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Daily Life Walk in Krakow Kazimierz (Self Guided), Krakow

Kazimierz is a farmer Jewish district. It was founded in the 14th century by the King Casimir. It might be called the most charming district in the city. The largest street, Szeroka, has many lovely cafés and restaurants, boutiques and shops. Things are really zipping along here. Learn about the residents of Kazimierz and their daily life routine through the following tour.
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Daily Life Walk in Krakow Kazimierz Map

Guide Name: Daily Life Walk in Krakow Kazimierz
Guide Location: Poland » Krakow (See other walking tours in Krakow)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.7 Km or 1.1 Miles
Author: ellen
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • EL-JOT Theatre
  • Reformed Temple Synagogue (Synagoga Tempel)
  • Alchemia
  • Izaak Synagogue
  • Szeroka Street
  • Portofino
  • Galeria Kazimierz
EL-JOT Theatre

1) EL-JOT Theatre

EL-JOT is a musical theater. It owns a beautiful historic building with fascinating interiors. This venue presents artistic performances reflecting Polish traditions. Everything in the show - choreography, speech, instruments, vocal, stage scenery and costumes - are oriented on Polish folklore. A great place for those who want to learn more about Polish culture.
Reformed Temple Synagogue (Synagoga Tempel)

2) Reformed Temple Synagogue (Synagoga Tempel)

The Reformed Temple Synagogue located in the Kazimierz district is a unique example of the merger of Jewish and Polish cultures. The synagogue built in the late 19th century depicts the grandeur and freedom of the Jewish community before the World War II.

This beautiful building designed by architect Ignacy Hercok, best illustrates the neo-Renaissance or the Moorish Revival style of architecture. The rectangular building with its tall central section is said to have drawn inspiration from Leopoldstädter Tempel in Vienna, Austria. More impressive than the exteriors, the insides of the building can surely take your breath away. Adorned with stained glass windows, exquisite gold leaf that decorate the ceiling and walls, the golden wooden gallery, the interiors of the synagogue are truly impressive. The synagogue is probably among the few which doesn’t segregate the audiences according to their gender and also among the fewer that offer services in Polish, Hebrew and German.

The temple faced its darkest years during the World War II when German troops used the building as an ammunition storage area. The structure suffered a lot of damage during the War and was only restored in 1995. For its architecture or interiors or just simply its place in the history of Krakow, the Synagoga Tempel deserves a visit.
Sight description based on wikipedia

3) Alchemia

To get a feel of the city of Krakow, one need not look any further than the Alchemia, a special bar in the heart of the city’s Jewish town. One of the first bars to be opened in Kazimierz, the Jewish side of the city, the Alchemia is the most treasured pubs in the city. Visited by students, artists, locals and visitors, the pub over the years has created its mark as a destination to best enjoy the night life of the city.

Not only is it visited as a window into the cultural aspects of the Krakovian society, the pub also hosts live concerts, art exhibitions and other social gatherings. With a good selection of moderately priced drinks and sandwiches and pastries on the menu, the Alchemia manages to imprint into its guest a memory of the night life in the city.

With its dark interiors, uneven floor, Gothic lab equipment, antique furniture and other such bizarre decorations, the ambience of the bar is one of a kind. With a huge Bohemian influence, one cannot help but get transported or rather feel like a hippie himself. You will either hate or totally fall in love with Alchemia, any which way, the pub is sure to remain with you your entire life.
Izaak Synagogue

4) Izaak Synagogue

The Izaak Synagogue is one of the most beautiful, noteworthy and morose synagogues in Krakow. Built in the late 16th century, the Synagogue has its reputation of being one of the century’s most beautiful buildings in the Kazimierz district in Krakow. In fact, so magnificent was the building after its construction that Christians in the neighborhood were offended and revolted at the existence of a synagogue bigger than any other building in the region.

The synagogue was designed by two Italians namely Giovanni Battista Trevano and Giovanni Falconi. The entire structure was financed by Izaak Jakubowicz, also known as Izaak the Rich. A banker to King Władysław IV, many tales have been associated with the wealth that was accumulated by the man at that time.

Even though the Synagogue was one of the grandest buildings of its time, over the years it has undergone a great deal of misfortune. With the infiltration of Nazis, the Synagogue’s rich interiors were destroyed and damaged and the building was used as a warehouse. Post the War, matters did not improve and the Synagogue was used as an artist’s studio. The year of 1970 saw a devastating fire that engulfed the structure ruining it beyond repair. However the year of 1983 saw the first effort for its restoration and ever since constant renovation has brought this Synagogue back to life.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Szeroka Street

5) Szeroka Street

Surrounded by old synagogues, mansions and some of Krakow’s oldest buildings, the Szeroka Street is a must visit when you tour the Kazimierz. More of a square than a street, the Szeroka was once a village of Bawół, which was incorporated into Kazimierz after the town centre was formed in 1340. Some of its buildings date back to the early 14th and 15th century whose edifices still tell tales of their respective eras.

Buildings that must not be missed here are the two very old synagogues, the Old, established in the late 15 and early 16th century and the Remuh, which also has a cemetery attached to it.

On the northern side of the Szeroka stands a ritual basin which receives its water from a spring. Called the Mikveh, it exists since the late 16th century although the structure underwent several reconstructions over the years. A walk around the Street will surely add to the number of interesting places that this place has to offer.

A rather recent addition to the place has been the string of cafes and restaurants in the area. Sticking to Jewish traditions, it is a great place to sit and experience the authentic Jewish way of dining and grabbing some delicious knick knacks.

6) Portofino

Portofino is a lovely place for a good rest with your lover or friends. The restaurant serves local and European cuisines. The spacious, stylish interior and adjacent garden are very inviting and relaxing. Parking available right in front of the restaurant.
Galeria Kazimierz

7) Galeria Kazimierz

With a massive 38,150 square meters of uninterrupted shopping experience, the Galaria Kazimierz is the most stylish shopping center one can come across in Poland. Inaugurated in 2005, the shopping mall is a whole new side of Krakow’s city life one can encounter.

Located in the old Jewish neighbourhood of Kazimierz, the building is a merger of old industrial complex and stylish modern interiors that brings a new zest to the structure. Set aside a day to indulge into all the latest and hippest brands there are, right from H&M, Zara to Cubus and House, the Galeria has it all. Not only does it house international brands you can also find local stores and friendly staff where you can pick stuff as keep sakes or gifts for your loved ones.

And if you are tired with all the walking around and shopping, you can treat yourself to some scrumptious meal or some hot knick knack in the food court. If you still have time to spare, why not catch a movie in the cinema screens that are well equipped to give you a movie experience of a life time (and don’t worry movies are played in their original language).

The Galeria Kazimierz is one place you can shop, eat and spend the whole day without knowing how time has flown by.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm; Sunday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.

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