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Antalya Old Town Walk (Self Guided), Antalya

City ruins, soaring cliffs, mild temperatures and fascinating traditions – all these are like a siren call to the brilliant Turkish queen, named Antalya. The beaches are divine; harbors need not strive for attention, as they can easily catch every visitor’s eye with their beauty. The charming streets of Kaleiçi and many other features are characteristic of Antalya. Presented on this orientation walk are the attractions much popular with both tourists and Antalya’s friendly locals.
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Antalya Old Town Walk Map

Guide Name: Antalya Old Town Walk
Guide Location: Turkey » Antalya (See other walking tours in Antalya)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 15
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.1 Km or 1.9 Miles
Author: valery
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Hadrian's Gate
  • Hadrian's Gate Avenue
  • Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque
  • Clock Tower
  • Old Bazaar (İki Kapılı Han)
  • Murat Paşa Mosque
  • Elmali
  • Main Market
  • Singing Fountain
  • Yivli Minare Mosque
  • Yivli Minare
  • Kesik Minare
  • Korkut Mosque
  • Hidirlik Tower
  • Karaalioğlu Park
Hadrian's Gate

1) Hadrian's Gate (must see)

The Hadrian's Gate is a triumphal arch which was built in the name of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who visited Antalya in the year 130. It has three arched gates. According to the legend, Sultan Belkis, the Queen of Sheba, is said to have passed under those gates and enjoyed a happy day in the palace in Aspendos on her way to visit King Solomon.

Formerly the city walls enclosed the outside of the gate and it was not used for many years. This may be the reason why it has not been harmed, and it was only revealed when the walls collapsed. It is considered as Pamphylia's most beautiful Gate. The upper part has three apertures in the shape of a cupola, and except for the pillars is built entirely of white marble. The ornamentation is very striking. The original Gate was two storeys but little is known of the top storey. On either side of the Gate are towers, which are known not to have been built at the same time. The southern one is known as the Julia Sancta tower and is a work of the Hadrian era. It was constructed of plain stone blocks. While the base of the northern tower belongs to antiquity, the upper part is left over from the Seljuks.
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Hadrian's Gate Avenue

2) Hadrian's Gate Avenue

The road that goes past Hadrian's Gate is an avenue where you can find good shopping, or just take a leisurely walk. The breathtaking aromas and flavors of local foods, especially local cooking, will not let you leave without buying or tasting them. It is also a perfect and comfortable place to purchase souvenirs, coffee, a very large assortment of teas, or small jewelry.
Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque

3) Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque

The Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque is a mosque in the city of Antalya. Built in 18th century in the Kalekapisi district, the mosque is one of the most important Ottoman mosques in the city.

The main dome, which rises on a high rim, is supported by three semi domes, one each in the east, west, and south directions, as well as three domes on the northern side. There are tiled panels decorated with Koranic verses in taliq script on the pointed arch-formed lunettes of the windows on the northern facade of the mosque and inside it.
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Clock Tower

4) Clock Tower (must see)

The oldest structures in Kaleiçi are the remains of the city fortifications that surround this old-town area. Only the Clock Tower remains of the 80 towers that once formed this citadel. The beautiful Karaalioğlu Park surrounds this structure, which was converted to a Clock Tower in the 19th century. Overlooking the cliffs, this square structure is composed of both rough and hewn limestone.
Old Bazaar (İki Kapılı Han)

5) Old Bazaar (İki Kapılı Han) (must see)

In the oldest area of Antalya is the Old Bazaar or İki Kapılı Han. Here tourists can buy local and international textile, gold and silver jewelry, carpets and much more. Once you have decided what you want to purchase, don't rush to pay the asking price, and don't reveal how much money you have. Do not forget that sellers expect bargaining in Turkey. There are those that say that “Negotiate” is their slogan.
Murat Paşa Mosque

6) Murat Paşa Mosque (must see)

The Murat Paşa Mosque is an Ottoman mosque in the Muratpaşa borough of Antalya. It was commissioned by Grand Vizier Kuyucu Murad Pasha in 1570 and is covered with a high dome upon a ten-corner frame, with the inscriptions on its inner walls running all through the internal facade in a ribbon while presenting the most beautiful example of the Turkish-Seljuk art of calligraphy. The altar next to the marble pulpit worked with reliefs is a simple construction. The last congregation place is covered with three domes rising above pointed arches of colored stone on four round columns.
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7) Elmali

Though the founding of Elmali is not known to historians, excavations show that the region has been populated for several thousand years, since the Bronze Age. Among the archaeological and historical treasures of Emali are the tombs of kings, a street ornamented with frescoes depicting hunting and fighting, and remarkable mosques. The so-called "treasure of the century" was excavated there in 1984, a collection of 1900 silver coins from the time of ancient Greek city-states.
Main Market

8) Main Market

The main market or bazaar in Antalya is captivating to visit. Besides leather goods, carpets, clothes, and much more, you will be served with apple tea. Serving tea to visitors is a very pleasant tradition in Turkey. As in all of Antalya’s bazaars, you will find some cheap goods as well as quality items, so check to be sure of what you are getting. The market is open even on holidays. Take the time to visit it anytime and never forget bargaining.
Singing Fountain

9) Singing Fountain

The Antalya Singing Fountain is musical therapy for plenty of people that are tired of the Kaleiçi traffic noise, or just enjoy listening to some classical music. The opening melody piece is a very nice one which will ease your mind and will soothe away your worries. The fountain sounds at each hour and the pieces of music are repeated on a regular basis.
Yivli Minare Mosque

10) Yivli Minare Mosque (must see)

Yivli Minare Camii also called Alaaddin Camii and Ulu Camii is a historical mosque in Antalya. The mosque's fluted minaret, which is decorated with dark blue tiles, is a landmark and symbol of the city. The mosque is located in Kaleiçi.

The mosque was first built in 1230 and fully reconstructed in 1373. The minaret is 125 feet high, built on a square stone base, with eight fluted sections and has 90 steps to the top. The first building may have been a Byzantine church originally and may have been converted into a mosque around 1225-7, during the reign of the Seljuk sultan Ala ad-Din Kay Qubadh I. The original mosque was destroyed in the 14th century and a new mosque was built which, with its six domes, is one of the oldest examples of multi-dome construction in Anatolia. Today the building houses the Antalya Ethnographic Museum and contains clothing, kitchen utensils, embroidery, tapestries and looms, socks, sacks, kilims, ornaments, and nomadic tents. It was opened to the public in 1974.
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Yivli Minare

11) Yivli Minare (must see)

Yivli Minare (also called the Fluted or Grooved Minaret) is located behind the mosque of the same name and is a separate structure. A four-sided base supports a minaret composed of eight fluted sections, which enclose a series of 90 steps leading to the top. Its very beautiful blue and dark blue tiles draw one's attention to this landmark, considered the symbol of Antalya. The minaret was constructed between 1219 and 1236.
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Kesik Minare

12) Kesik Minare (must see)

The Kesik Minare standing in the streets of Kaleiçi was originally built as a Roman temple in the 2nd century AD. In the 7th century, it was converted into a Byzantine church in honor of the Virgin Mary, but it was heavily damaged in the 8th century during the Arab invasions. In the 10th century it was repaired again. The church was converted into a mosque when the Great Seljuq Empire acquired Antalya. It was then when the actual minaret was added. In 1361 - when the crusader king of Cyprus took Antalya from the Seljuks - it became a church again, only to become reconverted into a mosque during the rule of Sehzade Korkut. The temple turned church turned mosque was destroyed in a fire of 1846, but the minaret survived, as the Kesik Minare.
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Korkut Mosque

13) Korkut Mosque

The Korkut Mosque has a past full of events since Ottoman times. It was built in the 2nd century A.D but 4 centuries later the temple was knocked down. Because of Arab invasion in the 7th century it was dramatically destroyed and in the 9th century was repaired. During Selcuk times it was transformed to a Mosque but in 1361 it was re-transformed to a church. During 1470-1509 it was converted again to a Mosque. In 1896 it was seriously damaged by a fire.
Hidirlik Tower

14) Hidirlik Tower (must see)

Hıdırlık Tower is a landmark tower of tawny stone in Antalya, where Kaleiçi meets Karaalioglu Park. It is believed that the ruling Roman Empire built this in the second century CE on a square plan. The same century, it was turned into circular tower. It has since been used as a fortification or a lighthouse. The tower is situated at the southern side of the place, where the land walls of the city join the sea walls. The 46 feet high structure consists a circular tower rising on a quadratic pedestal. The tower's gate at the eastern side leads to a small room, from where a narrow staircase goes up. There are signs of restoration work on the upper part done in the Seljuk and Ottoman eras.
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Karaalioğlu Park

15) Karaalioğlu Park (must see)

Karaalioğlu Park is a very large park in Antalya, situated just south of the Kaleiçi district. The park's attractions include the mayor's office, the city theater, and the ancient citadel, Hıdırlık Tower. The view from Karaalioğlu Park includes beautiful cliffs and the exhilarating Gulf of Antalya. Authorities plan to inaugurate a new history museum here in 2010.

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