Article (D) guide: Best Bars in Kreuzberg

Best Bars in Kreuzberg
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Kreuzberg and "Kreuzkölln" - the area where Kreuzberg and Neukölln meet - house many of the trendiest alternative evening and nightlife spots in Berlin. In general, these tend to offer a really good range of beers and wine from around Germany and continental Europe at very affordable prices. While there has evolved a kind of prototype Kreuzberg-Kreuzkölln bar aesthetic, each bar possesses a unique charm.

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Guide Name: Best Bars in Kreuzberg
Guide Location: Germany » Berlin
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Article (D))
# of Destinations: 15
Author: Theo Barry Born
Author Bio: Theo is a recent masters graduate from SOAS, London. Currently he is interested in the intersection between politics, cities and everyday social life. In his spare time he likes to play chess, football, guitar, cycle around the city and try to solve cryptic crosswords.

1) Fuchsbau

Fuchsbau (literally 'fox burrow') is in a great location, overlooking the canal and the busy street life around Kottbusser Brücke (Kottbusser Bridge), next to which there is a street market every Tuesday and Friday. In general, the breakfasts are good but most people come here for a drink in the late afternoon or evening. There is seating outside and table service. The drinks can be slightly pricier than in some of Kreuzkölln's less immediately visible bars and too much time...
Das Hotel

2) Das Hotel

One of Kreuzberg's most popular bar in a sensational location just by Kottbusser Brücke. The drinks are reasonably cheap and there is a good selection, while live music can be on offer and is usually quite jazzy, suiting the flavour of the bar's rustic and candlelit atmosphere. Given its popularity, it can be advisable to choose wisely when to come to Hotel and who to come with (generally smaller groups advisable if you want places to sit for everyone). It can get very hot and smoky...
Bellman Bar

3) Bellman Bar

A typical dimly lit Kreuzberg-Kreuzkölln aesthetic, this bar offers good cocktails and is generally a safe bet. Most people tend to experience the service as friendly, if sometimes a little playful. Increasingly trendy over the last couple of years, this is also an example of the increasingly hipster dominated scene in the area and has aggravated a number of residents who used to consider this their quiet pleasant local...
Möbel Olfe

4) Möbel Olfe

Möbel Olfe is a really quirky bar just off Kottbusser Tor, slightly hidden so you need to know what you're looking for. Inside the bar is very peculiar in its decor, combining tiled walls with furniture stuck to the stealing. And while furniture plays a large part of the bar's personality, don't be fooled into thinking that will guarantee you somewhere to sit as at times it can be very busy! It is a popular place, especially for the gay, lesbian and trans communities, although it...
Room 77

5) Room 77

On the outside of the bar, before you enter, you will learn that this is where you will find 'warm beer, cold women and fast food made slow'. Room 77 accepts BitCoin and professes to be the 'restaurant at the end of capitalism'. This place offers a Texan take on burgers, so not a place for hipsters looking for vegan food (which in a typically vegan and vegetarian friendly area can divide opinion). A place for beer, wine or cocktails and an interesting alternative place to...

6) Monarch

This is a small nightclub where you pay a small entry to get in. Just above Kotti and not that easy to find (you have to enter via a staircase which is not that obvious if you don't know which one it is), it offers a cool alternative to the Berlin techno scene. The dance floor can be crowded as the place is not that big, but if you want somewhere to just get groovy and dance with your friends to some party tunes as well as hip-hop, R'n'B, soul and reggae music depending on the...

7) Bohnengold

Bohnengold (literally 'gold beans') is one of several bars on Reichenberger Strasse that is seemingly trying to remain anonymous from the outside, you could stumble in here by mistake but otherwise it pays to know what you are looking for. There are three rooms, the first candlelit and good for a chat with a drink. The further back you go the more likely you are to find people (including yourself) dancing. The music is good and the atmosphere is relaxed, not excessively trendy. There...
Geist Im Glas

8) Geist Im Glas

Geist Im Glas specialises in a wide selection of meticulously concocted cocktails, starting at around €5. The "Kreuzkölln" vibe infuses this bar in its every nook and cranny. Dimly lit with candles and great lamps, exposed brickwork, sixties and seventies furniture but with a considerable amount of care put into the design and presentation of the two rooms. The owner, a friendly American from Tennessee who has done all manner of jobs in his life, has built various bits of the bar,...

9) SO36

SO36 is historically one of Kreuzberg's most important venues. During the 1970s it was integral to the punk scene. Now it caters to a whole range of tastes and clientele, but what links it all together is the club's continual embrace of Kreuzberg as at the heart of the modern Berlin metropolis, where people of all ethnic backgrounds and sexuality are embraced. The range of events and nights on offer is enormous, from public discussions and book panels to neighbourhood bingo nights, as...

10) Mama

Mama is one of several trendy bars on Hobrechstrasse and caters to the typical "Kreuzkölln" clientele: young and trendy. It mixes a living room atmosphere with lots of cosy, old, mismatched furniture with a good range of affordable drinks, including decent Czech beer. The music on offer includes at times Balkan varieties. It can be very busy on the weekends and in general more busy the later you arrive in the...

11) Kuschlowski

This is implicitly a Vodka bar, with the selection of between five and ten vodkas making it stand out above its local competition in this department. Perhaps this won't impress someone who knows all there is to know about vodka, but it still caters to the taste of those who would like to sample a few different varieties and does so at cheap prices (€3 or less). Pretzel sticks are on all tables and Czech beer is also on offer in bottles. In most other respects, this bar mimics the feeling...
Yuma Bar

12) Yuma Bar

In the heart of the Reuterkiez (the local "kiez", or neighbourhood), this bar provides some variety by its large selection of Belgian beers (tending to cost between €3-4) in addition to a selection of cocktails, beers and wine. A wide range of events and musical performances are on offer in a carefully organised cultural and arts...
Das Edelweiss

13) Das Edelweiss

Edelweiss sits in Görlitzer Park, a run down park with a unique atmosphere - spontaneous outdoor parties in the summer and a number of local dealers hanging out all year round. But Edelweiss itself is well kept and manages to combine fluidly and efficiently a bar, café, restaurant and club in one place. Breakfast and brunch contain good ingredients and wifi is available if you are coming in the day, while Edelweiss also houses DJs and bands at night. A regular jazz jam session happens every...
Wild At Heart

14) Wild At Heart

An alternative to many of the other dive bars in the area, this bar steers towards the more rocking, less hipster side of Kreuzberg. The decor is dark and quirky and the people on the whole are friendly. Live music is regular, loud and wide ranging, from punk to psychobilly to aggressive...

15) Holz-Kohlen

A small bar on Weserstrasse with a good selection of beers and spirits. From the outside it is very understated. The bar owner mixes good cocktails and will bring them to your table. You can also order and sit at the bar. In many ways this clings to and exemplifies the "Kreuzkölln" bar niche, with a cosy, smoky living room...


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