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Indre By Souvenir Shops (Self Guided), Copenhagen

It would be a pity to leave Copenhagen without having explored its specialty shops and bringing home something truly original. We've compiled a list of gifts and souvenirs, which are unique to Copenhagen, that can be bought in shops around the Indre By (inner city).
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Indre By Souvenir Shops Map

Guide Name: Indre By Souvenir Shops
Guide Location: Denmark » Copenhagen (See other walking tours in Copenhagen)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 10
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.5 Km or 0.9 Miles
Author: Daniel
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • House of Amber
  • Magasin department store
  • Copenhagen Souvenir Shop
  • Ole Lynggard Copenhagen
  • Hay House
  • Royal Copenhagen
  • Georg Jensen
  • Stilleben
  • Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen
  • LEGO
House of Amber

1) House of Amber

What to buy here: amber jewelry.

Selecting amber for jewelry production is a skill that requires technical knowledge and experience. House of Amber has 78 years of it, and Copenhagen Amber Museum, located in the same old historic building in Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s New Harbor, guarantees the quality of each piece of jewelry. Prices usually start at $60 for a small amber stone and go up to $1,000’s according to the piece of jewelry. “Designed by nature - Refined by us” is the motto of the House of Amber in Copenhagen. Despite the modern designs, many young Copenhageners believe amber jewelry to be old-fashioned. And in a way they are right. The history of it began 20 – 50 million years ago, when resin from large prehistoric pine trees was swept into the ocean, and the fluid became what we today know as amber or “Nordic gold”. It is one of the first materials used by man for making jewelry. The first discovery of amber jewelry dates back to 10,000 BC.

Operation hours: Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 8 pm.
Magasin department store

2) Magasin department store

What to buy here: BeckSöndergaard accessories.

Accessorize your outfit with a colorful eel skin bag or purse by Danish designers BeckSöndergaard. The bags and purses are extremely popular and have for many Copenhageners become the very trademark of BeckSöndergaard. The eel skin purses cost $60. Bags are a little more expensive, but affordable. The eel skin derives from Alaskan deep sea eels, which are eaten. Thus the skin is a bi-product. Eel skin leather is very soft and strong at the same time and has unique bites and scratches. Also it is meant to bring you good luck. Besides from the bags and purses BeckSöndergaard designs other types of accessories, like scarfs for instance. Organic cotton is a growing part of the collections and is certified with GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard, which looks at production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, exportation, importation and distribution. Danish designers Lis Beck and Anna Søndergaard are the creative forces behind the design company BeckSöndergaard and known for their love of eel skin leather, bright colors and Scandinavian simplicity.

Operation hours: Monday – Sunday: 10 am – 8 pm
Copenhagen Souvenir Shop

3) Copenhagen Souvenir Shop

What to buy here: a Little Mermaid statue. A statue of The Little Mermaid sits in the harbor of Copenhagen. It is for many synonymous with Copenhagen and thus a miniature statue or figurine is a popular gift or souvenir to take home from a visit in the Danish capital. You will find many different kinds, made of plastic or porcelain. In Copenhagen Souvenir Shop you can find a nice bronze-colored one made of plastic, which costs $22, or one made of porcelain, which costs $46. The original statue was donated to the City of Copenhagen by brewer Carl Jacobsen - son of the founder of Carlsberg beer. Its creator sculptor Edvard Eriksen was inspired by the fairytale of The Little Mermaid by Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen, and then used a ballerina and his wife Eline Eriksen as models.

Business hours: Sunday- Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm; Friday - Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm.
Ole Lynggard Copenhagen

4) Ole Lynggard Copenhagen

What to buy here: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Jewelry. If you are looking for something very traditional and Danish, but at the same time contemporary, a fine example is Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s Lotus Nostalgia collection of rings and pendants. Goldsmith Charlotte Lynggaard honors the traditions of Scandinavian amber craftsmanship in a whole new way. It is simply nostalgia with a modern twist, in the same piece of jewelry. The prices range from $290 – 17,230. The Lotus ring with diamonds costs $5,130. Despite the elegant and luxurious design, Ole and especially Charlotte Lynggaard believe that jewelry should be worn on a glamorous night out as well as in everyday life. Their designs are often inspired by Scandinavian nature and landscapes and are classical, yet timeless. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen was established in 1963 by Danish goldsmith Ole Lynggaard. The family business includes his daughter and fellow goldsmith Charlotte Lynggaard. Father and daughter are famous trendsetters in Denmark when it comes to jewelry design and have a reputation as a luxury brand designed for royalty and modeled by Danish celebrities like Lene Nystrøm from band AQUA and lately Danish super model Helena Christensen. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has supplied the royal Danish family with jewelry for 40 years, and in 2008 the business was proudly appointed as Purveyor to The Royal Danish Court.

Operation hours: Monday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm; Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm
Hay House

5) Hay House

What to buy here: Hay toys and accessories. At Hay the toy collection does not consist of regular plastic toys. The toys are wooden quality toys, like play shapes, a dumper truck, a flute, cutting circles, and shape makers, inspired by the 1950’s and 1960’s, which will surely make you nostalgic. You can also find knitted teddy bears, knitted cupcakes and doughnuts, owl purses for a little girl, wooden colt and rifle for a little boy as well as a little backpack and finger puppets. And why not invest in a curiosity box to keep it all in while you are at it? Prices range from $15-145.Hay is one of modern times most successful Danish design companies if you are counting international appeal. Hay first saw the day of light as late as in 2002. Its goal was and still is to offer its customers innovative Danish design classics, mainly furniture, but also smaller interior designer accessories and toys, as they were made in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but with a contemporary twist, updated to the time of today. The collection includes cushions, quilts, bedcovers, rugs, hangers, cups, storage boxes etc. There is a Hay House flagship store with furniture in Copenhagen, and a smaller Hay CPH store with some furniture, rugs, textiles and toys not far from there.
Royal Copenhagen

6) Royal Copenhagen

What to buy here: Royal Copenhagen dinnerware. If you can bring only one item home from your trip to Copenhagen, bring a piece of Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted Mega dinnerware. The original Blue Fluted design dates back to 1775. But about a decade ago a young artist named Karen Kjældgaard-Larsen had the courage to twist and modernize the old classic into a new one, simply by enlarging the flowers. The design is now a bestseller. The dinnerware collectives cost from $45-675. The cup and saucer on the photo come at the price of $130. The design also comes in black and is of course called Black Fluted Mega. You will find it in the Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store, where the most famous dinnerware is Flora Danica, dating back to the 1700s, where it was a gift from royalty to royalty. The collection is one of the most prestigious in the world and costs a fortune. The cheapest item, a plate, costs no less than $ 1,065! The porcelain collection was presented to Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary as a wedding gift in 2004. Royal Copenhagen designs are some of the best examples of history and tradition keeping up with modern times.
Georg Jensen

7) Georg Jensen

What to buy here: designer jewelry. One of the most famous and popular Danish jewelry designs is the Georg Jensen Daisy collection. From the flower’s origins as a national icon during World War 2, the first Daisy was created to commemorate the birth of the present Danish Queen Margrethe 2, who was born 16 April 1940. Ever since then it has been associated with the Danish royal family and the Queen herself of course. Nowadays the Daisy collection comes in various shapes, colors and styles, and most girls and women in Denmark own a little piece of this beautiful and elegant jewelry collection. The collection comes in various and affordable price ranges from $180-1,620. Georg Jensen was established in 1904 by silver smith and sculptor Georg Jensen. The man himself died in 1935, but left a legacy of some of the finest Scandinavian designs when it comes to gold, silver and platinum jewelry, cutlery, watches and home articles. Today the brand Georg Jensen is synonymous with unique design, excellent craftsmanship and quality.

Operation hours: Monday - Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm.

8) Stilleben

What to buy here: Kähler ceramics. Kähler is famous for classic design and excellent craftsmanship, and the Omaggio collection, which includes ceramic bowls and vases, is no different. The Omaggio ceramic vases are a new interpretation by designers Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, both graduates of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, who own the small designer shop Stilleben in Copenhagen. Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft have interpreted Kähler’s classic raw stripes into a new modern shape with soft brush strokes. The vases, which are widely popular, come in many sizes and colors, fit for any home. Price range is $25-365. The Danish ceramic design business Kähler has been in existence since 1839. During the more than 170 years it has presented the world with a strong tradition of ceramic craftsmanship and design by famous artists such as Svend Hammershøi, Thorkild Bindesbøll, Louise Campbell and Cecilie Manz. Kähler’s own flagship store is located in the Danish city of Aarhus.

Business hours: Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pm; Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm.
Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen

9) Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen

What to buy here: Designer Knitwear.

Knitwear is an ongoing element in a lot of Danish fashion collections. And like so many other branches in Copenhagen, the fashion industry likes to mix old and new. Home to Copenhagen Fashion Week twice a year, the Danish capital has bred a lot of Danish fashion designers. Clothing designers like Mads Nørgaard, Denmark’s rebel designer Henrik Vibskov, as well as Malene Birger and Vigga Svensson have earned an international reputation. Each designer has his or her unique trademark and style, but in general fashion on the streets of Copenhagen tends to be a little bohemian and rock and roll chic during the day, while classic and elegant at night.

Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen has men’s, women’s and children’s clothing collections and build the collections around the core of fashionable classics. In 2008 Mads Nørgaard also presented a 100% organic underwear line for men.

The demand for organic clothing is growing rapidly in Copenhagen and elsewhere, and designers like Vigga Svensson, the woman behind the Katvig children’s clothes, is a forerunner in this field. She has managed to produce fashionable clothes while protecting the environment. The children’s clothes are made of recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester, made out of plastic bottles, thus protecting nature, the people making the clothes and the kids wearing it. Even the transport and packaging is environmentally friendly.

Denmark’s leading fashion lady Malene Birger designs in her own words “affordable luxury”. Her women’s collection is elegant and gives an artistic spin on modern classics.

Denmark’s fashion rebel Henrik Vibskov is more than just a designer. He is also an artist and musician – known for bringing it all together in his fashion shows. His style is fun, alternative and controversial. His collections include men’s, women’s and also children’s wear. Since 2003 he has been the only Scandinavian designer on the official show schedule of the Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

10) LEGO

What to buy here: LEGO toys. Who has not at some point played with LEGO toy building bricks as a child? The popular Danish plastic toy was introduced in 1947 by founder Ole Kirk Christiansen. The name LEGO comes from the Danish words leg godt, meaning play well. The original toy building bricks were just the start. Later, in 1969, came Duplo building bricks, a series of simple blocks twice as big as the original and aimed at young children. LEGO also produces plastic figures, merchandise and themed sets often with a macho theme, like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Toy Story, Batman, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Spider Man and so on. LEGO has a massive following and subculture of movies, games, magazines, clothing line and of course theme parks. The original LEGOLAND is located in the town of Billund in Denmark. LEGO toys come in many variations from only $5. In Copenhagen you can enter the world of LEGO in the brand new flagship store.

Operation hours: Monday – Thursday & Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm; Friday: 10 am – 7 pm; Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

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