Centro Museums and Galleries, Milan

Centro Museums and Galleries, Milan
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Milan is not only the business and fashion center of Italy, it also a cultural center. The city of Milan offers numerous cultural activities, as well as countless art galleries and museums that exhibit some of the world's most famous and imposing artworks and artifacts. Most of these cultural centers are located in the very heart of Milan and within a pleasant walk.

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Guide Name: Centro Museums and Galleries
Guide Location: Italy » Milan (See other walking tours in Milan)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.9 km
Author: karen
Cenacolo Vinciano

1) Cenacolo Vinciano (must see)

Santa Maria delle Grazie is an attractive Renaissance church and convent. Built in the 15th century, the church is present in UNESCO World Heritage sites list. The convent was completed in 1469 and the church was completed after twenty one years in 1490. The dining hall of the convent contains the fresco, the Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Last Supper represents the scene of the Last Supper during the last days of Jesus. Created by Leonardo for his patron Duke Ludovico...   view more
Museum of the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio

2) Museum of the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio (must see)

The Church of Sant' Ambrogio is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. It is considered to be one of the most ancient churches in Italy and one of most historically interesting medieval buildings in Lombardy. The church was named after St. Ambrose who consecrated it in 386. When he died in 397, he was buried beside the bodies of St. Gervase and St. Protasius buried inside the Church.

Originally the church was known as Basilica Martyrum. It was a small three-aisled, transept-less...   view more
Museo Civico Archeologico

3) Museo Civico Archeologico

Museo Civico Archeologico is a small and fascinating museum that reveals information about the Milan during the era of Roman Empire. It shows how Milan unexpectedly became the capital of the empire in the fourth century A.D.

The museum has some unique masterpieces of art in its collections. The most important of which include the Trivulzio's cup, a rare example of intact diatret glass from the Roman times; patera from Parabiago, beautiful example of silverware of the late Roman Empire...   view more
Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco

4) Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco (must see)

Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco is the best known civic museum in Milan. It hosts an impressive collection of some of the world's most valuable works of art – Michaelangelo's last sculpture, the Codex Trivulzianus manuscript of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Rondanini Pieta, and more.

Operation hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9 am - 5.30...   view more
Pinacoteca di Brera

5) Pinacoteca di Brera (must see)

Pinacoteca di Brera is an art collection in Milan containing one of the prime collections of Italian paintings obtained from churches and monasteries taken over during the Napoleonic rule. Though humble in size, the Pinacoteca displays superb and exclusive works by major Italian artists from the 13th to the 20th centuries.

Founded by Francesco Maria Richini in 1651, the palazzo was made for the Jesuits with the aim to showcase their college, astronomical observatory and botanical garden....   view more
Museum Poldi Pezzoli

6) Museum Poldi Pezzoli (must see)

Founded in 1881, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum was originally a private collection of Poldi Pezzoli and his mother, Rosa Trivulzio, and featured 19th century Northern Italian and Flemish paintings along with a number of decorative art pieces including textiles, porcelain, glass, clocks, jewelry and metal works. In 1818, Poldi Pezzoli inherited great wealth from his uncle Giuseppe Pezzoli which included the beautiful palace and the garden filled with statues and fountains. He then spent his entire...   view more
Manzoni Museum

7) Manzoni Museum

Situated in the heart of Milan, Casa del Manzoni (Manzoni Museum) is a magnificently elaborated ex-residence of an Italian author and poet Alessandro Manzoni. Born in 1785, he was second in Italian literature only to Dante. Manzoni died a tragic death when he fell down the steps of San Fedele in 1873.

Inside the house where Manzoni once lived, everything seems to be frozen in time.  There is an evocative atmosphere inside the rooms. All Italian schoolchildren study “I Promessi Sposi”...   view more
Museum del Duomo

8) Museum del Duomo (must see)

The Museum del Duomo preserves artifacts and works of art that used to be located in the cathedral itself. Many items in the collections need special preservation and restoration. The 20 rooms in the museum exhibit the items in chronological order with accompanying information plaques.

Operation hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 am - 6...   view more
Biblioteca Ambrosiana

9) Biblioteca Ambrosiana (must see)

Biblioteca Ambrosiana is a historic library in Milan. Named after Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan, it kept and organized the great databases of European culture. Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, the Ambrosian art gallery is also present in this library. Cardinal Federico Borromeo founded the library and his representatives collected books and manuscripts from Western Europe, Greece and Syria. Some major collections include the manuscripts of the Benedictine monastery of Bobbio and the library of Paduan...   view more


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