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City Center Souvenir Shops (Self Guided), Dublin

It would be a pity to leave Dublin without having explored its specialty shops and bringing home something truly original. We've compiled a list of gifts which are unique to Dublin and can be purchased in the wonderful souvenir shops around the City Center.
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City Center Souvenir Shops Map

Guide Name: City Center Souvenir Shops
Guide Location: Ireland » Dublin (See other walking tours in Dublin)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.8 Km or 1.1 Miles
Author: Daniel
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Tower Records
  • The Celtic Whiskey Shop
  • Sheridan’s Cheesemongers
  • Fields Jewelers
  • The Fallon & Byrne Food Hall
  • Arnotts
Tower Records

1) Tower Records

What to buy here: Irish Music.

If you spend any time in Ireland you will soon grow used to the sounds of Irish music. Indeed, local pubs at the weekend are often hubs for lively traditional Irish music. Traditional jigs, reels and folksongs are as much enjoyed as modern pop and rock from bands such as U2 and Westlife. Indeed many current commercial bands are taking inspiration from the folksongs of the past as Thin Lizzy did with their 1972 breakout single ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ – a rock version of a traditional Irish Ballad. Some of Ireland’s best folk bands are from Dublin, such as the Furey Brothers and Luke Kelly, and their CDs are still as relevant today as they were when they were released. In fact, if you find yourself seeing the sights on O’Connell or Talbot Street on the north side of the city, why not take a short stroll to nearby Sheriff Street where you can see where the great Luke Kelly and Boyzone’s Stephen Gately grew up. Tower Records at 6-8 Wicklow Street is a great independent record store where one can buy traditional Irish music for between €4 and €20. It is open from 9am-7pm Monday to Wednesday, 9am-8pm Friday and Saturday, and 11:30am-7:30pm on Sunday.
The Celtic Whiskey Shop

2) The Celtic Whiskey Shop

What to buy here: Whiskey.

While nobody likes a stereotype, the Irish are proud of their local distilleries. Whiskey takes its name from the Irish phrase ‘uisce beatha’ or the water of life. The Scots and the Irish often argue about who makes the best whiskey. With various distilleries to choose from you can make up your own mind, although after a few rounds you may forget exactly what you were trying to find out. There are various different options, with single malt, blended whiskeys, single grain, and pure pot still whiskey all available from Irish distillers. Black Bush Irish Whisky costs around €25 per 700ml bottle, while Bushmill Original Irish Whisky is a few euro cheaper. As the whiskey ages, expect to pay more, for example Jameson 12 year old whiskey costs €35 compared to €24 for a regular bottle. The Celtic Whiskey Shop at 27-28 Dawson Street has a huge selection and very knowledgeable staff. They open their doors from 10:30 to 20:00 Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with late opening to 21:00 on Thursdays and open from 12:30 to 19:00 on Sundays.
Sheridan’s Cheesemongers

3) Sheridan’s Cheesemongers

What to buy here: Irish Cheeses.

The dairy industry is a huge part of Irish agriculture, and it is hard to take a drive through the country without seeing numerous dairy cows lazily chewing their cud in the green fields. Local producers take advantage of the abundance of high-quality milk to create tasty cheeses. Cheese such as Dubliner, Coolee, Gumbeen and Cashel Blue will always be found in a Dublin refrigerator and their unique taste and local craftsmanship make them a must-try. In recent years many Irish dairy farmers have sought to increase their profits by producing their own artisan cheeses, but even the more commercial operations produce delicious cheese varieties. Dubliner Cheddar cheese retails at around €15 a kilo, while Cashel Blue Farmhouse Cheese will run you €3 for 125 grams. Your first stop for Irish cheese has to be Sheridan’s Cheesemongers at 11 South Anne Street. This independent Cheesemongers offers artisan and handmade cheese from Ireland and Europe. They open Monday - Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday 9.30am - 6pm.
Fields Jewelers

4) Fields Jewelers

What to buy here: Irish jewelry.

Gold and silver jewelry was popular with the Celtic ancestors of the modern-day Irish, and their beautiful craftsmanship and elegant designs are often reflected in modern pieces. Traditional Claddagh rings, with a crowned heart cupped by two hands, are an indication of romantic availability – if the heart points away from the body, the wearer is available, but if the ring is worn with the heart pointing inwards then their heart belongs to another. Knots, braids and spirals all work their way into local designs, as does traditional Irish religious imagery such as Celtic crosses. Prices vary according to style, designer and size. A Claddagh ring in sterling silver will set you back €30 while white gold will cost around €300 while gold and silver celtic-inspired pendants range from €30 upwards. Grafton Street, the main shopping street in Dublin has plenty of jewelers, and the side streets are dotted with smaller boutiques. Fields Jewelers at 21 Grafton Street opens Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am to 6pm, Thursday 10am to 8pm. Friday and Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sundays 12pm to 6pm.
The Fallon & Byrne Food Hall

5) The Fallon & Byrne Food Hall

What to buy here: Irish Soda bread.

This traditional Irish bread can be made with white or wholemeal flour, along with buttermilk, a pinch of salt and bicarbonate of soda. Rather than using yeast as a raising agent, soda bread gets its lift from a chemical reaction between bicarbonate of soda and the lactic acid present in the buttermilk. The process results in a dense, nutty bread that goes perfectly with smoked Irish salmon or can be toasted to serve with paté. The locals normally spread it thickly with jam or golden Irish butter for a deliciously simple treat. Irish Soda bread can be bought in whole loaves and pre-sliced forms, and can also be found with dried fruit incorporated into the dough for a more indulgent treat. You shouldn’t expect to pay more than €2 or €3 for a loaf, but once you’ve had a taste of this particularly Irish food you’ll find it difficult to stop at just one. The Fallon & Byrne Food Hall at 11-17 Exchequer Street offers a variety of breads, many of them organic. Open from 8:00 to 21:00 Monday to Wednesday, 8:00 to 21:00 Thursday and Friday, 9:00 to 21:00 Saturdays and 11:00 to 19:00 on Sundays.

6) Arnotts

What to buy here: Newbridge Silverware, based in County Kildare, adjacent to Dublin, started as a cutlery manufacturer. Today they produce jewellery, cutlery and a range of giftware. Many newlyweds will be gifted with a set of Newbridge silver-plated cutlery with which to start their married life, and smaller items such as napkin rings and candleholders are common Christmas and anniversary gifts. Newbridge also crafts pieces of fine jewellery and other gift items. You can get small gifts such as keyrings and keepsakes for around €10, and while an 88 piece set of sterling silver cutlery could run you more than €1,200, smaller gift packs of cutlery can be had for under €80. They offer a range of different collections and designs to suit different budgets, all crafted with skill and care in the heart of Ireland. If you want to stay in the city centre, Newbridge Silverware stockists include Arnotts at 12 Henry Street, operation hours: Monday - Wednesday and Friday - Sunday: 9am - 8pm; Saturday - 9am–8pm; Sunday - 11am–7pm.

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