Family Entertainment Self-Guided Tour, Savannah

Family Entertainment Self-Guided Tour, Savannah
You can follow this self-guided walking tour to explore the attractions listed below. How it works: download the iOS app "Savannah Map and Walks" on iTunes App Store or the Android app "Savannah Map and Walks" on Google Play. The app turns your mobile device into a personal tour guide and its built-in GPS navigation functions guide you from one tour stop to next. The app works offline so no data plan is needed when traveling abroad.

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If you are looking for a nice walking tour for your entire family, there are many interesting places for a family to visit in Savannah. Together you can visit the perfect mixture of beautiful parks, historic monuments, galleries and other interesting and informative places. And, of course, the tour includes a couple of nice surprises for your children!

Family Entertainment Self-Guided Tour Map

Guide Name: Family Entertainment Self-Guided Tour
Guide Location: USA » Savannah (See other walking tours in Savannah)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.4 km
Author: hollyg
Massie Heritage Center

1) Massie Heritage Center (must see)

Massie Heritage Center is Savannah's oldest school, and longest-lived. Ten years before Savannah obtained Georgia's first charter for public education, Massie Heritage Center operated as a free school for the poor. It was built on a corner of Calhoun Square, and all of the buildings on the square have been named historic structures. Money for the school came from Peter Massie, a Scotsman who lived in Savannah for a time. He bequeathed $5,000 to the city of Savannah for the education of...   view more
Jepson Center for the Arts

2) Jepson Center for the Arts

Jepson Center for the Arts is one of three buildings that comprise the Telfair Museum of Art. This building marked the first expansion of the Telfair's nearly one hundred and twenty year history, and added more than 50% more exhibition and education space to the complex.

The Center for the Arts is housed in an ultramodern building designed by Moshe Safide. Initially, critics were skeptical about how well the new center would fit in with the surrounding buildings. The Telfair Academy of...   view more
River Street Sweets

3) River Street Sweets

River Street Sweets is probably the best candy and sweets store in all of Georgia. There is so much candy to choose from that you can easily get lost in the rows. Sweets's baked goods and ice creams are also all extremely tasty, so save room to try some!

Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00 am – 11:00...   view more
Leopold's Ice Cream

4) Leopold's Ice Cream

Peter Leopold, founder of Leopold's Ice Cream, developed the most delicious ice cream recipes as early as 1919. His signature flavor Tutti-Frutti was known for its unforgettable taste all over the United States! Today the store receives a great deal of attention due to its great ice cream making traditions and for its building designed by Dan Lomino, the famous Academy Award nominee. Don't miss the chance to enjoy as many flavors of Leopold's original ice cream as you can!

...   view more
Emmet Park

5) Emmet Park

Emmet Park is named for orator and patriot Robert Emmet, and is located in Savannah's celebrated historic district. It used to be known as Irish Green due to its proximity to Irish residents in Savannah's Old Fort area, but was renamed for Emmet in 1902 to commemorate the centennial of his passing. Emmet was a hero to Savannah's people of Irish descent, for his role in leading a Dublin uprising for Irish independence and subsequently being executed for treason.

The park is...   view more
The Waving Girl Monument

6) The Waving Girl Monument (must see)

Savannah's Waving Girl has been the source of legend for ages. She would stand by the sea, waving her kerchief to sailors sailing past her home on the Savannah River. Most of her admirers never knew her real name, Florence Martus, and called her the Waving Girl.

Martus waved hello and goodbye to the ships passing by her home from 1886 to 1931. Nobody knew why she did it, but conjecture was rampant - one of the favorite myths about the Waving Girl is that she'd fallen in love with a...   view more


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