Bonn Cultural Tour, Bonn (Self Guided)

Bonn is an amazing city with rich history and culture. With a wide selection of museums, theaters, operas and libraries, Bonn is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Take this walking tour to explore the cultural life of Beethoven's hometown.
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Bonn Cultural Tour Map

Guide Name: Bonn Cultural Tour
Guide Location: Germany » Bonn (See other walking tours in Bonn)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.2 km
Author: damon

1) Beethovenhalle

The Beethovenhalle is a concert hall in Bonn. It is the third hall in that city to bear the name of Bonn-born composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The first Beethovenhalle was built in 1845 during the inauguration of the Beethoven Monument, located in the Münsterplatz, the second hall was built in 1870 for centennial celebration of Beethoven's birth. Construction began anew on the hall after its destruction during Second World War. The third Beethovenhalle was designed and built under the direction of the German architect Siegfried Wolske. In September 1959 it was completed and has since then been an emblem of the city and one of the most important buildings of contemporary Germany. As the former halls, it is characterized by an excellent acoustic. In this context it has to be mentioned that the Beethovenhalle is highly important for the preservation of Beethoven’s musical tradition.

Furthermore it is the home of the Beethoven Orchester Bonn. The opening and the final concert of the Beethovenfest takes place in the large hall, which offers seats for about 2000 concert guests. Prominent artists from around the world perform in the Beethovenhalle. In addition to that the hall is further used for carnival-events, exhibitions, parties, celebrations, conferences and conventions.

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Bonn Opera

2) Bonn Opera

The opera house is located in the city center, next to the Kennedy Bridge on the site of the former Rhine district. The building is used as an opera house and a choreographic theater. In 1965 the new building was inaugurated on the banks of the Rhine. The Opera House can accommodate approximately 1037 visitors. The buildings are made of reinforced concrete and are parallel to the river Rhine. The metal plates on the outer walls are arranged in a fashion resembling fish scales.
Euro Theater Central Bonn

3) Euro Theater Central Bonn

The theater that had emerged in the postwar period was founded by Claus Marteau and is truly a work of art. It is certainly one of the oldest theaters operated in the country. Nowadays, the theater is a place for personal encounter and intercultural exchange. Tolerance and cultural exchange influence the program of this small but very creative theater. The spectators may be surprised at what a small, 38 square meter stage can do. The mobile technology makes it possible: whether longitudinal, transverse, or proscenium, the audience is always in the midst of dramatic events.
Contra-Kreis Theater

4) Contra-Kreis Theater

The Contra-Kreis Theater is the oldest private theater in Bonn - it was dedicated on May 20, 1950. Situated in the heart of the city, the theater nevertheless guarantees a very intimate atmosphere. It is here that many young actors made their first appearance on stage. Bonn citizens love the Contra-Kreis, as it has made numerous first performances famous nationwide. Television recordings and live broadcasts have also helped to underpin the reputation of the theater as an integral part of the cultural city of Bonn. The Contra-Kreis Theater pursues exclusively charitable purposes, as well as the promotion of young talent.
Rheinisches Landesmuseum

5) Rheinisches Landesmuseum (must see)

The Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn, or LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, is a museum in Bonn, run by the Rhineland Landscape Association. It is one of the oldest museums in the country. The museum has a number of notable ancient busts and figures dating back to Roman times.

An early forerunner, the "Museum of Antiquities" (Museum Rheinisch-Westfälischer Alterthümer), was founded in 1820 by decree of the Prussian state chancellor Karl August von Hardenberg. A more direct ancestor, the "Provincial Museum", was founded in 1874, though it did not get its own building until 1893. This was enlarged in 1907, but the older section was destroyed during World War II and replaced by a new building. The museum was extensively renovated from 1998 to 2003, allowing a new presentation of the exhibits. The "Stone Age Area" was redesigned in 2010.

The archaeological exhibits are divided into historical themes. Works of art are also displayed throughout the exhibition, with masterpieces next to simple tools and religious works beside everyday objects. The museum also owns a collection of prints and photographs, and one of coins and medallions. The "Stone Age Area" features the original skeleton of a neanderthal, and displays the evolution of humanity from the development of upright posture to the early Celtic cultures of Europe.

"(The above description is based on Wikipedia under Creative Common License)"
Sight description based on wikipedia
Schumann House

6) Schumann House

The Schumann House, located in the Bonn Endenich district, is a museum dedicated to the German composer Robert Schumann. Initially it housed a private psychiatric clinic. Today there is a memorial, a museum and a music library in the city of Bonn. The Schumann House was built around 1790 in Neoclassical style, as a country house for Mayor Matthias Joseph Kaufmann. The house also serves as an urban music library and houses an inventory of approximately 46,000 books, music sheets and recordings. With more than 100,000 loans a year, it is frequented quite often.

7) Harmonie

The Harmonie (Hall of the Harmony), separated from the restaurant and pub, is a universal place. In addition to concerts and cabaret performances, the hall is also available for celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, club meetings and parties. A festively decorated table and a cozy bistro seating or cocktail tables can provide the appropriate atmosphere. The friendly staff will offer visitors a large assortment of drinks and culinary delights. The hall is divided into two areas in the form of the letter “L”. While some prefer music and intense dancing or listening, the other part of the hall offers an atmosphere of relaxation.
House of the Jumping Mouse

8) House of the Jumping Mouse

The House of the Jumping Mouse (Haus der Springmaus) is one of the most famous cabaret houses in Germany, entertaining over 65,000 visitors a year. In the stylishly renovated dance hall where past and present are connected, the theater offers the public top-quality programs every evening: cabaret, improvisation, comedy, music, chanson and A Capella - in short, a wide range of first class entertainment culture in all its facets.

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Create Your Own Walk in Bonn

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Bonn Places of Worship

Bonn Places of Worship

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Bonn Art Galleries Tour

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City Orientation Walk

City Orientation Walk

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Kids Entertainment in Bonn

Kids Entertainment in Bonn

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Bonn Museums Tour

Bonn Museums Tour

The city of Bonn is famous for its marvelous museums, both in Germany and worldwide. It is the birthplace of the great Beethoven, his house now serving as a museum. The A. Koenig's Natural History Museum is also based in Bonn, as well as the Mathematics Museum (The Arithmeum), the Egyptian Museum and the Bonn Women's Museum. Take this walking tour to learn more about the city's past...  view more

Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.4 km

Tips for Exploring City on Foot at Your Own Pace

Whether you are in Bonn for a quick stopover or have a few days to see the city in more detail, exploring it on foot, at your own pace, is definitely the way to go. Here are some tips for you to save money, see the best Bonn has to offer, take good care of your feet while walking, and keep your mobile device – your ultimate "work horse" on this trip - well fed and safe.

Taking Care of Your Feet

To ensure ultimate satisfaction from a day of walking around the city as big as Bonn, it is imperative to take good care of your feet so as to avoid unpleasant things like blisters, cold or overheated soles, itchy, irritated or otherwise damaged (cracked) skin, etc. Luckily, these days there is no shortage of remedies to address (and, ideally, to prevent) these and other potential problems with feet. Among them: Compression Socks, Rechargeable Battery-Powered Thermo Socks for Cold Weather, Foot Repair Cream, Deodorant Powder, Shoes UV Sterilizer, and many more that you may wish to find a place in your travel kit for.

Travel Gadgets for Your Mobile Device

Your mobile phone or tablet will be your work horse on a self-guided walk. They offer tour map, guide you from one attraction to another, and provide informative background for the sights you wish to visit. Therefore it is absolutely essential to plan against unexpected power outages in the wrong place at the wrong time, much as to ensure the safety of your device.

For these and other contingencies, here's the list of useful appliances: Portable Charger/External Battery Pack, Worldwide Travel Charger Adapter, Power Converter for International Travel Adapter, and Mobile Device Leash.