Hampden Antiques Hunting Walk, Baltimore

Hampden Antiques Hunting Walk (Self Guided), Baltimore

The Hampden area of Baltimore has much to offer every kind of antique lover. The range of items on sale in some of its stores includes funky, nostalgic kitsch, vintage charm and the outstandingly beautiful. In fact, shoppers may be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of the antique shopping scene in Hampden.

If you want an item of antique furniture, a vintage leather jacket, some tacky lamps from the 1960s or even beehive hairdo wigs, Hampden will most likely have it. Other items include old and rare books, antique medical equipment, china, antique silver and oddities so weird and curious that they cannot fail but leave you astounded. You are certain to find many items that will become talking points in your home.

The locale’s mains street is West 36th Street, also known as The Avenue. In addition to the antique stores, you'll find plenty of other shops, selling furniture, household goods, shoes, confectionary and much more. Whether you are looking for everyday items, antiques or something a little out of the usual, a shopping trip in the Hampden area promises joy, excitement and a few surprises. There is also a generous smattering of eateries in the area, cozy and welcoming places with delicious food.
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Hampden Antiques Hunting Walk Map

Guide Name: Hampden Antiques Hunting Walk
Guide Location: USA » Baltimore
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Discovery)
Travel Distance: 0.7 Km or 0.4 Miles
Author: naomi
W 36th Street corner with Chestnut Avenue

1) W 36th Street corner with Chestnut Avenue

W 36th Street

3) W 36th Street

W 36th Street corner with Roland Avenue

5) W 36th Street corner with Roland Avenue

W 36th Street, Cafe Hon

7) W 36th Street, Cafe Hon

Falls Road, Atomic Books

9) Falls Road, Atomic Books

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