Ibiza's Historical Churches Tour (Self Guided), Ibiza

The town of Ibiza has many Catholic churches, since the national religion of Spain is Roman Catholicism. Other religions have their own places of worship as well. Ibiza churches hold masses every day. Everyone is welcome to visit during the masses. Don’t forget about the dress code specifically for churches. Discover the beauty of Ibiza's churches by following this guide.
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Ibiza's Historical Churches Tour Map

Guide Name: Ibiza's Historical Churches Tour
Guide Location: Spain » Ibiza (See other walking tours in Ibiza)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.2 Km or 2 Miles
Author: rose
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Iglesia del Convento de San Vicente y San Jaime
  • Catedral de Santa María de Ibiza
  • Sant Ciriac Chapel
  • Església de Santa Maria de Gràcia
  • Iglesia de Santa Cruz
  • Yousef Ibn Tachafin Mosque
  • Iglesia de la Madre de Dios del Rosario
Iglesia del Convento de San Vicente y San Jaime

1) Iglesia del Convento de San Vicente y San Jaime

The Iglesia del Convento de San Vicente y San Jaime is nestled in the Old Town of Ibiza at Dalt Vila. The church forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site inside the old city walls and is a must see on any visit to the island. Established in 1592 as a convent church, it was not granted public church status to the San Pedro Apostol Parish until 1929. Inside the church there are several chapels that can be visited and which provide a glimpse of the “old Ibiza”. The architecture of the church is an excellent example of the blending of Moorish and Christian influences on the island. Within the church there is rich iconic artwork and many statues and grottoes featuring sumptuous gold leaf.

Several of the chapels feature impressive frescoes adorned with religious artworks. The highlights of a visit to the church are the chapels of Madre de Dios del Rosario, Immaculate Conception and San Antonio. Each of the chapels has a distinctive style featuring architecture from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The church is dedicated to Santo Cristo del Cementario, and the site of the previous convent cemetery is where the Town Hall now stands. The church can be visited every day, except Mondays
Catedral de Santa María de Ibiza

2) Catedral de Santa María de Ibiza (must see)

The Catedral de Santa Maria de Ibiza is one of the island’s chief landmarks having stood at the top the “old town” of Ibiza since the 13th century. Once you step inside the walls of the Dalt Vila historical quarter, your eyes are instantly drawn to the imposing fortified walls of the church. The cathedral’s impressive stature is no mistake: following the Catalan Conquest in 1235, where the Christian conquistadors ousted the Moorish from “Yebisah” a grand cathedral was commissioned for the town. It is said that the church was built upon the site of a former Moorish mosque, which was common practice in colonial Spain in order to merge local beliefs with the Spanish royal family’s Christian faith.

The Gothic style tower and chapel are part of the original construction and the interior of the church was redone in the Baroque style in the 18th century. The ancient Monstrance made of silver and gold and dating from 1399 is the cathedral’s most treasured artifact. The eye-catching Madonna, known as Nostra Senyora de las Neus, is another key feature of the cathedral. Inside the cathedral there is a Diocesan Museum where you can learn more about the church’s historical influence in Ibiza; admission is free.
Sant Ciriac Chapel

3) Sant Ciriac Chapel

Sant Ciriac Chapel is indelibly linked to the history of Ibiza where it is believed that it played a key role in the island’s history. The chapel is thought to have been built on the exact site where the Catalans entered the city in 1235 in order to conquer the ruling Moorish. It is said that the Christian Catalans were easily able to defeat the two Moorish kings who ruled the island as the brothers were locked in a feud over one having stolen the other’s favorite wife.

Following the construction of the chapel in 1754 it was dedicated to the town’s patron saint, Ciriac. Sant Ciriac has been the patron saint of Ibiza since 1650, and his feast day falls on August 8th - the same day that the Catalans felled the Moorish. The tunnel entrance to the chapel emulates the arrival of the Catalan Christian conquistadors. The little barred chapel features a roughly hewn arch under the statue of Sant Ciriac, where it is said that the invaders passed. Throwing a coin through the arch is said to bring you good luck. The chapel itself is small, but its historical significance makes it an important site to visit on Ibiza.
Església de Santa Maria de Gràcia

4) Església de Santa Maria de Gràcia

The Església de Santa Maria de Gràcia, also known as Església de l’Hospitalet, stands on the site of a former medieval hospital known as the Hospital of Arrabal. Documents dating back to 1410 mention the hospital and its chapel dedicated to Mary Full of Grace on the site. The hospital and chapel were funded by Universitat, which was an autonomous local government in medieval Ibiza. At the end of the 17th century, following the abolition of the Universitat Government, the hospital was closed and the Bishop of Tarragon, Josep Mora, ordered a grand church to be built. The church was completed in 1708 and it features a barrel vault nave inside and a whitewashed exterior with a rose window.

There are different exhibitions that are held inside throughout the year. Exhibitions are often related to modern art from Ibiza as the church is now part of the art museums acquisitions. The Església de Santa Maria de Gràcia is located within the Dalt Vila historical quarter and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Iglesia de Santa Cruz

5) Iglesia de Santa Cruz

Iglesia de Santa Cruz’s constriction began in 1948. This neo-Romanic church is one of the largest on the island. A large statue of Christ was added during restoration in later years. You are welcome to come for a prayer anytime. Masses are held daily.
Yousef Ibn Tachafin Mosque

6) Yousef Ibn Tachafin Mosque

Yousef Ibn Tachafin Mosque is a Islamic place of worship the town of Ibiza. This beautiful mosque, named after Yousef Ibn Tachafin, offers religious facilities for those who follow the Muslim culture and traditions. It is a great spot to reflect and meditate.
Iglesia de la Madre de Dios del Rosario

7) Iglesia de la Madre de Dios del Rosario

The Iglesia de la Madre de Dios del Rosario is a newcomer to Ibiza Town constructed between 1991 and 1992 and designed by architect Josep Antoni Zornoza Tur. The style of the church stays true to classic Ibiza church design, featuring a single nave and crisp whitewashed exterior walls. Originally it was planned that the church would be dedicated to Sant Ciriac, Ibiza’s leading patron saint. However, it was dedicated to both Sant Ciriac and Madre de Dios del Rosario whose feast day falls on August 5th, just three days before Sant Ciriac’s, leading to grand celebrations on those days in Ibiza.

The church is located on one of the town’s major avenues, Ignacio Wallis, and it stands next to Ibiza town’s main post office. The church features an important statue of Sant Ciriac, which had previously been held in storage by the diocese. There are no official visiting times, but you are welcome to attend mass. Masses are held Monday through Friday at 7pm, Saturdays at 8pm and on Sundays at 11am and 8pm. Attending mass is a great way to get an authentic taste of life on Ibiza and get to know the locals. It may be possible to visit the church at other times by inquiring within.

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