Famous Downtown Indianapolis High-Rises, Indianapolis (Self Guided)

Indianapolis contains many high-rises concentrated around Monument Circle, the historic center of the city. Symbols of Indianapolis’ impetuous development, their names are often part of their addresses. In the following guide, admire the city’s best and most celebrated high-rise buildings.
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Famous Downtown Indianapolis High-Rises Map

Guide Name: Famous Downtown Indianapolis High-Rises
Guide Location: USA » Indianapolis (See other walking tours in Indianapolis)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 10
Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.6 km
Author: Sandra
Market Tower

1) Market Tower

Market Tower is a skyscraper located at the corner of Illinois and Market streets in Indianapolis. The tower was completed in 1988 and it has 32 floors, making it the fourth-tallest building in the city. It is unknown whether the 8 spires at the top of the tower are included in the building height, which is 421 feet (128 m). Market Tower is the tallest concrete reinforced tower in the state of Indiana. It is primarily used for office space.

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101 West Ohio

2) 101 West Ohio

101 West Ohio is a 22-story, 262,954 square foot high-rise. Standing 110 meters and built in 1987, this remarkable building was raised in roughly eight months. Floors six through twenty-two are overhanging stories. This landmark serves as an office building with first class facilities.
One America Tower

3) One America Tower

One America Tower is a 38-story building at 200 North Illinois Street in downtown Indianapolis. It is used by various companies for offices. The building opened in 1982 and is made of Indiana Limestone. From 1982 to 1990, the One America Tower was the tallest building in the state of Indiana. The One America Tower is the 2nd tallest building in Indianapolis behind only the Chase Tower.

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Capital Center South Tower

4) Capital Center South Tower

The Capital Center South Tower is a 22-story, 95 meter building complex built in 1987. Designed in a postmodern style, the tower’s angular planned structure covers 350,000 square feet. Made of glass and light gray granite, its glazed atrium is an architectural peculiarity that provides natural lighting to its offices.
300 North Meridian

5) 300 North Meridian

300 North Meridian, just two blocks from Monument Circle, contains upscale office spaces. This elegant structure built in 1989 is a 27-story postmodern skyscraper, like many of its neighboring high-rises. It is made of concrete and finished in red granite from South Dakota.
AT&T Indiana Headquarters

6) AT&T Indiana Headquarters

AT&T Building is a high rise in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was opened in 1932 and is 22 stories tall. It is primarily used for office space and is the headquarters for AT&T in Indiana. The AT&T Building is connected with the AT&T 220 Building, which is located just to the south. The building has been expanded and has achieved its present form only after a few iterations. The headquarters building previously at this site, completed in 1907, was moved in 1930 to make way for the new construction.

Over a 34-day period, the 11,000-ton building was shifted 52 feet south, rotated 90 degrees, and then shifted again 100 feet west. Amazingly, this was done without interrupting customer's telephone service or telephone business operations. The new headquarters was completed in 1932, and was 7 stories tall. It was later expanded in the 1940s and 1960s to bring it to its current size and height. (The original building was demolished in 1963.)

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Chase Tower

7) Chase Tower

Opened in 1990 near Monument Circle in Indianapolis, the Chase Tower is the tallest building in Indianapolis. The building's twin spires pierce 830 feet (253 meters) into the Indianapolis skyline, while the 48 floors of office and retail space below peak at the 700 feet (214 m) roof. It is the headquarters for Chase's (formerly Bank One's) Indiana operations.

While the building has two spires of equal height, only one of them is actually functional as a transmission antenna. The other mast is merely an architectural decoration. The Chase Tower is the 45th tallest building in the United States and 193rdtallest in the world. The tower's step pyramidal cap reflects the design of the Indiana War Memorial, three blocks due north. The War Memorial, in turn, reflects the descriptions of the original Mausoleum. Because of the height of this building, its roof was specifically designed to house communications relay equipment, in order to provide additional revenue to the building's owners.

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M&I Plaza

8) M&I Plaza

M&I Plaza, established in 1988, is a 31-story, 122 meter building covering nearly 700,000 square feet of space. Made of concrete and steel, it contains mostly commercial offices. Its exterior is made of glass and polished red and blue granite. This reflective surface gives a visual depth to the building’s outer walls.
One Indiana Square Tower

9) One Indiana Square Tower

One Indiana Square is a 36-story building at 211 North Pennsylvania Street in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. It is used by various companies for offices. The building opened in 1970 as the headquarters of Indiana National Bank. The building now serves as the Indiana headquarters for Regions Financial Corporation. The building also carries the Regions name and logo. The building went through an exterior make over after being damaged by tornado-strength winds on April 2, 2006. It was also previously damaged in 1978, 1980, and 1990.

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Marion County Courthouse

10) Marion County Courthouse

The Marion County Courthouse was the city’s tallest high-rise when it was built in 1962. This 28-story cubical international style building, is 113 meters with two lower wings measuring 30 meters. It contains government offices, and has an observation deck on the top floor reachable by a special elevator.

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Tips for Exploring City on Foot at Your Own Pace

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Taking Care of Your Feet

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Travel Gadgets for Your Mobile Device

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