Cultural Walking Tour of Jerusalem (Self Guided), Jerusalem

Jerusalem is considered holy by the all the three major monotheistic religions in the world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The city is full of history and culture. The following self-guided tour will take you through some of the most visited landmarks in the city.
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Cultural Walking Tour of Jerusalem Map

Guide Name: Cultural Walking Tour of Jerusalem
Guide Location: Israel » Jerusalem (See other walking tours in Jerusalem)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.7 Km or 2.3 Miles
Author: vickyc
Western Wall Tunnel (Kotel)

1) Western Wall Tunnel (Kotel) (must see)

The Western Wall Tunnel is an underground tunnel exposing the Western Wall in its full length. The tunnel is adjacent to the Western Wall and is located under buildings of the Old City of Jerusalem. While the open-air portion of the Western Wall is approximately 60 m long, the majority of its original length is hidden underground. The tunnel exposes a total length of 485 m of the wall, revealing the methods of construction and the various activities in the vicinity of the Temple Mount. The excavations included many archaeological finds along the way, including discoveries from the Herodian period (streets, monumental masonry), sections of a reconstruction of the Western Wall dating to the Umayyad period, and various structures dating to the Ayyubid, Mamluke and Hasmonean periods constructed to support buildings in the vicinity of the Temple Mount.

If you are claustrophobic, stay calm – some areas are narrow but there are alcoves throughout to get some breathing room.
Also, even in winter, it’s hot down there! No need to dress up. But remember to book a tour in advance!
Sight description based on wikipedia
Tower of David

2) Tower of David (must see)

Located in the Old City part of Jerusalem, the Tower of David is an old stronghold that can be found near the Jaffa Gate. It was built to bring a more solid sense of security to what had traditionally been a very unfortified part of the town. It was named as such due to the Byzantine Christians who used to live here. They believed the site was the original location of the palace of King David.

The tower was built during the 2nd Century B.C. Like many structures in the area, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times by the Christians, Muslims, Mamluks, and Ottomans. The archaeological evidence found here dates back almost 3,000 years. This place has also become a very popular location for concerts, music performances, craft shows, and benefits.

A museum was opened here in 1989 by the Jerusalem Foundation. The exhibits depicted a stretch of around 4,000 years of history, which goes all the way back to Canaanite times. You can also go all the way to the top and see a beautiful full-circle view of the city. The location gets about 3.5 millions visits a year.

There is a spectacular/interesting sound-and-light show (45 minutes) at the Citadel later in the evening which is worth viewing – but book early, as it sells out quickly.

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu, Sat: 9am-4pm; Friday, holiday eves and holidays: 9am-2pm
Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral

3) Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral

Trinity church is a Russian Orthodox is a house of worship located in the Russian compound in Jerusalem's center. The sanctuary and chapel was constructed in 1860. It was designed Martin Epinger. He was a very famous Russian born architect. He designed the structure in a way that might remind of Red Square in Moscow. It is still owned and operated by people from Russia. You might also be interested to know that this place is used by immigrants from that country as a king of connecting place.

During World War I, the Turks (Ottoman Empire) made all Christians leave Jerusalem. The church fell into disrepair as a result. In 1948, after the War for Independence was over, this house of prayer resumed its primary function, and is now in Russian control once again.

This house of worship got its start during a time when the Russian Orthodox Church was undergoing growth in the area of Jerusalem. They encouraged waves of pilgrims to make the journey.

Holy Trinity Cathedral is located in the Russian Compound. Other structures in the same general location have long been used as a pilgrim's hotel. In fact the local building that now houses the police was also used for this purpose. The recently restored religious site has beautiful art work, and classic icons to behold all over the building. You need to see the golden doors of the iconostasis. A small gift stand is also on site. Admission to the location is free of charge.
Vision Fine Art Photography Gallery

4) Vision Fine Art Photography Gallery

Vision Fine Art Photography Gallery displays the photos of Neil Folberg and other fine modern photographers. You can contemplate photos of landscapes and bold modern photos. There are also some vintage photos that date back to 19th century.
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 1-7 PM
Time Elevator

5) Time Elevator

The time elevator is a tourist attraction in Jerusalem not to be missed. It takes the visitor on a tour of Jerusalem that covers around 3,000 years. This piece of land has been through so many changes in that span of time. The film and narration help to bring all that into clear focus. It starts with a visit from King David and progress through time until the 6-day war. The destruction of the First and Second Temples, the rise of Christianity and Islam, Roman occupation and the establishment of the State of Israel are all covered.

The seats in the theater are on an axis that allows them to move in synchronization with the film. There is a control for each seat that will eliminate some of the bumps but this is definitely the kind of film that keeps patrons engaged thought earthquakes and invaders. There are stationary seats for the faint of heart and those with motion sickness issues, heart patients and those who are pregnant. Chaim Topol of Fiddler on the Roof fame stars in the 30 minute production and really brings history alive.

The film is presented in Hebrew, but there are headphones available that provide translation in English, German, French, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Italian. Admission to the film is $15.00 for adults.
Great Synagogue

6) Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue of Jerusalem is the hallmark location of the Jewish faith in the city. It was founded in 1982 (15th of Av 5742) as a place of worship, spirituality and religious study. It also serves as an important cultural and social center for the people.

The center was built in memory of the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust of World War II. It also commemorates the lives of the people who fought and died for the defense of Israel.

This house of worship also is a kind of icon that helps the people to remember all that they have been through. It also symbolizes the perseverance and continuity of the country during times of irksome trials and horrid tragedies.

Religious devotees and visitors alike come here to be part of the prayer services, to study Torah, to attend lectures, and participate in other cultural events that are designed to inspire the hope of the country, as well as preserve the traditions of the past.

The Main Synagogue can hold 1300 men and women. It is an almost perfect acoustic building, allowing for beautiful musical sound and pitch. The ornate decoration is also quite something.
Jerusalem Theater

7) Jerusalem Theater

The Jerusalem Theater is a center for the performing arts. It opened to the public for the first time in 1971. The complex consists of “the Sherover Music Hall,” which can hold 950 people. There is also the “Henry Crown,” which also has a Symphony Hall that is used by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. You can also visit the “Rebecca Crown Auditorium.” It has 450 seats. Finally, the “Little Theater” which can hold 110 persons. Various art exhibits are on display everywhere. You can also visit their restaurant for a bite before or after a show. A bookshop is also located on the main level of the complex.

In 1958, the Jerusalem Municipality organized a design competition to decide who would start the project. The Architectural firm of Nadler, Nadler and Bixson won this competition. The project got a real boost, monetarily, from a benefactor from Venezuela. His name was Miles Sherover.

Construction began in 1964, but would not get finished until October 1971. The theater is built of concrete and local stone from the area. The designers used both of these elements in a very artistic way, to really make the place striking. It is located in a square that is often used for concerts and plays. If you are a lover of the arts, then you will want to plan on attending one of the events that are held here, while you are visiting.

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