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Dubai Children Entertainment Walk (Self Guided), Dubai

Dubai is a very popular tourist destination, where you can find attractions and wonders for all tastes and ages. It is also a city where the whole family can have fun together. There are thrilling places that are meant especially for children. Here is a walk that children will enjoy.
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Dubai Children Entertainment Walk Map

Guide Name: Dubai Children Entertainment Walk
Guide Location: United Arab Emirates » Dubai (See other walking tours in Dubai)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.5 Km or 2.2 Miles
Author: alice
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Dubai Children's City
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Jumeirah Al Khor
  • Encounter Zone
  • Wonderland
  • Al Boom Tourist Village
Dubai Children's City

1) Dubai Children's City

If you are visiting Dubai with your children, you’ll want to give them a treat after they have faithfully followed you from skyscraper to souk and a great place to take them is to the Children’s City, situated in Creekside Park.

This theme park offers an entertainment package for the whole family. It is the 1st educational city in the United Arab Emirates and welcomes children from 2 to 15 years of age. It is also a favorite destination for school groups on day trips and everyone will learn interesting and exciting things here.

There is a theatre where movies are shown or live performances which are short shows based around the park’s main themes of Nature, space, the human body and international culture. There are also hands-on workshops to further explain these concepts, where children will also learn that education can be fun.

You will also find a computer and communications gallery, a great souvenir shop, prayer rooms and areas for babies and disabled children. For the tots there are pools, sand-pits and building bricks to keep them amused for hours. The centre has a large library with books in both Arab and English and a café where you can enjoy a snack or a longer meal.
Dubai Dolphinarium

2) Dubai Dolphinarium (must see)

A great way to spend an afternoon in Dubai is at the Dubai Dolphinarium, which you will find in Creekside Park on the Bur Dubai side of the Creek.

Described as an “Edutainment Marine Adventure”, the dolphinarium has found a happy balance between education and family entertainment, where adults and children can learn facts about dolphins, seals and other forms of marine life while enjoying a wonderful show.

The dolphins and seals are well-trained and seem to be as happy to provide entertainment as the crowd is to watch them. At the end of each show, three people are chosen at random from the public to swim with the dolphins in the large pool. This costs a little extra.

If you really want to swim with the dolphins, you can book a private session, either on your own or in a group of six others. This is open to everyone, except children under 5 years old. Of course, you must be able to swim!

If you don’t want to go into the water with these beautiful creatures, you can have your photo taken with them by the centre’s professional photographer. There is a great gift shop where you will find funny toys called “grow toys”. You put these into the water and they’ll “hatch” and grow before your eyes.

There are other educational toys, baseball caps, towels and t-shirts that you can have personalized while you are watching the show or having a meal in the restaurant. The food is very good and you have a choice between an Oriental and a European menu.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 9am-7:30pm
Jumeirah Al Khor

3) Jumeirah Al Khor (must see)

Jumeirah Al Khor is a beautiful structure of two towers: Jumeirah Creekside Park Residence and Jumeirah Creekside Park Hotel. One of them is a residential building while the other is a hotel. The residential building, at 560 feet, is taller. The Jumeirah Creekside Park Hotel is 460 feet high. The towers are a fascinating sight.
Encounter Zone

4) Encounter Zone

The Wafi City Shopping Centre really offers something for all the family, so if your kids haven’t complained about visiting all the shops here, it is because they are waiting for you to take them to the Encounter Zone on the 3rd floor!

This great theme park opened in 2001 and holds attractions for kids of all ages. It is the only indoor park incorporated in a shopping mall in the Middle East. It is separated into two different “worlds” named Galactica and Lunarland.

In Galactica you will work your way through a Crystal Maze before confronting the spine-chilling Chamber of Horrors. For extra thrills you can ride a virtual roller-coaster that is more terrifying than the real thing! There is a video game arcade, a roller-blade arena and a paint-ball “city” where you put on protective jackets before “shooting” your enemies.

Lunarland is a haven for younger children: there is a soft-play area featuring flying spaceships, sand-pits and an arts-and-crafts corner, where they can model clay bowls to take home with them. Parents can join in the activities or they can leave their children in the care of the Zone’s highly-trained staff while they enjoy a drink in the adjoining bar.

Entry to the Encounter Zone is free, but like a funfair, you pay for individual rides and activities. The park is closed on Fridays.

5) Wonderland (must see)


Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up, and we can all relate to that; here in Dubai you can become Peter Pan and let your dreams fly away in Wonderland, one of the best theme parks in the world. Located near Creekside Park, it opened in 1996 and it comprises over 18 hectares of indoor and outdoor activities dedicated to amusing everyone from 7 to 70 years old.

The place is a wonderful mixture of a traditional funfair, with its skill games where you can win a prize on the dart stand, the coconut shy or bowling alley, and a futuristic park with its Action Ride Theatre, a 4D simulator that will take you through various alien landscapes including water and wind effects that really make you think that you are on another planet!

The “Fort Fun” section of the park will keep the little ones happy for hours: this reproduction of a Caribbean fort has climbing frames, slides, swings and trampolines which will turn your kids into pirates and heroes in the blink of an eye!

There is a great theatre that features 3D films where you take part in the show: smell the monsters’ breath and watch creepy-crawlies climb up your leg!

Outside you can enjoy the swimming pools with their water-slides, rides and activity pools. If you don’t want to get wet, there are camel rides, carousels, go-karts, bumper-cars, remote-control boats, and roller-coasters.

Every Wednesday is Ladies Day – open exclusively for women; Thursday is Family Day. The rest of the week, the park is open to everyone.

Opening Hours:
Daily: 9am-10pm
Al Boom Tourist Village

6) Al Boom Tourist Village

There is nothing quite like the Al Boom Tourist Village near Creekside Park, so you must be sure not to miss this unique experience.

The village is a recreation of Bedouin tents, with an amusement park, banquet halls, restaurants, a coffee shop, an ornamental lake and a small marina with several cruise boats, waiting to take you on a short trip around the creek and the lake. The village opened in 1991 as a very simple tourist attraction and it has grown over the years due to the increasing number of visitors. It is also a popular venue for weddings and receptions.

On your arrival at the village you will be invited to take part in a traditional Bedouin coffee ceremony, which is a mark of respect between host and invitee. You can go round the village on a camel or on horse-back. There are workshops where you can watch a typical bread-making lesson and learn about the traditions linked to henna-painting. During the day there are fantastic falcon shows to watch.

The restaurants offer an extensive menu of Arabic and Lebanese food and fresh sea food. Some of the restaurants are on board the dhows, so you can enjoy a good meal while slowly floating around the lake. All in all it’s a wonderful day out for all the family.

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