Cannongate Walking Tour, Edinburgh

Cannongate Walking Tour, Edinburgh
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The Canongate district takes its name from the main street called the "Canongate" and forms the lower, eastern half of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh's historic Old Town. It contains some other notable public buildings, including Huntly House (now the Museum of Edinburgh) and the historic Canongate Tolbooth (now housing the People's Story Museum), as well as the Canongate Kirk and the new Scottish Parliament building.

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Guide Name: Cannongate Walking Tour
Guide Location: Scotland » Edinburgh (See other walking tours in Edinburgh)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 10
Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.0 km
Author: Helen
Holyrood Abbey

1) Holyrood Abbey (must see)

Holyrood Abbey was constructed by King David I and is located close to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It is surrounded by Edinburgh's largest park, Holyrood Park. Located atop the 250 meter-high Arthur's Seat, it offers a beautiful view of the city. This is a great place for biking, hiking or a picnic. Its many rocky crags, loch and meadows guarantee visitors an unforgettable time in...   view more

2) Holyroodhouse (must see)

A visit to Holyroodhouse on the Royal Mile should be on everyone’s “must” list when they are in Edinburgh it is an important part of Scotland’s history. It is the official residence of the United Kingdom’s monarchs and once the home of Mary, Queen of Scots.

King David I founded the abbey in 1128 and in 1501 the palace was built next to it, but today, only a small part of the original gate house remains. A “palace” was a rather grandiose title for what was a large house, but it...   view more
Queen's Gallery

3) Queen's Gallery

The Queen's Gallery was founded in 2002 and is located next to the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood Park. There is a café bar next to the gallery where visitors can rest. It hosts exhibitions of artwork, jewelery and furniture.

Hours: Mon-Sun...   view more
Scottish Parliament Building

4) Scottish Parliament Building

The Scottish Parliament Building has been at the centre of some controversy since it opened. The Scots either love it or hate it, so do go along and visit it to see which side you are on. It is best to take the guided tour, because rooms are open to tour guides that are closed to individual visitors.

It stands on 1.6 hectares in Holyrood Road at the foot of Arthur’s Seat. It consists of a campus of several buildings designed by Euric Miralles, who died before the building was completed.

...   view more
Our Dynamic Earth

5) Our Dynamic Earth

Our Dynamic Earth is a great place for an instructive, interesting day out for both adults and children. It is located at the foot of Arthur’s Seat, not far from the Scottish Parliament building.

O.D.E. is an earth science museum, which opened in 1999, funded by the Millennium Commission. It is housed in the William Younger Conference Centre, a modern building consisting of a thin steel skin stretched over a steel skeleton, and looking a little bit like a circus big top.

The museum is...   view more
Dunbar's Close Garden

6) Dunbar's Close Garden

Shopping and sightseeing in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile can be tiring, so if you don’t feel like having lunch in a crowded pub or restaurant, take a pack lunch or pick up a sandwich and take it to Dunbar’s Close Garden near the Canongate Kirkyard.

Dunbar’s Close is one of the 80 narrow lanes left over from medieval times and the garden there is like stepping back in time. Truly a secret garden, even a lot of local people don’t know of its existence, so you will be able to enjoy your...   view more
Kirk of the Canongate Chapel

7) Kirk of the Canongate Chapel

The Kirk of the Canongate Chapel is located on the Royal Mile and is the church attended by monarchs when they are in residence at Holyrood Palace. Visitors are always surprised by the contrast of the chapel’s plain exterior and its beautiful interior.

The chapel was built in the late 17th century by James Smith, a master mason. It is a rectangular building with a Dutch-style end gable and a Doric columned portico. Outside the gate you will see a bronze statue of Robert Fergusson, the 18th...   view more
Museum of Edinburgh

8) Museum of Edinburgh

Don’t miss a visit to the Museum of Edinburgh, which you will find in the 16th century Huntley House on the Royal Mile.

This wonderful museum is all about the origins, the history and the legends of the city. The house once belonged to the Guild of Hammermen and there are many fine silverware objects on display.

There is also a collection of beautiful glassware, engraved in nearby Canongate, fine Scottish pottery, magnificent grandfather clocks and a Sedan chair. There is an interactive...   view more
People's Story Museum

9) People's Story Museum

Learning about Scotland’s royalty and nobility is all very interesting, but sometimes you might ask: what about the ordinary people, how did they live? The answer is to be found in the People’s Story Museum.

Housed in Canongate Tolbooth, built in 1591 and once a customs house and jail, the museum tells the history of Edinburgh seen through the eyes of the people who lived and worked there, from the 18th century to the present.

A written and oral presentation, backed up with...   view more
Gordon Nicolson

10) Gordon Nicolson

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This traditional item of the Scottish Highland dress constitutes a great gift for your family and friends. It often takes the place of pockets on the pocketless Scottish kilt and serves as a great place to store keys, money and other personal items.

The pouch is usually made of leather or fur and comes in a wide variety of designs. The ornamentation of the sporran is induced by the formality of dress worn with it. There are several types of sporrans, such as:...   view more


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