Historical Churches (Self Guided), Rimini

Rimini's rich cultural and historic heritage includes numerous churches, most of them dating back to the middle ages. Each of the city's religious buildings has a unique appearance and a story to tell. You are certain to be impressed with the amazing paintings, frescoes, stuccoes and sculptures found inside. Take this self-guided tour to visit Rimini's most fascinating religious buildings.
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Historical Churches Map

Guide Name: Historical Churches
Guide Location: Italy » Rimini (See other walking tours in Rimini)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.5 Km or 1.6 Miles
Author: Dara
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Chiesa del Suffragio
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria in Corte
  • Chiesa di Sant'Agostino e San Giovanni Evangelista
  • Chiesa dei Paolotti
  • Chiesa di San Bernardino
  • Chiesa di Santa Chiara
  • Chiesa dei Santi Bartolomeo e Marino
  • Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
Chiesa del Suffragio

1) Chiesa del Suffragio

The Church of S. Francesco Saverio, situated on the west side of Piazza Ferrari, is one of the most beautiful 17th century churches in Rimini. It was built by Jesuits in 1712 with the help of architect G. Br Buonamici. The nave and the transept of the church are richly decorated with stuccoes, marble ornaments and gold gilding. The Jesuit College that once belonged to the Church of S. Francesco now serves as the City Museum of Rimini.
Chiesa di Santa Maria in Corte

2) Chiesa di Santa Maria in Corte

The Church of Santa Maria in Corte, also known as the Dei Servi Church, was built in the early 14th century on the order of the Malatesta family. Since then it has been extended and renovated in 1777 according to the plans by architect Gaetano Stegani of Bologna. The fascinating sculpted interiors of the church were brought into being with the help of sculptor Antonio Trentanove. Inside you can also see some interesting frescoes by Giotto's students.
Chiesa di Sant'Agostino e San Giovanni Evangelista

3) Chiesa di Sant'Agostino e San Giovanni Evangelista

Built in the mid-thirteenth century by the Hermits of St. Augustine, the Church of Sant'Agostino is one of the most important churches of the city for the art treasures it contains. The church with its Romanic-Gothic apse and bell tower was renewed on the interior in the XVIIth century. It was decorated in Baroque style with the help of painters Ferdinando Bibiena and Vittorio Bigari. Inside you can also see eight statues by Carlo Sarti and important frescoes by unknown painters attributed to Rimini's thirteenth-century school.
Chiesa dei Paolotti

4) Chiesa dei Paolotti

In the historical center of Rimini, on the eastern side of Piazza Tre Martiti, there stands the Church of San Francesco da Paola or dei Paolotti Church. It was restored in the 1960s on the ruins of a Baroque church destroyed during World War II. The interiors are decorated with frescoes by Achille Funi and his students. In front of the Church there is a small octagonal temple – the Sanctuary of S. Antonio di Padova, built in 1518. It is dedicated to the “Miracle of the Mule” that took place on Tre Martiri Square during the intercession of Sant’Antonio da Padova.
Chiesa di San Bernardino

5) Chiesa di San Bernardino

The Church of San Benardino was built in Baroque style in 1759 according to the project by Giovanni Francesco Buonamici. One of the best-preserved pieces of eighteenth-century architecture, it is easily recognizable by its facade built of diamond shaped bricks. The niches on the front facade house two statues of saints Bernardino and Giacomo – the work of sculptor Charles Sarti. The interior of the church is decorated with Baroque sculptured details, stuccoes and fine paintings by Donato Creti.
Chiesa di Santa Chiara

6) Chiesa di Santa Chiara

The Sanctuary of Madonna della Misericordia is located in the the Church of Santa Chiara, and nested on a narrow street near Augustus's Arch. This ancient church was rebuilt in the 19th century in a Neoclassical style. It is famous for the painting of Virgin Mary which is hanging over the altar. In 1850 a miracle took place here, when the eyes of Maria Annunziata on the painting moved several times. In the middle of the facade there is a Latin inscription that recalls this wonder. The Church also features frescoes and paintings by local artists A. Viviani and A. Sarzetti.
Chiesa dei Santi Bartolomeo e Marino

7) Chiesa dei Santi Bartolomeo e Marino

Located in the historical center of Rimini, the Church of S. Bartolomeo and S. Marino contains some intriguing works of art by Giorgio Picchi, which represent the life of Saint Marino and others. According to the legend, St. Marino was a sculptor and craftsman who came from Dalmazia and founded the Republic of Titan. Marino stayed in Rimini for twelve years, during which he devoted himself to manual work, especially to building city walls. Inside the church you can also see a very well-preserved wooden choir from the fifteenth century. The church is also known as the Santa Rita Church, due to one of the saints that it venerates.
Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

8) Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

The Church of San Giovanni Battista is located on Via 20 Settembre, just a few steps from Augustus's Arch. It is one of the oldest and the most important churches in Rimini in its size and number of works of art that it features. The current complex was built on the ruins of the ancient basilica of S. Stefano, dating from the 5th century. Up until July 1797 the church belonged to the Carmelites, under whom the building was reconstructed and renovated according to the project of Gaetano Cupioli. The interior has a single nave and is a perfect example of the Baroque style. It features remarkable paintings and stuccoes by local and Italian artists.

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