Duomo Souvenir Shopping, Florence

Duomo Souvenir Shopping, Florence
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It would be a pity to leave Florence without having explored its specialty shops and bringing home something truly original. We've compiled a list of gifts and souvenirs, which are unique to Florence, that a visitor might like to purchase to reflect their visit.

Duomo Souvenir Shopping Map

Guide Name: Duomo Souvenir Shopping
Guide Location: Italy » Florence (See other walking tours in Florence)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 12
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.4 km
Author: Daniel
Il Papiro

1) Il Papiro

What to buy here: Florentine Paper.

Italy’s famous for its artisanal ancient jobs, some of which are hardly fighting against automation in order to preserve their uniqueness and accurate manufacture. Amongst these, “mastri cartai” are especially well-known in Florence and their special capability consists of making paper. Florentine paper is in fact amongst the most precious and original papers in Italy, with special mixtures, coatings and decorations, used for every special occasion or...   view more
La Botteghina

2) La Botteghina

What to buy here: Florentine Pottery.

There’s a small town near Florence called Montelupo, boasting a tradition in the production of pieces of pottery that dates back to the Middle Ages. Handmade reproductions of robbiane (Renaissance-style glazed terracotta) from Florence are wonderful presents providing a touch of Italian artistic charm that you can find at La Botteghina (Via Guelfa, 5/R). This very small shop collects plates, jars, pots, bowls, carafes and other lead-free and...   view more
Stefano Conti’s stand

3) Stefano Conti’s stand

What to buy here: Florentine Olive Oil.

Considered an Italian gastronomic excellence, Tuscan olive oil is a gift not to be missed when visiting Florence. Try and see. Reach Stefano Conti’s stand in San Lorenzo Market (Via Signa, 300), where you can taste a number of styles of olive oil in a number of price ranges: you’ll certainly find one to buy! Stefano Conti’s products are wholesome and every season the oil proposed changes, depending on the olives harvest : inland cultivations...   view more
Passamaneria Toscana

4) Passamaneria Toscana

What to buy here: Passamaneria Toscana Furnishings.

Specializing in brocade textiles in classical Florentine style, this one-of-a-kind shop is heavily laden with tassels, pillowcases, trimmings, bed covers, wall hangings, table runners and other original luxury items manufactured with this elaborate raised design. Generally made of silk, woven with gold and silver threads or ornamented with raised flowers and foliage, the Florentine brocade also has the typical Florentine Lily as a...   view more
Ceramiche Ricceri

5) Ceramiche Ricceri

What to buy here: Decorative Plates.

Since the fifties, Ceramiche Ricceri has been a name directly connected to the art of creating handmade pottery, especially wonderful pots and plates depicting Florentine Renaissance art, dating back to the 16th century. Representing Florentine artistic tradition and taste, the company has continuously been applying research to creativity, always looking for humidity and shock-resistant materials. Holders, lamp bases, jugs, umbrella stands and centerpieces...   view more
Bottega Panerai

6) Bottega Panerai

What to buy here: Officine Panerai Watches.

Swiss are known for their precision, but when it comes to design, Italians are unbeatable. Projected and designed according to the Italian design tradition with Swiss technology, Panerai wristwatches are simply perfect. They have been referred to as "art in motion", a definitely apt quotation, as they’re known for their precision, quality and the luxury they literally radiate, which makes them unique. Panerai’s precious lines are the...   view more

7) Allegri

What to buy here: Allegri Raincoats.

Be stylish even in bad weather conditions, thanks to Allegri’s most elegant Italian raincoats. This Florentine brand is synonymous with quality and original trends and combines elegance with a high level of technical content. Their hi-tech fabrics are in fact the latest result of the research into and experimentation on new waterproof materials they have been carrying on for years, putting technology at the service of fashion, which together with their...   view more

8) Madova

What to buy here: Madova leather gloves.

The clothes you wear reveal details about your personality, accessories give hints on your character, but gloves certainly talk about your style. Madova’s leather gloves are synonymous with elegance. Style, quality and craftsmanship distinguish this very well known Florentine gloves brand all over the world. These gloves are made of kidskin, lambskin, nubuck calf leather, lined in cashmere, silk, rabbit, lamb or merino sheep wool, or unlined and come...   view more
Ponte Vecchio

9) Ponte Vecchio

What to buy here: Artisan jewelry.

Fine Italian handcrafted gold jewelry is with no doubt amongst the most exclusive and sought-after articles purchased on trips to the Tuscan capital. Gold in Italy (and most of Europe) is 18 K, versus 10 to 14 K you find elsewhere, which justifies a relatively higher price for these lifetime souvenirs. High quality and one of a kind items are especially sold in the most famous gold district in town: Ponte Vecchio, literally the oldest bridge over the Arno...   view more

10) Frizzoni

What to buy here: Florentine Leather Gifts.

In Florence leather manufacture has a centuries long tradition and at Frizzoni’s leather is still tanned the old Florentine way, putting wet leather on special wooden molds, removing them once leather is dried out, then manually coloring it and treating it with pure bees wax. Many original items are manufactured as special gifts at Frizzoni’s: from caskets to frames, from pillboxes to jewelry cases. Leather pillboxes, coming in different shapes,...   view more
Alé Viola

11) Alé Viola

What to buy here: Fiorentina Football Club Merchandising.

Florentine people are very fond of their city and traditions amongst which Fiorentina football club holds a privileged position, therefore, when in Florence don’t forget to buy Fiorentina’s merchandising to show the affection you feel for the club and wear something “purple” to demonstrate you perfectly got into the Florentine spirit. To afford the original T-shirt of one of Fiorentina’s football players you’ll need 60 to...   view more

12) GABS

What to buy here: GABS Leather Variable-shape Bags.

GABS means color, transformation, versatility and lots of fun. Suppose you need a bag for your daily shopping, but would very much like to take it with you at a romantic dinner. Thanks to these variable-shape Florentine bags which can be both big enough to contain the items you buy during the day and become smaller to take them with you to the restaurant, size is not a problem anymore. But GABS is not only synonymous with practicality....   view more


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