Bad Godesberg Walking Tour (Self Guided), Bonn

Bad Godesberg is the second largest district of Bonn, very popular among tourists due to its numerous landmarks and attractions. By following the present guided tour you will have the chance to comprehend and admire Bad Godesberg's art, history, culture and progress. Bad Godesberg is always a fun and welcoming place to visit.
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Bad Godesberg Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Bad Godesberg Walking Tour
Guide Location: Germany » Bonn (See other walking tours in Bonn)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.6 Km or 2.9 Miles
Author: Cathy
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Galerie Schön
  • Stadtpark
  • Music School
  • The Redoute
  • Theaterplatz
  • Saint Marien Church
  • Castle Cemetery
  • The Godesburg
  • Deutsche Museum
Galerie Schön

1) Galerie Schön

Galerie Schön is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Bad Godesberg. The owner and initiator of Schön is Franz Schön. The gallery hosts diverse exhibitions of paintings, caricatures, drawings and other forms of visual art created mostly by local artists. The gallery has a gift shop attached. Visitors are welcome tue - fri - 10.00 - 18.30 with a break between 13.00 and 15.00, sat - 10.00 - 14.00.

2) Stadtpark

Stadtpark is Bad Godesberg's state park. With its local and exotic trees and plants, beautiful pond with ducks, fountain and alleys, the park looks like a neat, splendid English garden. Since 1800, the landscape was extended several times. The park, in addition to its beautiful flora, is decorated with several statues, like the aluminium composition created by P. J. Geissler and the steel "Archetypus" by Bernhard Müller-Feyen. Stadtpark also shelters a small, but very popular theater named Kleines Theater.
Music School

3) Music School

The Music School in Bad Godesberg is one of the area's trademarks. The building is decorated with rich architectural ornaments and the facade is supported by two grand columns. In front of the school there is a very significant and beautiful bronze sculpture depicting a woman and a child listening to a violinist playing. The sculpture looks most realistic and is the mascot of the Music School. The author of this landmark is Christopher Opiela.
The Redoute

4) The Redoute

The Redoute is a beautiful house from the electoral period reserved for balls and other important events. The building was built between 1790 and 1792. The late classical structure was designed by Michael Leydel - a very popular architect of that period. The construction of such a place for balls and other entertaintment was ordered by the son of Empress Maria Theresia - Max Franz. The Redoute is surrounded by a splendid park and a lovely fountain decorates the front lawn.

5) Theaterplatz

The Theaterplatz is the central square in Bad Godesberg. It is a very popular venue, both among locals and visitors due to its spacious perimeter, its refreshing fountain in the middle, the multitude of summer cafes and small shops, as well as the occasional flea market. The square is reserved exclusively for pedestrians. The Theaterplatz is the perfect place to have a coffee and enjoy a slow afternoon in Bad Godesberg.
Saint Marien Church

6) Saint Marien Church

Saint Marien Church is a Catholic church located in the center of Bad Godesberg. The construction of the church was initiated in 1860 and was completed two years later. In 1894 the structure was reconstructed and given the present exterior. The man who worked on the exclusive design of the building was Vinzenz Statz - a German architect and painter. The first pastor of Saint Marien was Hubert Theodor Aegidius Minartz. The church's pride is a Pieta dating from 1300, the Gothic period donated by Paul Kemp.
Castle Cemetery

7) Castle Cemetery

The Castle Cemetery is a cemetery attached to Bad Godesberg's most popular landmark - the Godesburg Castle. The cemetery was created in 1805 but had to be extended several times thoughout its existence. The cemetery is famous due to the fact that it hosts the graves of many important personalities, as well as monuments and even mausoleums created by talented and famous sculptors, for example the 1912 tomb representing the Mother of the Earth by Simatscheck. The most important graves with tombs are those of Carl August von Groote - mayor of the city between 1857 and 1888, Theodor Minartz - parish priest of the city between 1857 and 1889 and Paul Kemp, famous actor who lived in Bad Godesberg.
The Godesburg

8) The Godesburg (must see)

The Godesburg is a Medieval castle located on a hill in Bad Godesberg. The construction dates from the thirteenth century. The idea of creating such a grand construction belonged to the Archbishop of Cologne - Dietrich I von Hengebach. Unfortunately, the castle was seriously damaged during the Cologne War. The ruins were donated to the city of Bad Godesberg in 1891. In 1959, modern architect Gottfried Böhm designed a new appearance for the castle in order to shelter a hotel and a restaurant within it. Nowadays the Godesburg is the most popular and important landmark in Bad Godesberg.
Deutsche Museum

9) Deutsche Museum (must see)

The Deutsches Museum is a museum that offers a lot of useful information and memorable impressions to its visitors. It represents the branch of the famous Deutsches Museum in Munich. The collection of the museum includes more than one hundred showpieces that reflect the most important technological inventions created in the last sixty years, some of which were even nominated and awarded by the Nobel Foundation. The Deutsches Museum has a gift shop available. Visitors are welcome tue - sun - 10.00 - 17.00; except Saturday 12:00 am-17:00.

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