Delhi Shopping Tour (Self Guided), Delhi

Delhi is a very important trading centers with plenty of bazaars and shops selling all kinds of things. Carpets, jewelry, saris, beautiful handicrafts, cloth and shoes at good prices are sold all over the place. Traditional goods are available here too: spices, saris, ceramics, accessories, bags, dresses for women manufactured from silks. Take the following tour to enjoy shopping at the following attractions.
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Delhi Shopping Tour Map

Guide Name: Delhi Shopping Tour
Guide Location: India » Delhi (See other walking tours in Delhi)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 5
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.6 Km or 2.9 Miles
Author: victoria
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Palika Bazaar
  • Connaught Place
  • Chawri Bazzar
  • Gadodia Market
  • Sadar Bazaar Area
Palika Bazaar

1) Palika Bazaar

Palika bazaar is an underground market where you can find around 390 shops selling a wide range of items including garments, foot wear, accessories and electronic goods. This bazaar is located between the inner and outer circle of the popular Connaught Place in Delhi. An estimated 15,000 people visit this bazaar at any given time. It attracts locals and foreign tourists alike. Vendors here sell illegal products too such as stolen goods, pornography, pirated CDs and software and fake designer products. Regular raids are conducted by the police to recover stolen and pirated goods. However, it seems to be impossible to put an end to these illegal activities.

You can bargain as much as you can at Palika Bazaar to get fantastic deals on your purchases. This is the best place for shopping in summer as the bazaar is air conditioned. You will certainly get a respite from the scorching heat of the summer months as you shop for your favorite things. You can find a lot of eateries inside the market area serving typical Indian snacks. Take a break from shopping to enjoy delicious and tantalizingly spicy food. If you are new to the place, it is recommended to take the help of a local to navigate through this market.
Connaught Place

2) Connaught Place (must see)

The business center of New Delhi, this ring (some would say maze) of concentric roads, shops, offices and restaurants is one of the tonier parts of the city center, and home to some of its best shopping and dining, along with quite a few overpriced tourist hotels. Located several hundred meters south of New Delhi train station, Connaught Place remains one of the finest places in the city to people-watch, though no one would argue that the park at its center isn’t looking a bit shabby these days. It’s also the best site in the city for book shopping, either in ersatz copies sold directly from the pavement or from any of the numerous fine bookstores.

Start with the outer circle for fast food and restaurants, middle circle for banks and ATMs and the inner circle for shopping.
Never listen to anyone who comes to you to give 'advice' – just be polite and firm and tell them to stop following you.
Chawri Bazzar

3) Chawri Bazzar

Chawri bazaar is situated near Jama Masjid, Delhi. It is a specialized market where you can find products made of copper, brass and paper on sale. Founded in 1840, the market was once a meeting place of dancing girls and courtesans. Today, Chawri bazaar is one of the busiest places in Delhi, where walkers and vehicles fight for a passage during peak hours. You can buy idols of Lord Vishnu, Buddha and many others made of brass and copper here.

A part of Chawri bazaar is dedicated to wedding cards. The bazaar has more than 500 card shops. It is the largest Mandi of wedding cards and paper in Asia. You can find an array of cards, ranging from 2 to 80 rupees or more here. Attractive cards are available in almost all colors ranging from the traditional white to the gorgeous purples and maroons. From September to April, the market is extremely busy as this is the wedding season in India.

Chawri Bazaar is a wholesale market. However you can purchase on retail certain items such as oil lamps, vases, jewel boxes and pots made of copper and brass. The market is open on all days except Sunday. You can spend a few enjoyable hours at this market browsing through the attractive wares sold here.
Gadodia Market

4) Gadodia Market

Located to the south of the famous Khari Baoli Street in Old Delhi, Gadodia market is full of stores selling spice. It is one of the largest spice markets in Asia. You can gain access to this market through a covered walkway. The market was constructed by Lakshmi Narayan Gadodia, a rich merchant in the 1920s.

The stores in Gadodia market use huge old fashioned weighing scales. The market is crowded with traders from Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states, as well as shoppers looking for great bargains. The laborers load and unload sacks of spices. The place is extremely busy during peak market hours, making it almost impossible to get through to. Do not miss a visit to Gadodia Market on your trip to Delhi. Enjoy shopping for items such as ginger, saffron, lotus seeds, dry fruits, nuts, reetha nuts, turmeric, edible silver paper used to wrap sweets, pickles and chutneys. You can visit this market on any day except Sunday between 11.30 AM and 6.00 PM.

Constant activity and busy atmosphere in Gadodia market offers visitors a unique experience. The air is filled with a strong smell of mixed spices. From here, you can also enjoy a spectacular view of Delhi.
Sadar Bazaar Area

5) Sadar Bazaar Area

Sadar Bazaar, situated to the west of Khari Baoli, is the biggest wholesale market for household products in Delhi. Though it is a wholesale market, you can buy items in small quantities, too. The market is crowded with retailers, sellers and shoppers. Sadar bazaar was initially a small market, which catered to the needs of people in nearby areas. It went on to become one of the main bazaars in the capital city over time. Nowadays, this market offers quality household items at cheaper prices.

Sadar Bazaar is conveniently located near railway station. It played a significant role in the freedom struggle movement, and served as the hiding place for many freedom fighters. It was an important center of political development in Delhi.

Today, the market deals with different types of goods, including imitation jewelry, stationery and toys. The price of household products available for sale here is much lower than what is sold at other malls and shopping centers in Delhi.

You can take a break from shopping and enjoy delicious Indian food and sweet varieties at the food stalls. It is a good place to buy local delicacies that are fried in pure ghee. The bazaar is open on all days except Sunday. You can visit the market between 11.30 AM and 6.00 PM to experience the very essence of Delhi.

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