Asuncion Landmarks Tour (Self Guided), Asuncion

Asuncion is well worth visiting for its architecture alone. From modern houses to colonial buildings, the past and present converge in this amazing city of 56,000 inhabitants. Take this tour to learn more about Asuncion's architectural heritage.
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Asuncion Landmarks Tour Map

Guide Name: Asuncion Landmarks Tour
Guide Location: Paraguay » Asuncion (See other walking tours in Asuncion)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.5 Km or 1.6 Miles
Author: karenl
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Palacio de los López
  • Palacio Legislativo
  • Panteón Nacional de los Héroes
  • Hotel Guarani
  • Banco Nacional de Fomento
  • Edificio Aurora
  • Estacion del Ferrocarril
  • Wilson Tower
Palacio de los López

1) Palacio de los López (must see)

Situated in the town plaza overlooking Asuncion Bay, Palacio de los López is one of the most beautiful and imposing buildings in the city. Built in 1772 and completed in 1892, it was designed in the Neo-classical style. It has wide staircases, verandas, and continuous arches that loop all the way around the top floor balcony. The main body of the palace is flanked by two wings that form a squared “U” shape. At the center of the palace, a lookout tower soars two stories above the roof.
Palacio Legislativo

2) Palacio Legislativo (must see)

Located in the historic center of Asuncion, Palacio Legislativo is the only post-modern building in the city. Opened in 2003, architect Gaetano Moretti designed the building. The structural form of the building is often compared to a truncated cone. The palace houses the boardrooms of Congress, the House of Representatives and VIP rooms. The Main Hall is one of the most significant areas of the building and serves as a venue for cultural events and activities, including permanent exhibitions of art. The downtown area of Asunción can be seen from the terrace of Palacio Legislativo. In addition to the view, the palace provides a great opportunity to learn more about the traditions and culture of Asuncion.
Panteón Nacional de los Héroes

3) Panteón Nacional de los Héroes (must see)

Originally constructed as a chapel, Panteón Nacional de los Héroes finally opened in 1936 in commemoration of the Virgin, as well as the city of Mariscala and its army. Situated between Independencia Nacional and Coronel Bogado Streets, the Panteón initially resembled a Gothic chapel, although it later underwent major modifications. The Panteón is an architectural gem of great artistic, cultural and historic value. Here you can admire the monuments to Mariscal López and other national heroes. Be sure to head inside this iconic building to look at the magnificent altar and ceiling.
Hotel Guarani

4) Hotel Guarani (must see)

Built in 1961, Hotel Guarani occupies an entire city block. It is located in the heart of the administrative, legal and commercial part of town. The hotel is considered a symbol of Asuncion and South America. It was the first five-star hotel in Asuncion and for many years was the main point of reference when navigating the city. The hotel was renovated in 2008 and today has a crisp modern look that still pays tribute to its original 1960s design.
Banco Nacional de Fomento

5) Banco Nacional de Fomento

Banco Nacional de Fomento is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. The bank was created by Decree-Law No. 281 on March 14, 1961, and operations commenced on November 20, 1961. Designed by architect Francisco Canese in the Neo-classical style, the bank resembles Buckingham Palace in London. The bank's main purpose is to aid in the development of the Paraguayan economy, and it funds programs to promote agriculture, forestry and industry in the country.
Edificio Aurora

6) Edificio Aurora

Located in the center of the city at the intersection of Caballero and Eligio Ayala Streets, Edificio Aurora stands 95.8 meters tall and has 27 floors. Opened in 1978, the Aurora was the tallest building in Paraguay during the 1980s. It is a residential apartment building, although the Headquarters of Migration is located on the ground floor. The building boasts a magnificent entrance and stunning foyer, as well as brightly-colored balconies.
Estacion del Ferrocarril

7) Estacion del Ferrocarril (must see)

Built in 1861 by English architect Alonzo Taylor, Estacion del Ferrocarril is Asuncion's stunning railway station. Construction occurred under the rule of President Don Carlos Antonio López. The station's Neo-Gothic towers blend in well with the surrounding architecture. The balustrade above the cornice is a recent addition.
Wilson Tower

8) Wilson Tower

Located on Ayala Street between Constitution and Brazil Streets, Wilson Tower was, for nearly two decades, the country's tallest skyscraper, standing almost 100 meters tall. Currently, the tallest building in Paraguay is Icono Tower. Built in 1993, Wilson Tower serves as residential apartment building. The tower's facade, which resembles classic LEGO pieces, is quite unique.

Walking Tours in Asuncion, Paraguay

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Create Your Own Walk in Asuncion

Creating your own self-guided walk in Asuncion is easy and fun. Choose the city attractions that you want to see and a walk route map will be created just for you. You can even set your hotel as the start point of the walk.
Asuncion Shopping Tour

Asuncion Shopping Tour

Asuncion is the perfect destination for the bargain shopper, as the city has been named one of the most inexpensive in the world. Here you will find open-air markets with a stunning array of handicrafts and traditional clothing, as well as interesting local stores that sell everything from electronics to fashion accessories. Take this tour to explore Asuncion's main shopping districts.

Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.7 Km or 2.9 Miles
Top Religious Buildings

Top Religious Buildings

Asuncion is home to a variety of sacred places, religious sites and temples. Although Asuncion is predominantly Roman Catholic, the Protestant, Baha'i, Buddhist, and Jewish faiths are also represented. Take this tour to visit Asuncion's most notable religious buildings.

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Asuncion Introduction Walking Tour

Asuncion Introduction Walking Tour

Sitting on the bank of the Paraguay river, the capital of Paraguay Asunción is a beautiful city, well worth being explored. Local attractions are plentiful and include, among others, numerous sites of colonial and modern architecture, such as the López Palace - seat of the local government, theaters, plazas, museums and more. To see them all, follow this orientation walk and enjoy!

Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.1 Km or 2.5 Miles
Tour of Asuncion's Northeast District

Tour of Asuncion's Northeast District

Asuncion is a colorful city with a fascinating history. East of the river, the town extends out into the hills, which resemble huge rectangular blocks rising above the bay. Splendid flowering trees, native fauna and beautiful parks and gardens are spread throughout Asuncion. This self-guided tour presents some of the most popular attractions in Asuncion's Northeast district.

Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
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