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Downtown Calgary, Part 2 (Self Guided), Calgary

Let's continue our walk in downtown Calgary. Awaiting you here are such major attractions as Chinatown with its unique Cultural Center and the alluring Prince's Island Park. If you are interested in shopping, look for the Dragon Mall and Eau Clair Market. Enjoy this walking tour as it takes you to the Western part of downtown.
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Downtown Calgary, Part 2 Map

Guide Name: Downtown Calgary, Part 2
Guide Location: Canada » Calgary (See other walking tours in Calgary)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.6 Km or 2.2 Miles
Author: AnnaO
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Chinese Cultural Centre
  • Prince's Island Park
  • Eau Claire Market
  • Wallace Galleries
  • Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Mewata Armouries
  • Millennium Park
Chinese Cultural Centre

1) Chinese Cultural Centre (must see)

In the early eighties, a plan was put in place to redevelop the Chinatown Area after intense negotiations with the City of Calgary. After completion of this process, the Chinese Cultural Center came into existence.

The goal was to construct a cultural center that will aid with the development of the fast disintegrating Chinese community in Canada. This center today serves as a motivation to infuse life and help the Chinese community to expertly integrate with the mainstream society. All ethnic groups can access the activities and amenities offered at this center.

Construction of the Chinese Cultural Center started in 1991 and was completed in 1992 at a cost of $10 million. This unique project was made possible through support from the City, Provincial and Federal government and enthusiastic and generous volunteers and donors.

This cultural center reflects the Canadian spirit of multiculturalism by fostering cultural exchange between West and East and by promoting active integration of the Chinese community into the Canadian society.

A grand opening ceremony in September 1992 marked the beginning of a long stretch of enthusiastic community activities. This center has been the focus of various activities and offers a highly motivating and stimulating atmosphere for fostering talent through cultural activities. Do not miss a visit to the Chinese Cultural Center on your trip to Calgary.
Prince's Island Park

2) Prince's Island Park (must see)

A visit to any city is incomplete without an enjoyable evening at its most popular park. Prince’s Island Park is one of the most famous parks in Calgary frequented by thousands of tourists and locals every day. This park is the ideal place for relaxing and watching a wide variety of tourists and locals enjoying themselves.

Catch some Vitamin D on hot summers at this 20 hectare park even as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere around. Prince’s Island Park is situated behind Eau Clair Market. The park is not just a hub of activity in summers. In winters, the pathways are filled with enthusiastic people enjoying whizzing around in roller blades and cross country skiing. You will find romance in the air at the quiet, charming River Café.

On your visit to Prince’s Island Park, do not miss the experience of watching the geese in the wetland. Gaze for hours at the amazing natural surroundings that include a lagoon, water fountains and flower gardens. During summers, paddle along the sparkling river.

During summers, you will find the park filled with frantic activities as it is a host to various summer festivals and events. Learn how the wetland serves as an important support for the habitat, wild life and water quality by taking a stroll along the environmental learning pathway.

This enchanting park is definitely the highlight of Calgary and tourists flock here from around the world to enjoy the serene ambience.
Eau Claire Market

3) Eau Claire Market

One of the popular markets namely the Eau Claire Market is located to the north of downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You will find Bow River to the north of the market and 4th Avenue to its south. This market is extremely popular among tourists who come here to enjoy browsing through shops, urban parkland, public plaza, hotels, restaurants and riverside condominiums. You will also find Calgary’s Festival District at Eau Claire Market.

This market was created in an industrial land that was reclaimed. Prince Island’s Park lies to the north of the market and is very popular for hosting various summer festivals such as the Shakespeare in the Park and Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Eau Claire Market is strategically located along the Bow River pathway well connected to the huge pedestrian trails and pathways network. This market derived its name from the sawmill from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This transplanted sawmill was one of the original industries in Calgary that predominantly employed Norwegian workers.

Enter this unique and interesting market and you will find a variety of galleries, shops, food courts and movie theatre. Shop to your heart’s content here and enjoy delicious food at the eateries. Include Eau Claire Market in your Calgary trip itinerary.
Wallace Galleries

4) Wallace Galleries (must see)

For those who are fond of contemporary art Wallace Galleries should become the main place to visit in Calgary. Visitors will have chance to admire a variety of painters, printmakers, ceramicists and sculptors who represent the most talented and outstanding artists of the XXI century. The gallery is located on the main floor of the grandiose Chevron Plaza and is open Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm.
Trinity Lutheran Church

5) Trinity Lutheran Church

Any travel itinerary includes important ancient religious establishments in the city. These are places where tourists get a deep feel of the intrinsic culture and essence of the city. Your visit to Calgary, Alberta, Canada is incomplete without a visit to the historic Trinity Lutheran Church.

Constructed in 1899 and located in Eau Claire area, this church has been serving communities here for over hundred years. This charming little church located at a street corner takes you right back to those ancient times to give you a glimpse of its rich history.

Norwegians who settled in Northwest Territories took the initiative to construct the Trinity Lutheran Church in Calgary. They were predominantly workers at the Bow River Lumber Company. Before the construction of the basement structure, services were held by ministers in private homes. It was only in 1924 that the building was completed and dedicated.

Services were conducted in English from 1937. In 1941, the church was ordained with a new anglicized name Trinity Lutheran. It was changed to the present Historic Trinity Lutheran in 1996. This church holds the distinction of being one of the last buildings remaining in Eau Claire District in its original form. Enjoy a visit to this beautiful, charming church on your trip to Calgary.
Mewata Armouries

6) Mewata Armouries

Calgary is home to the reserve armoury of Canadian Forces. Also known as Mewata Armouries, this armoury is housed in a building that was constructed between 1915 and 1918. Designed by architect T.W. Fuller, it was built at a cost of Canadian $282,051.

This armoury is home to King’s Own Calgary Regiment, Calgary Highlights and other local militia units. A unique feature of the building housing the Mewata Armouries is its red brick structure with a cut stone foundation and the sandstone finish.

You will find a span of steel trusses in the large drill hall. Another storey was added to the building a few years after it was constructed in Gothic Revival/Tudor style.

Mewata Armouries resembles a medieval castle or fortress. You will be impressed by the small six sided towers and the four majestic corner towers. Do not miss out the crenellated roofline and buttresses with turrets.

Originally the armoury featured 117 rooms with a large drill hall at the center. At the basement there were 30 yard shooting ranges and bowling alleys apart from sergeants and officers’ billiard rooms. Today, the barracks serve as storage space.

Mewata Armouries is commonly associated with Calgary Militia units even though it has served Lord Strathcona’s Horse Permanent Force Squadron. Units that have been based at Mewata over the years include King’s Own Calgary Regiment, 19th Alberta Dragoons, South Alberta Light Horse, 746 Communications Squadron and the Calgary Highlanders.
Millennium Park

7) Millennium Park

One of the largest outdoor parks in North America, Millennium Park is located in 1220 9 Ave. S.W, downtown Calgary. This skate park is open 24 hours and is spread over 75,000 square feet area.

The park is frequented by tourists and locals and has a variety of amenities and features. Here you will find an enchanting waterfall, amphitheatre and stage, clock tower, landmark building, basketball courts and laser lights.

People come here with their families to enjoy hours of exciting fun. Also known as Shaw Millennium Park, this park was established in 2000. The huge skateable surface sets the right atmosphere for avid and passionate skaters.

Millennium Park was designated to be a family activity park and is a special venue for over 35,000 annual visitors. Mewata stadium used to be at the location where we find the park today. It is close to other prominent tourist attractions such as Telus World of Science and Mewata Armouries.

Maintained by Calgary Recreation Department and sponsored by Shaw Communications, Millennium Park is vibrant with activities through the year. You will find a street course with flat bars, ledges, trannies and stairs. The intermediate course features the banks and rail downstairs. If you are an advanced skater, you can opt for the advanced course with street course, cloverleaf bowl and a large fullpipe. Be sure to visit the Millennium Park on your trip to Calgary.

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