City Orientation Walk, Sochi

City Orientation Walk, Sochi
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The city of Sochi is famous for its beaches, mountains and natural beauty, but there are also many amazing monuments, cathedrals and parks that set the city apart and make it a premier travel destination. Take this tour to visit Sochi's most notable landmarks.

City Orientation Walk Map

Guide Name: City Orientation Walk
Guide Location: Russia » Sochi (See other walking tours in Sochi)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 12
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.7 km
Author: Linda
The Monument of the Archangel Michael

1) The Monument of the Archangel Michael (must see)

The Monument of the Archangel Michael, built in 2006, is a tower with a statue of Archangel Michael, the patron saint of Sochi, at the top. It was created in memory of the soldiers that died during the Caucasian War. The statue is made out of bronze and stands 7 meters tall. The statue rests on a five-meter-high podium of red...   view more
Japan Garden

2) Japan Garden

The Japan Garden, also known as the Garden of Russian-Japanese Friendship, is a great place to go with your children who can learn more about the culture and natural beauty of Russia. Here you will find everything that grows in a traditional Japanese garden. In addition to the many beautiful trees and plants, lanterns and statues are scattered throughout the...   view more
The Square of Art

3) The Square of Art

While in Sochi, enjoy a walk through the square located in front of the Sochi Art Museum. The cozy alleyways that surround the museum are lined with amazing sculptures. To view more art, stop inside the museum, one of the best in the...   view more
Art Museum

4) Art Museum (must see)

Sochi's Art Museum was established in 1976 in the building designed by architect I. V. Zholtovsky in 1936. The Art Museum's collection includes more than 3,000 pieces by Russian and international artists. Paintings, drawings, sculptures and decorative arts, created from the 18th century until today, are all on display. The museum also has a shop where you can purchase art, antiques, jewelry, handicrafts and many other original...   view more
Mayak Waterpark

5) Mayak Waterpark (must see)

Mayak Waterpark opened its doors in mid-July 2000 and has fast become a favorite Sochi vacation attraction. There are rides for all tastes, including ten different waterslides, a children's water playground, a floating pool where you can lounge on an inflatable raft and much more! Also, the complex includes a variety cafes and bars that serve excellent cuisine and provide great...   view more
Archangel Michael Cathedral

6) Archangel Michael Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel is the oldest Orthodox church in Sochi and the entire Black Sea region. Its construction was decreed by Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich of Russia with a view to commemorating the victorious conclusion of the prolonged Caucasian War in 1864. The existing building was designed by Alexander Kaminsky. It was built between 1874 and 1890 with funds provided by Savva Mamontov and Count Felix Felixovich Sumarokov-Elston, among others. The church, long neglected...   view more
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Sea Port

7) Sea Port (must see)

The Sea Port was built in 1955, and the designers of the project were architects K.S. Halabyan and L.B. Karlik. This impressive structure has two main floors and a two-story gallery. At the center of the building is a tower with a spire made of polished stainless steel. Above the three tiers of the tower there are sculptured figures that represent the four seasons and four cardinal directions. In front of the Sea Port is a fountain with the statue of the goddess of the...   view more
Singing Fountains

8) Singing Fountains (must see)

The Singing Fountains are one of Sochi's main attractions. The fountain and light equipment make the water cascades "sing and dance" to the accompanying music. The Fountains special displays occur only at night during the summer, so the color and visual effects can be better appreciated. During the day, however, you can still admire the beautiful...   view more
Komsomol Square

9) Komsomol Square

Take a leisurely stroll in Komsomol Square, the oldest park in the city, where a walking track was recently reconstructed. In the park is the fountain known as Two Anchors, which was designed by sculptor Victor Gluhov. The fountain consists of two original anchors made in the first half of the nineteenth century. They were used on ships that were part of the Russian military...   view more
Riviera Park

10) Riviera Park (must see)

The most popular park in Sochi is Riviera Park, which was founded by well-known businessman V.A. Khludov in 1898. The park has numerous attractions, including a sports center, library, cinema, theater and much more. One of the major draws in the park is the Glade of Friendship, where magnolias planted by well-known political figures and astronauts...   view more
Feat for Life

11) Feat for Life

The memorial complex Feat for Life was established in 1995 near Riviera Park. The monument was created to honor the military and civilian doctors, nurses and local residents that worked to save the lives of the wounded during the Great Patriotic War. During the war, Sochi served as a kind of city-hospital, where injured soldiers were transported to...   view more

12) Oceanarium (must see)

The Oceanarium, located in Riviera Park, is a unique place where you can admire the various marine inhabitants, such as tropical fish from exotic islands, sea urchins and starfish. Here you can see a huge five-meter aquarium, where the coral and rock sea bottom has been recreated. More than a hundred varieties of fish from all over the globe can be found in this tank. It is an unforgettable experience, which will delight both adults and...   view more


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