Dover's Historical Churches Tour, Dover

Dover's Historical Churches Tour (Self Guided), Dover

Dover is a beautiful city with interesting attractions and nice people. There are many places of worship that you can visit and admire. These places offer a great chance to see and understand the different periods and the cultural and architectural influences of those times. This tour offers a great possibility to visit the city’s most famous churches.
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Dover's Historical Churches Tour Map

Guide Name: Dover's Historical Churches Tour
Guide Location: England » Dover (See other walking tours in Dover)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.5 Km or 3.4 Miles
Author: jenny
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Unitarian Church
  • St Mary's Church
  • St Mary in Castro
  • St Paul's Church
  • St Edmunds Chapel
  • Charlton Church
  • The Beacon Church
  • Church of St Andrew
Unitarian Church

1) Unitarian Church

Unitarian Church was founded in 1820 and is one of the churches whose fathers had different opinions about bible teachings (and for that they were persecuted). Many of these fathers were punished and kept in prison at Dover Castle. There are services held all year and they include traditional prayer and meditation, music, poetry, slide shows and requests. The church organizes activities for children and mature people such as art work, garden parties and different games that have as their main goal to attract people to church and to make them think about their spiritual life, both in this life and in the afterlife.
St Mary's Church

2) St Mary's Church (must see)

St. Mary the Virgin Church represents the main and most impressive church of the town. It is said that the Saxons established this church and then Normans and Victorians continued to add some elements to it. The church was closed during the life of King Henry VIII but reopened in 1544. In the nineteenth century it was rebuilt and enlarged, giving it a new image. Some arches and towers were rebuilt using stone and giving them a modern, more fashionable look. The parish has a nice choir that sings religious songs at every church service. It also has a youth club where children are taught how to pray and how to glorify God.
St Mary in Castro

3) St Mary in Castro (must see)

St Mary in Castro, or St Mary de Castro, is a church in the grounds of Dover Castle, Kent. It is a heavily restored Saxon structure, built next to a Roman lighthouse which became the church bell-tower. St Mary serves the local population and the army, and is the church of the Dover Garrison.

The 28 feet high arches at the east and west ends of the crossing appear to be original, and their west faces are outlined by strip work of projecting tiles. A tall round-headed, stone-faced doorway (now blocked and with not much left of its original stripwork outline, but with its typically Saxon alternating horizontal and vertical slabs) gave access to the nave from the south. Unusual double splayed round-headed windows pierce the nave's north and south walls, and Scott (who found them during his restoration) suggested there were another pair near the west end of the nave's side walls. He saw this pair of windows, and putlog holes in the walls for supporting timbers, as evidence for a west gallery, for which space needed to be left between that pair of windows and the west wall.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
St Paul's Church

4) St Paul's Church

St Paul’s Church is a Roman Catholic Church that dates back to 1868. It was damaged during the Second World War and subsequently restored several times. At the time, it required some new elements of restoration that added to the services. Today it is a beautiful church that holds services and transmits God's wishes. It attracts a person through its simplicity and peacefulness and brings internal peace.
St Edmunds Chapel

5) St Edmunds Chapel

St Edmund's Chapel is a church in Dover dedicated to St Edmund. It was completed in 1262 as a wayside chapel or chapel of rest for the cemetery for the poor beside the Maison Dieu, just outside the enclosed part of the medieval town, a short distance above Biggin Gate, and for pilgrims setting off for Thomas Becket's shrine at Canterbury Cathedral. This cemetery had been established by the monks of Dover Priory.

The building is about 28 feet in length, by 14 feet broad with walls of rubble masonry two feet thick, with Caen stone quoins and dressings. It was first consecrated on Refreshment Sunday 30 March 1253 by Bishop Richard of Chichester, who preached his last sermon on that occasion, saying that he had always longed before his last day to "consecrate one church at least in honour of Blessed Edmund." Next morning during Mass, he fell to the ground, and was carried to bed in the Maison Dieu, where he died on 3 April. His internal organs were then removed in this chapel in preparation for the journey to Chichester Cathedral, where he wished to be buried, and placed in the chapel altar. Because of this and its dedication, it became a place of pilgrimage in its own right.
Sight description based on Wikipedia.
Charlton Church

6) Charlton Church

Charlton Church was initially a small church whose early references were found in a manuscript referring to St. P. Charlton. In the nineteenth century, a new church was built, one that was bigger than that with the same name. A stone in the altar reminds us of the previous church that was destroyed. The new church appeared in 1893. During the Second World War, it was seriously destroyed because of a nave that split the walls. The church underwent serious repairs after that, supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1952.
The Beacon Church

7) The Beacon Church

The Beacon Church is a new church that was built in 2003. It unified a congregation of three churches, namely The Methodist churches at London Road and Tower Hamlets and St. Columba United Reformed Church. There are services held together and people of all these confessions come here and join the groups. The church has two ministers - Rev. Bruce Allinson OCC and Rev. Jim McKnight, who organize services and all other activities. Many other new activities and projects are planned in order to assemble people of these confessions.
Church of St Andrew

8) Church of St Andrew

Church of St Andrew is a Saxon church that was enlarged in the 19th century. Considered too small, some parts of the church were extended. In the 14th century, a sanctuary and a chapel of St. Thomas were added. The church dates back to 1180 and has an old and mystic image. In the 19th century serious repairs were made, especially on the west part of the building. In the courtyard there were 100 year-old trees, planted there in order to enlarge the church and to give it a new image. This church was mentioned in the Domesday Book.

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