Pubs on 'n around royal mile
Image by Shadowgate under Creative Commons License.

Scotland, Edinburgh Guide (D): Pubs on 'n around royal mile

Edinburgh is a vibrant city with so much nighlife you can't go wrong. A guide to the different bars and pubs around and on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. A fantastic array of bars with their own atmosphere and personalities.
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Guide Name: Pubs on 'n around royal mile
Guide Location: Scotland » Edinburgh
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Destinations: 27
Sight(s) featured in this guide: Beehive inn   The White Hart Inn   The Last Drop   Biddy Mulligans   Greyfriars Bobby Bar   Frankenstein Pub   The Bow Bar   Finnegan's Wake   Ensign Ewart   Jolly Judge   Deacon Brodies Tavern   Filling Station   The Royal Mcgregor   The Jinglin' Geordie   The Halfway House   The Scotsman Lounge   Nicol Edwards   The Tron   The Mitre   The Royal Mile   Whiski   The World's End   The Tass   The White Horse Bar   The Canons' Gait   Tolbooth Tavern   Jenny Ha's  
Author: Alex Tull
Author Bio: My name is Alex. I love the city of Edinburgh and My family.
Beehive inn

1) Beehive inn

Sitting in the Older area of Edinburgh City, with a fantastic view of the castle from this area. The beehive building dates back as far as 1860. It has wooden panel decor and is situated over 2 floors. There is a great choice of drinks aswell as fabulous food on offer, a great pub in a dramatic...
The White Hart Inn

2) The White Hart Inn

Dating back to 1128 there was a incident involving the king back then King David I, he was hunting and was tracking down a white stag (hence the name). Parts of the building itself are from the 16th century and the remainder the 18th century. You will encounter Real Ales and Malt Whiskies, with quieter atmosphere during weekdays than at the...
The Last Drop

3) The Last Drop

Located behind the castle, way below is another bar for you to enjoy. This is located in a area where executions used to take place back in the day. This is were the name comes from. They have a good selection of real ales and even a history of ghosts in the cellar. Another bar not to...
Biddy Mulligans

4) Biddy Mulligans

In the beautiful area of Edinburgh with the fantastic view of the castle above. This pub is irish themed and is very popular as it sits on the tourist trail. With a assortment of hot and cold drinks on offer and the occasional live folk music a lively place for a...
Greyfriars Bobby Bar

5) Greyfriars Bobby Bar

A bar that is famous for its history. John Gray had a dog called Bobby. John was a policeman. When he died he was buried in the kirkyard behind this bar. And bobby would wait over his grave on a daily basis. The name Greyfriars Bobby was born. The bar here sells great real ales and has a wonderful...
Frankenstein Pub

6) Frankenstein Pub

Sitting inside this converted church is a large pub. It is spread across 3 bar areas with a theme throughout of horror, this is why its got the name Frankenstein. With a great selection of wine's, beers and cocktails a must see when in the city of...
The Bow Bar

7) The Bow Bar

Just off the royal mile and Grassmarket is this lovely bar which you would otherwise miss as it blends in with its surroundings. Offering real ales from its Scottish Tall Founts which are very rare now and a selection of whiskies for you to enjoy. A great traditional bar with cosy...
Finnegan's Wake

8) Finnegan's Wake

A wonderful bar recently gone through refurbishment and still lively as ever. The theme as you will notice is a irish bar, which always has so much character. They have great offers on selected drinks and live bands on certain nights aswell. One of the smaller bars but big on...
Ensign Ewart

9) Ensign Ewart

The closest pub to the castle and a fantastic location for a real ale. A traditional Scottish Pub which building dates back to 1690. The decor is more of a Military theme and many famous people have drank here and the decor gives an overall comfortable...
Jolly Judge

10) Jolly Judge

A traditional pub which will be missed unless you knew it was here. It is located down one of the many closes and alleyways that make up the old town. This cellar bar has a wide range of of real ales and a large selection of whiskies for you to...
Deacon Brodies Tavern

11) Deacon Brodies Tavern

This superbly located tavern is part of history and named after Deacon William Brodie. This tavern is on 2 floors with a restaurant on its 2nd floor. A great place for some real ales and a big selection of whiskies, a wonderful atmosphere to go with its...
Image by Werner Bayer under Creative Commons License.
Filling Station

12) Filling Station

An american themed bar/resteraunt, which has all memorabilia along its walls. with the bar placed on the raised section its a great place to head into for a drink, It has a general selection for you to choose from. So whther it be wine, beer or a soft drink it is all...
The Royal Mcgregor

13) The Royal Mcgregor

Located on the Royal Mile this bar came about in 2001 and was named after the MacGregor Clan. A bar that is quite narrow and long but very homely. A range of Real Ales and a good selection of other drinks especially whisky is always...
The Jinglin' Geordie

14) The Jinglin' Geordie

A bar that is just off the royal mile. When inside you will get a warm feeling from a rather large bar. The bar was named after a goldsmith who worked for King James VI in 1601, the gentleman in question was George Heriot. A great selection of malt whiskies and other drinks on...
Image by Ninian Reid under Creative Commons License.
The Halfway House

15) The Halfway House

This bar is located halfway up or down fleshmarket close. I is quite small but big on atmosphere. It has many real ales especially Scottish Cask Beer. It doesn't stop there, over 30 whiskies from all over the country are available aswell. Fantastic Place to drop in and...
The Scotsman Lounge

16) The Scotsman Lounge

A bar that is just off the royal mile that didn't need much decorating, bare wood floors might sound boring, but when you are inside all is forgotten, the atmosphere sells it for everyone. Great drink available. You may even have bagpipe music being played...
Image by summonedbyfells under Creative Commons License.
Nicol Edwards

17) Nicol Edwards

This is a Traditional Edinburgh Bar, with cheap drinks on offer and even live music every night, a great place not to miss. It has even been named Most Haunted Pub In Scotland. It is over 3 levels with 3 bars so there is great choice of different...
The Tron

18) The Tron

A large bar which is named after the Tron Kirk. This bar has 2 levels of bars with the lower level being the location for gigs and has younger clintele but a great range of malt whiskies for you to enjoy and have a good...
The Mitre

19) The Mitre

A traditional bar that is larger than you first think from outside, as you enter you will see it stretch back into the building. It is so full of character that with guest ales always available and selected wines a nice place to have a drink on the Royal...
The Royal Mile

20) The Royal Mile

As you can guess from the name, this bar is named after where you are, the Royal Mile. A selection of beer, wine and cocktails and not forgetting the whiskies. A great place to have a taste of what the Royal Mile has to offer. With live music every night you can't go...
Image by Werner Bayer under Creative Commons License.

21) Whiski

As you might be able to tell this is predominantly a whiskey bar, there are also ales, beers, wines and soft drinks on offer if whiskey is not your thing. A brilliant Atmosphere to go with great surroundings. A must see in Edinburgh. A winner of many...
Image by Gianni Sarti under Creative Commons License.
The World's End

22) The World's End

A great location for a bar which has so much character. The name comes from the old stone wall that was built to protect the city and the end of the wall lay in this spot, hence the World's end as Edinburgh was their world. Great Range of Real Ales and drinks...
The Tass

23) The Tass

The tass is once again a part of scottish history, the name of the pub comes from a song written by Robert Burns (The Silver Tassie). A very warm feeling with a great atmosphere. On offer they have great real ales and...
The White Horse Bar

24) The White Horse Bar

A small bar on the Royal Mile but very traditional in its scottish heritage. A very cosy bar area with an array of drinks on offer, a selection of beers and wines to go with its atmosphere that is...
Image by Shadowgate under Creative Commons License.
The Canons' Gait

25) The Canons' Gait

At the lower end of the Royal Mile sits this reasonably sized pub which is set over 2 levels. The main level as you enter is where the bar is situated. Here you will find great real ales and selection of wines and...
Tolbooth Tavern

26) Tolbooth Tavern

Since the year 1820 this tavern has been here. Another pub that looks small until you enter where it stretches back with the building. You get the warm feeling from the traditional pub and a range of Real ales and Malt whiskies on...
Jenny Ha's

27) Jenny Ha's

A pub that has been here since 1960 at the bottom end of the Royal Mile, Not 1749 as the sign says. A great selection of Real Ales always on offer and Malt Whiskies. With a mix of locals and tourists another pub to see on the...

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