City Orientation Walk, Krakow

In the course of fifteen centuries Krakow has evolved from a tiny hamlet at the top of the Wawel Hill, overlooking the Vistula River, to one of Europe's culturally richest destinations. One of a kind on the list of the World Heritage Sights, Krakow is a recognized center of the academic, artistic and cultural life of Poland. Take this orientation walk to acquaint yourself with some of the city's most popular tourist attractions.
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City Orientation Walk Map

Guide Name: City Orientation Walk
Guide Location: Poland » Krakow (See other walking tours in Krakow)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 12
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.5 km
Author: ellen
Town Hall Tower

1) Town Hall Tower (must see)

Slanting just about 55 centimeters, the Town Hall Tower stands proudly as Krakow’s own Leaning Tower. This towering Gothic structure measures 70 meters in height and singularly garners the attention of those visiting the Main Square.

This lean structure adorned the city during the late 13th century and has stood ground ever since, enduring tribulations of passing time. The lonely structure that stands today was initially built to accompany a magnificent Town Hall that was brought down for...   view more
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Rynek Główny (Main Square)

2) Rynek Główny (Main Square) (must see)

The Main Market Square, popularly known as the Rynek Główny, is one place everyone is bound to visit in Krakow. Surrounding the Market are some of the city's most prized treasures like the Cloth Hall, St Mary’s Basilica, the Town Hall Tower, along with many others. The buildings surrounding the Market Square display the tireless effort and the appetite for rich architecture that the denizens of Krakow had. Contained by castles, palaces and historical monuments, the Main Market Square is...   view more
Sukiennice (Cloth Hall)

3) Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) (must see)

With its magnificent charm and timeless aura, the Sukiennice welcomes you into its history of luxury, wealth, grandeur and trade. The most happening shopping complex of the medieval era, the Sukiennice was the place where merchants and traders would meet to finalize deals and get the best bargains for the goods in the market. At first sight, the Sukiennice puts time on hold. The opulence and splendor of the building is proof of the glory the city enjoyed in the medieval century.

If you are...   view more
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St. Mary's Basilica

4) St. Mary's Basilica (must see)

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this basilica stands adjacent to the Main Square in Krakow as a beautiful illustration of the merger of different styles of architecture. Together, these styles brew a singular timeless piece of structure that stands as an example for several other churches all over Poland and the world.

The facade of the Church consists of two high raised uneven towers, of which one is constructed in Gothic style while the other has a Renaissance style. The Gothic tower boasts...   view more
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Florianska Street

5) Florianska Street (must see)

There's nothing like strolling the streets of a city to feel its pulse, and if you want to put your finger on Krakow's then take a walk down Florianska. This place gets its name from the famous Florian Gate at the north. Built in the 13th century, the street has managed to garner attention since its inception. Filled with structures that boast of beautiful facades, the Ulica Florianska is the best place to admire the change in styles of architecture of the buildings through the years. ...   view more
St. Florian's Gate Tower

6) St. Florian's Gate Tower (must see)

You sense the history of Krakow when you try to imagine what it must have been like to approach its well-defended brick and mortar walls during medieval times. This tower, first mentioned in 1307, had been built as part of a protective rampart around Kraków after the Tatar attack of 1241 which destroyed most of the city. The permit for the construction of new city defenses featuring stone watchtowers, fortified gates and a moat was issued in 1285. The gate named after St. Florian became the...   view more
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The Barbican (Barbakan)

7) The Barbican (Barbakan) (must see)

The Barbican guards the city of Krakow. This mighty structure is an excellent example of a building that is deeply embedded in the history of the city and displays its lavish architecture. You can learn about Krakow as you walk along the 10 feet thick walls and stroll inside the inner courtyard.

The Barbican was built for purposes of safeguarding the city of Krakow from those who dared to put a bad eye on its security. With a 3 meter thick wall, it was well designed to accommodate 130 crenels...   view more
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St. Casimir's Church

8) St. Casimir's Church (must see)

Standing quaintly in the Old Town District of Krakow is the Church of St. Casimir the Prince. The plain white exterior may not look extraordinary but the church is quite unique in its own right. One of the most mysterious places in Krakow, it gets a number of visitors year-round waiting to steal a peek at the secrets that lie beneath it.

Adjacent to the Franciscan monastery, the church has over the years, managed to garner much curiosity from visitors all over the world. Established in the...   view more
Basilica of St. Francis. Windows of Awe

9) Basilica of St. Francis. Windows of Awe (must see)

The city of Krakow is adorned with some of the most beautiful stained-glass windows in the world. The Basilica of Virgin Mary houses one of the most delicate examples of stained glass windows which attract connoisseurs of the art from far and wide. However, the greatest art piece stands at the entrance of the Basilica of St. Francis on Franciszkanska Street. Titled ‘Become!’ this stained glass window is better known as ‘Our Father’.

The window is a masterpiece not only of this art...   view more
Wawel Royal Castle

10) Wawel Royal Castle (must see)

With the wealth of history and abundance of heritage, the city of Krakow is a haven for admirers of the past. The Wawel is one such place in Krakow where one can get enchanted by the city’s legendary sagas. The Wawel Hill has formed about 150 million years ago and is majorly made up of Jurassic limestone that dates back to the Oxfordian age. The Hill comprises many historically significant buildings that date back to different eras. Surrounded by water and marshes, archaeologists found...   view more
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Ethnographic Museum

11) Ethnographic Museum (must see)

After taking a look at how the elite and rich lived in medieval Krakow, why not sneak a peek at how it was to live like a commoner in the city. The Ethnographic Museum gives its viewers an insight into the lives of the working and peasant class of the 18th and 19th centuries, covering minute aspects like their festivals, day-to-day activities, and clothing. Fast becoming an interesting window into the Polish culture, the museum offers its viewers sights, sounds and tastes of its villages and...   view more
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Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)

12) Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter) (must see)

For many centuries, Kazimierz was a place of coexistence and interpenetration of ethnic Polish and Jewish cultures. Its northeastern part of the district was historic Jewish, whose Jewish inhabitants were forcibly relocated in 1941 by the German occupying forces into the Krakow ghetto just across the river in Podgórze. Today Kazimierz is one of the major tourist attractions of Krakow and an important center of the city's cultural life.

The birth of Kazimierz took place thanks to King...   view more
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Walking Tours in Krakow, Poland

Create Your Own Walk in Krakow

Create Your Own Walk in Krakow

Creating your own self-guided walk in Krakow is easy and fun. Choose the city attractions that you want to see and a walk route map will be created just for you. You can even set your hotel as the start point of the walk.
Krakow Shopping Spots Tour

Krakow Shopping Spots Tour

Krakow is a very attractive place for shopping lovers. It has a lot of specialty shops, malls and charming markets with everything you need. As you wander through the narrow streets of the Old Town, visit some of its splendid boutiques. Antiques lovers will definitely get something interesting for bargain prices in the Street Markets. Check out the most popular shopping spots of Krakow in the next self-guided tour.

Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.2 km
Krakow Old Town District Self-guided Tour

Krakow Old Town District Self-guided Tour

The Old Town is an ideal district for sightseeing as it is free of traffic and you can enjoy a quiet walk and some fresh air. The district has many attractions, including historical buildings and monuments, grand churches and museums. Here you can see Krakow’s oldest architecture. The residents began building the Old Town in the 13th century. At that time it was surrounded by great city walls but today only parts of the walls remain.

Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.7 km
Krakow Acclaimed Museums Walking Tour

Krakow Acclaimed Museums Walking Tour

One of the best ways to learn about Krakow is to visit its numerous museums. You will be charmed by Krakow’s sense of history, culture and tradition. Check the list of museums that are popular among tourists and Krakow's friendly locals in this next self-guided tour.

Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.3 km
Daily Life Walk in Krakow Kazimierz

Daily Life Walk in Krakow Kazimierz

Kazimierz is a farmer Jewish district. It was founded in the 14th century by the King Casimir. It might be called the most charming district in the city. The largest street, Szeroka, has many lovely cafés and restaurants, boutiques and shops. Things are really zipping along here. Learn about the residents of Kazimierz and their daily life routine through the following tour.

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.7 km
Art Galleries Walk in Krakow

Art Galleries Walk in Krakow

Krakow is the cultural capital of Poland. Contemporary art flourishes here. There are many galleries in the city. Krakow is proud of its talented artists whose works have been exhibited in Poland and abroad, winning prestigious international awards. Those who appreciate art will surely find exclusive, interesting works here.

Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.5 km
Krakow Self-guided Tour for Kids

Krakow Self-guided Tour for Kids

Krakow has a lot of attractions and activities for families. Many special Wonderlands, such as Kulkoland or Anikino, will entertain your kids and make them happy. If you want to have a fun and active time with you family, consider visiting the fairy-tale Aqua Park. Some nice cafés offer lovely ambiance with special dishes and playgrounds for your fidgety little ones. And don’t forget to visit some toy shops where they can choose a present to remind them of the trip to Krakow.

Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.3 km