Art Galleries of Jerusalem Walking Tour (Self Guided), Jerusalem

Jerusalem is considered sacred by the three great monotheistic religions of the world. There are art galleries that reflect the influence of these religions on the artists of Jerusalem. This self-guided tour will lead you to the most visited art galleries of Jerusalem.
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Art Galleries of Jerusalem Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Art Galleries of Jerusalem Walking Tour
Guide Location: Israel » Jerusalem (See other walking tours in Jerusalem)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.2 Km or 2.6 Miles
Author: vickyc
CADIM Ceramic Art Gallery

1) CADIM Ceramic Art Gallery

CADIM Ceramic Art Gallery displays the works of famous Israeli artists.

What to buy here: Israeli Ceramics.

Nahalat Shiva is a trendy street of galleries, cafes, and restaurants, a few blocks from the Midrachov. On Yoel Salomon Street there are three ceramic cooperative shops, presenting the work of forty of Israel’s most talented ceramicists. The range of styles and techniques is broad, reflecting the cultural heritage of the artists.

Cadim is located at 4 Moshe Solomon Street. Founded in 1987, it displays the work of 15 artists, who also manage and staff the store. The goal of the Cadim potters is “to exhibit and sell their work directly to the public, thereby creating contact between customer and artist.”

All artists live in or near Jerusalem and their styles are distinctive. Russian-born Leonid Gosin takes his inspiration from nature and the poetry of daily life. Nitsan Stern is influenced by Japanese aesthetics and Israeli scenery. Rani Gilat tries to achieve “simplicity and pureness of the shape” in porcelain. Argentinian born Edith Adi hand builds her pottery and uses various printing techniques.

Goods are sold at studio prices, ranging from $10.00 for little clay jars to $200.00 for large pieces with 18K gold designs. Hamsas and pins with printed designs and gold sell for $10.00.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 9pm, Friday from 10am to 2.30pm.
Vision Fine Art Photography Gallery

2) Vision Fine Art Photography Gallery

Vision Fine Art Photography Gallery displays the photos of Neil Folberg and other fine modern photographers. You can contemplate photos of landscapes and bold modern photos. There are also some vintage photos that date back to 19th century.
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 1-7 PM
Yaakov Greenvurcel Gallery

3) Yaakov Greenvurcel Gallery

Yaakov Greenvurcel is an outstanding Israel artist of ritual objects. His creations are hand made and of high quality. His art has been exhibited in many countries in the world and he is the winner of many awards.
Lucien Krief Gallery

4) Lucien Krief Gallery

Founded by Lucien Krief in the late 1980s, the Lucien Krief Gallery is located in the gallery section of Jerusalem on King David Street next to the King David Hotel. The gallery has acquired a worldwide recognition as being among the finest sources of contemporary and classical Jewish and Israeli Fine Art, antique judaica and silver. In addition, Mr. Krief, an accomplished painter and sculptor, promotes other artists and aids collectors in the development of their private collections.
Museum for Islamic Art

5) Museum for Islamic Art (must see)

The Museum for Islamic Art is a premier museum in Jerusalem, located very close to the residence of the President of Israel. The location was opened to the public in 1974 and was founded by Mrs. Vera Bryce Salomons. You may not find a better art gallery either, for the presentation of the art of the Muslim people.

Though not of that faith tradition, Mrs. Vera Bryce Salomons had a great love of the culture of Islam. She was very interested in helping the world know that religion alone did not define this people. She was expressly interested in the beautiful calligraphy that was some common in the handwriting of this area. She noted also that the various Muslim regions of the world had their own “flare” in the art of the writing as well.

The institute itself was dedicated to Ms. Salomons’ professor: L.A. Mayer, who passed away in 1959. It was her hope that opening this place would allow art to help bridge the gap between the Israeli and Arabs.

There are nine galleries in total, which depict the culture, faith, and art of the Islamic people across the world. The museum also is home to Professor Mayer’s personal collection. Displayed here are some of the world’s finest examples of chess pieces, eye masks, daggers, swords, helmets, textiles, glass items, etc. The rooms are laid out in chronological order. One spot also houses the pieces owned by David Salomon, the husband of the founder. Some of the finest examples of handmade clocks from the 1700s through the 1800s are kept here. You can also find some exquisite artisan-style music boxes from that time in history.

Why You Should Visit:
Untainted by political commentary, the museum tells the story of Islam itself, accompanied by exquisite pieces of art that capture the importance of the religion's various aspects.
Lately, the museum went through a process of innovation, bringing to the public highlights of modern artists linked with Islamic arts.

If possible, try to see the film about the clocks & timepieces before looking at the world-class collection thereof.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Wed: 10am-3pm; Thu: 10am-7pm; Fri, Sat: 10am-2pm
Chagall Windows

6) Chagall Windows

The famous stained glass Windows are located at Hadassah Hospital. They are the main focal point of the synagogue located there. They are the creation of the famed artist Marc Chagall. Many consider this his best work in that medium.

There are twelve stained-glass windows in all. Each one of them depicts a different tribe of Israel. Each work also has its own color scheme, The beautiful works of art transform the whole prayer space into something quite stunning, to say the least.

For most of their history, Jewish people have not been well represented in the visual arts. This may well be due to the fact that Mosaic Law forbid the creation of graven images. Most artist would not even include the images of animals in their work.

This really changed, though, in the modern era of art. The Jewish identity started becoming better portrayed in the work of the time. One of the famous artists of the day, Modigliani, was a very outspoken proponent of the change. Yet, it took Marc Chagall to make what one might truly call Jewish art.

Sadly, one of the beautiful windows was damaged during the 1967 war. Chagall redid the glass. In fact, he is often quoted as having said the hospital administration that they should “worry about the defense of Israel, and he would make them new, more beautiful windows.”

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