   Rick's   St Vincent   Standing Order   Star Bar   The Burgh   Wally Dug  
Author: Alex Tull
Author Bio: My name is Alex, I love the city of Edinburgh and what it has to offer for everyone. I have travelled to many places in the world and now live in Scotland with my family.
The Abbotsford

1) The Abbotsford

A great traditional Bar in Edinburgh's New Town. Not many places have the Scottish tall founts but this is one of them. With a selection of Real Ales, Malt Whiskeys and wines. A great bar in a fantastic location. With a great menu of freshly made food and a island bar you can't go...
Image by summonedbyfells under Creative Commons License.
All Bar One

2) All Bar One

A great atmospheric bar with a fantastic selection of beers, wines and cocktails. Whether it be during the day or the night there will be a drink to suit whatever your mood. It has a more modern menu if you are looking for food and you can hire space in the venue for no extra...
Dirty Dicks

3) Dirty Dicks

Located on what used to be another ale house dating as far back as 1859 is the latest pub. It has a unusual but characterful theme. A great selection of beers, real ales, and wines. You can sit out on the pavement as well and watch the world go by. Named after a man who used to pick up horse manure and sell...
Eighty Queen Street

4) Eighty Queen Street

One of the larger bars/pub in Edinburgh New Town. It is part of Edinburgh's music scene, being a venue for Jazz nights. Real Ales and a selection of over 100 whiskies to choose from. Set on 2 levels, ground floor and cellar bar, a great place for a drink. The cellar bar being great for dining or a...
Jekyll and Hyde

5) Jekyll and Hyde

A pub which has a dark feeling to it (the decor). The theme taken from the books darker side. Darker being the right word as there is not much light until you ascend to the other levels of the pub. Great selection of drinks for this unusual pub. So be ready to adjust your eyes to the light in this gothic...
The Kenilworth

6) The Kenilworth

The building that this pub sits in dates as far back as 1789. But emerged as a pub in the early 20th Century (1904). A very well lit bar set over a few levels. Popular with Tourists, Locals and buisness people, real ales and whiskies a plenty. A great selection of food on a great...
Image by paulo_i_sverige under Creative Commons License.
The Cambridge Bar

7) The Cambridge Bar

A bar that has done its research on its drinks that are on offer for you. You will come across beer you have never heard of but will have you wanting more. Selection of wines and beers as well. If you like burgers then this is a place to try. A fantastic building in a fantastic...
The Oxford Bar

8) The Oxford Bar

A small bar a little way from the centre of the city, has a good reason to be visited. The beer on offer has great quality to it. There is also a great selection of whisky to choose from. Ever heard of Detective Inspector John Rebus, he is a fictional character from Ian Rankin and this is his favourite...
The Queens Arms

9) The Queens Arms

Hidden away is this discreet pub, with open spaces and bottle lined ceiling to the rear and even a library of books. The original sign, a portrait of Mary Queen Of Scots, is no longer there, but they had her in mind when they originally named the pub. With its grown up atmosphere, the real ales are a must for the locals, tourists, students and business people. It has recently gone through renovations and re-opened in May 2010, but still has its charming...

10) Scott's

A large bar with a great atmosphere. Always on offer is a selection of real ales and whiskies. You will find many tourists visit here. A very traditional feel to the bars interior with great company. Food on the menu is of a good standard and is traditional pub...

11) Tiles

A large bar in the old insurance offices. A bright bar with tasteful decor. On offer drinks wise, Real Ales are a plenty, a place in Edinburgh that many have said not to miss. Scottish and continental cuisine is on the menu to go with your drinks. Fantastic surroundings with a welcoming...
Bert's Bar

12) Bert's Bar

A great Real Ale Bar with up to 9 Ales at any one time. A place to have an al fresco drink, a wine or can you be tempted by one of the whiskies on offer. A great serving of traditional food in a pub great for watching sport, especially the Rugby. So as you can imagine, very...
The Dome

13) The Dome

The dome bar has been here since the mid 90's and has since grown to become very popular with everyone. With sophisticated wines and a couple of bars in the venue to choose from you will not be disappointed. With A La Carte Lunch and Dinner on offer as well a place not to be...

14) Edwards

A chain of pubs throughout the UK can also be found here in Edinburgh. Always has a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere and a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits. A great stop off for a drink. Always with music playing and it's traditional food on offer a great stop off either during the day or...
Grand Cru

15) Grand Cru

A large chic bar in Edinburgh with a vibrant theme. A popular place for locals and tourists alike to pop in and have a drink especially at the weekend. A great selection of drinks and music to make a great atmosphere. A great selection of food for this great bar. Scottish, continental and beyond all on...
The Grape

16) The Grape

Inside a building that is The Capital Building sits a wine bar with a great selection to choose from. Also with beer and cocktails in a beautiful location a nice place for a drink. Whether you are meeting friends for coffee, having a few drinks before heading off, a place that should be on your...
Hard Rock Cafe

17) Hard Rock Cafe

Not only does this well renowned place serve food, but it also has a bar area so you can have just drinks. With a general selection of drinks, beers, wines, cocktails and spirits to go with the excellent surroundings. Memorabilia on the walls as you would expect from this world recognized...

18) Iglu

A fantastic bar and a great place to relax and have a drink. You will find a wonderful selection of beers, wines and spirits to choose from. Even organic red and white wines are available to try. With exquisite food on offer from it's menu, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner you taste buds will be loving...
Le Monde

19) Le Monde

A upmarket and fantastic place to have a drink. You will find that it is a hotel, but you can use the bar as well. With a selection of bar areas to choose from you are spoilt for choice. As well as having the bars to choose from for drinks the food in each area is excellent as well. A great selection from great...
The Living Room

20) The Living Room

A upmarket piano bar with its contemporary style. One of its favourite drinks is its cocktails. A wide selection to choose from, also a wine list that spoils you for choice. Also you will be spoiled on the food side of the bar, great unique food for this great...
The Melville Bar

21) The Melville Bar

A great general bar to stop off at whilst in Edinburgh. Reasonably priced drinks with your general selection to choose from. Nice surroundings with good atmosphere. A jukebox, gaming machines and sky TV to give you the traditional pub feeling with great...
Newtown Bar

22) Newtown Bar

A fantastic bar with a great selection of drinks and great atmospheric surroundings. You will feel very welcome when you walk in. Also in the venue is a basement club for you to enjoy into the early hours. During daytime hours you will have a selection of food to choose from on it's...
The Penny Black

23) The Penny Black

A local pub that serves your everyday beers, wines, spirits. A early opening time of 6am is a novelty to finish off a night in the city. Great priced beers and spirits a must for everyone. A jukebox is there if you fancy listening to music in this unique pub in...

24) Rick's

A boutique Hotel that boasts a contemporary bar fantastic selection of wines by the glass or bottle, cocktails specially made and draught beers. A cool bar with cool drinks. A fantastic selection of great food and a wonderful place to meet friends and catch up, it may be a hotel but you should use it as a...
St Vincent

25) St Vincent

A bar that boasts its own style, It maybe quite small but makes up for it with its atmosphere. On offer is a selection of beers and quality spirits. If wine takes your fancy then there is a selection as well. A welcoming feeling when you enter through the door and traditional food on offer. A wonderful stop...
Image by Richard Webb under Creative Commons License.
Standing Order

26) Standing Order

A Wetherspoon pub which is very big. There is always a vast range of alcoholic drinks on offer with promotions. Beers, real ales, wines, spirits and cocktails. A popular pub for everyone. Especially those of you who enjoy watching sporting fixtures, football, rugby etc. all shown here for a great...
Star Bar

27) Star Bar

A great bar in a great location. On offer for you is a range of drinks for you to enjoy. Whether it be Beer, Wine, Cocktails or even shooters all can be found here. Super atmosphere in great surroundings. You will find the traditional pub grub on offer if you feel a bit peckish. Sport is shown on the big screen and even has a beer garden for the summer...
The Burgh

28) The Burgh

If you were visiting and looking for pubs, you would miss this as its quite hard to find. But once inside you will find a rather large bar area with real ale and whiskies for you to try, a nice pub to visit. A dining area is available if you are hungry just beyond the bar itself. Live music on Friday nights a great hang...
Wally Dug

29) Wally Dug

A traditional Scottish pub which has piped music in the background to give you the warm feeling of feeling welcome. With a selection of beers, wines and spirits a comfortable pub to...
Image by Ninian Reid under Creative Commons License.

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