Kanazawa Walking Tour (Self Guided), Yokohama

Kanazawa is a district in the southernmost part of Yokohama. Founded in 1948, it has several must-see attractions, such as Sea Paradise, a museum, temples and very beautiful parks. Follow this guide to find your way to Kanazawa's most popular sites.
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Kanazawa Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Kanazawa Walking Tour
Guide Location: Japan » Yokohama (See other walking tours in Yokohama)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.1 Km or 3.8 Miles
Author: vickyc
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
  • Umi-no-Koen Park and Beach
  • Shomyoji Temple
  • Kanazawa Bunko Museum
  • Seto Syugetsu
  • Kanazawa-Hakkei Station
  • Nojima Koen Park-Island
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

1) Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise (must see)

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a new-generation amusement park, one of the most popular in Asia. Sea Paradise is a complex of sea attractions, which include the biggest aquarium in Japan - Aqua Museum, exhilarating amusement rides and the Blue Fall. There are specialty shops and restaurants in a very beautiful natural setting.
Umi-no-Koen Park and Beach

2) Umi-no-Koen Park and Beach

Umi-no-Koen translates as "seaside park" and is a very popular spot in Yokohama with very beautiful beach and crystal-clear sea. There are many cheap restaurants and cafes in the park. You may get to see people from all parts of the globe there.
Shomyoji Temple

3) Shomyoji Temple

Shomyoji is a ShingonRitsu Buddhist Temple in Kanazawa that dates back to 1258. It has a splendid Jodo-style garden, Ajiike Pond and gates. This place is especially beautiful in spring, when the cherries blossom, much as in autumn. The temple and the garden are regarded as the land of Perfect Bliss.
Kanazawa Bunko Museum

4) Kanazawa Bunko Museum

The Kanazawa Bunko museum features a private collection of traditional Japanese and Chinese art objects, which is made accessible to the general public. Among the exhibits are some amazing collections of fine art, historic and cultural artifacts. Some of them date back as far as the 13th century. There are portraits of priests and the Hojo family, the first founders of the museum. Here, you may also get to see sculptures and excellent pottery from old times. The Kanazawa Bunko was originally a library, which it still is today primarily. It was one of the two most important centers of learning in medieval Japan. The library has some priceless Buddhist writings. In front of the building is a beautiful pond. The museum is maintained by the Shomyo-ji Temple.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Seto Syugetsu

5) Seto Syugetsu

Seto Syugetsu is a religious site in Kanazawa, set very close to the bay. The complex features typical Japanese gates, statues of mythological figures and is surrounded by a garden. Seto Syugetsu is an active place of worship, so there is always somebody on the site offering prayers.
Kanazawa-Hakkei Station

6) Kanazawa-Hakkei Station

Kanazawa-Hakkei is a train station surrounded with many attractions. It stretches along the bay very close to a beautiful pier that goes far into the bay waters. The pier is lined with trees on both sides and ends up with a small round platform, upon which stands a kind of shrine. From there opens a terrific view of the nearby city bridges.
Nojima Koen Park-Island

7) Nojima Koen Park-Island

The Nojima Koen Park is set on an island amid Hiragata Bay. There, on top of the hill is an observation tower providing magnificent views of the faraway Tanzawa Range, the Boso Peninsula and mountains. The island's picturesque landscape is captured in the famous "Evening Glow at Nojima" picture.

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Create Your Own Walk in Yokohama

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Kamakura Temples Walking Tour

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Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
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Shopping Tour

Shopping Tour

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Yokohama Introduction Walking Tour

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Museums and Galleries Walking Tour

Museums and Galleries Walking Tour

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