Izmir Religious Sights, Izmir

Izmir Religious Sights, Izmir
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Izmir has a phenomenal history of 3500 years full of events, people and culture. However, quite possibly the greatest historical sights in the city are found in the famous mosques. Most of these mosques are old and especially beautiful as architectural structures. Thus, while in Izmir you should take some time out of your schedule to visit these sacred religious structures.

Izmir Religious Sights Map

Guide Name: Izmir Religious Sights
Guide Location: Turkey » Izmir (See other walking tours in Izmir)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.6 km
Author: alice
Hisar Mosque

1) Hisar Mosque (must see)

Hisar Mosque is truly a magnificent sight and for good reason. Hisar is believed to be the oldest and biggest mosque in Izmir. The gorgeous structure was built by Yakup Bey in 1592 and has been renovated several times since. The mosque features a central dome, amazing ornaments and decorations as well as a very beautiful courtyard with several domes surrounding it. All in all, Hisar shares the classical features of an Ottoman...   view more
Şadırvan Camisi

2) Şadırvan Camisi

Şadırvan Camisi is a very beautiful mosque that was built in 1636 (and later renovated in 1815). The structure is finished in stone, and also includes an amazing central dome, fantastic decorations and marble pulpit. The mosque was also built in a classical ottoman style. In 1906. Şadırvan Camisi’s dome was the biggest in the...   view more
Kestanepazarı Camii

3) Kestanepazarı Camii

Kestanepazarı Camii was built in the 17th century. It is made of stone, offers two levels and also features a beautiful main dome. Kestanepazarı mosque also has a beautiful decorated interior and a round minaret with a single...   view more
Başdurak Camii

4) Başdurak Camii

Başdurak Camii was built by Hacı Hüseyin in the 17th century. It is a very beautiful structure, located in Kemeraltı. The religious structure is composed of stone and includes some amazing floral decorations (both interior and exterior). Make sure you also admire the beautiful mosaics and marble pulpit. Başdurak Camii is the oldest mosque within the inner harbor and also provides a...   view more
Kemeraltı Camii

5) Kemeraltı Camii

Kemeraltı Camii is another very beautiful structure located within Kameralti Market. It was built in the 18th century and constructed with stone. The actually building is incredibly beautiful, with fantastic interior design, domes, stone pulpit as well as a round minaret with...   view more
Konak (Yalı) Camisi

6) Konak (Yalı) Camisi

Konak (Yalı) Camisi is located in Konak Square. The religious structure was built in the 18th century by Ayse Hanim – the pasha’s daughter. Architecturally, Konak (Yalı) Camisi is a very beautiful octagonal structure composed in a classical ottoman style of stone and bricks. Konak also features some amazing ornaments inside as well as outside, a single dome and a minaret. It is located near Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower), a very popular local...   view more
Ali Ağa Camisi

7) Ali Ağa Camisi

Ali Ağa Camisi is yet another religious sight with a very beautiful and interesting composition. The center was built in 1672 by Gediz Ali Agha. Ali Ağa Camisi is square in shape and offers a single dome as well as a beautiful minaret made of...   view more
Salepçioğlu Camii

8) Salepçioğlu Camii

Salepçioğlu Camii was built in 1906. It's primary feature is a square prayer hall covered with a dome decorated in pen work. Inside, Salepçioğlu Camii also features brilliant ornaments made in red, green and brown. The marble pulpit is decorated with geometric patterns. Outside it is decorated with marble and green...   view more
İki Çeşmelik Camisi

9) İki Çeşmelik Camisi

İki Çeşmelik Camisi is believed to be from the 19th century and features four columns and piers with a beautiful dome in the interior. The pulpit of İki Çeşmelik Camisi is made of wood. The minaret of the mosque has a single balcony and is made of...   view more


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