Kids Entertainment Tour (Self Guided), Antwerp

Kids are adored in Antwerp. There are lots of parks, playgrounds, museums and other entertainment for children. Learn more about ocean life at Aquatopia, see a unique collection of animals at Antwerp Zoo and taste original Belgian chocolate at Hans Burie Chocolate Shop!
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Kids Entertainment Tour Map

Guide Name: Kids Entertainment Tour
Guide Location: Belgium » Antwerp (See other walking tours in Antwerp)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.3 Km or 2.1 Miles
Author: mary
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Antwerp Zoo
  • Aquatopia
  • Stadspark
  • Rubenshuis
  • Hans Burie Chocolate Shop
  • St. Anna Tunnel
Antwerp Zoo

1) Antwerp Zoo (must see)

Established in 1843, the Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world and is home to the Centre for Research and Conservation (CRC) along with the many animals and their various exhibits. Open all seven days of the week, the Zoo is located right next to Antwerp Centraal Railway Station at the Astrid Square.

The Zoo that started off in a small area of about 4 acres occupies over 26 acres of land today and is home to almost 950 different species of animals. From penguins to sea lions, from zebras to macaws and toucans and from commonly occurring apes to the near threatened okapis, the Zoo has them all. For some period, the Zoo also housed dolphins but the infrastructure demands could not be accommodated by a Zoo that was right in the center of the city.

From its inception, the Zoo has promoted wildlife preservation and through its recreational and educational exhibits pitches the importance of conservation to its 1.5 million visitors every year. The Zoo participates in the European Endangered Species Programme and has helped in the breeding of okapis, peafowls, tamarins and otters to name a few.

The Antwerp Zoo deserves at least half a day’s attention and once you are there, we are sure you will stay for more. But do not forget to pick up the schedule of the feeding times for these natural wonders at the entrance to see them interact with the Zoo staff.

2) Aquatopia

If you need a break from overwhelming artistic and historical tours of Antwerp, then Aquatopia is just the place you might be looking for. A popular tourist destination in Antwerp, Aquatopia is an aquarium that is filled with wild and exotic marine creatures from both native and foreign waters.

Located right in the heart of the city, Aquatopia promises a fun filled time for people of all ages. Although, the facility may not match the magnitude of other well-known aquaria across the world, the Aquatopia does not disappoint.

With fun and innovative ways of showcasing exotic marine life, Aquatopia has its own reputation internationally, which is why it is a hit with Antwerp’s tourists. Boasting as many as 35 aquariums, the Aquatopia takes you into the marine world filled with exotic fish with vibrant colors and alien features. Special exhibits like sharks, mysteries of the deep and nautilus are a must see.

Filled with fun and recreational activities, one can also learn a lot at this aquarium. Certain exhibits allow you to understand these underwater creatures using multimedia applications and other interactive features. You can also spend some quality time with iguanas where you can touch and feed them under the supervision of the staff of course.

Open on all days from 10am to 6pm, you can plan your visit with the feeding times of your favorite underwater creature to make your trip truly memorable.

3) Stadspark

The Stadspark is an English styled park laid out over 35 acres of land not very far from Antwerp Centraal Station. This triangular park located between Rubenslei, Van Eycklei and Quinten Matsijslei is the only park located in the city center of Antwerp. Constructed in the late 1860s by architect E. Van Cuyck, the Park is a conversion of an old Spanish fortification.

A pond in the Park adds to the scenery while also playing host to some common water birds. A white pedestrian bridge was constructed over the pond which makes it even more picturesque. Various statues decorate the Park along with war memorials. A World War II bunker has remained a part of the Park since it was created. Today, the Park is a destination for joggers, rollerbladers and elderly walkers. You can often see rabbits around the Park who are more than willing to jog (or hop) along with you. However, the Park is too centrally located and cannot manage to take you completely away from the traffic noises arising from the city.

The Park is filled with different kinds of trees, some of which are not even native to the land. Open all times of the day, you can visit the park anytime you prefer although a day light visit is recommended. Once here, you can always go back to shopping areas which are located just outside the Park.

4) Rubenshuis (must see)

Known for his Counter Reformation portraits, landscapes and paintings, Sir Peter Paul Rubens was a Baroque painter, book illustrator and a diplomat during the early 1600s. The Rubenshuis is a city of Antwerp-owned and curated building that Rubens designed himself and spent most of his lifetime in.

Located on 9, Wapper Street, Rubens purchased this house in 1610 and added a gallery, porch and a large studio in Greco-Roman classic styles and a hint of Italian Renaissance to the structure. Within the walls of this house, Rubens and his students, such as Anthony Van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens, created most of their works. Rubens’ work is categorized by various stages of productivity of his own life. However, all of Rubens’ work that is displayed in the House today came back only after great efforts were put in by the people of Antwerp once it was decided to make the building into a monument in 1937.

The Rubens House is home to paintings such as St. Claire of Assisi, The Annunciation and Adam and Eve made by the great painter himself in addition to the works of other contemporaries of his time. The House also displays various objects of art from the 17th century giving the visitor a peek at the lavish lifestyles of those times. The Renaissance Garden which was renovated in 1993 takes inspiration from Rubens’ paintings and must not be missed.

Operation Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm
Hans Burie Chocolate Shop

5) Hans Burie Chocolate Shop

Visit Hans Burie Chocolate Shop to taste real Belgian chocolate. Take a one-hour tour in the workshop and learn how the most delicate chocolate is made. See life-size chocolate figures of people, animals and even a car! Reservations are required for the tour. The shop is open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00.
St. Anna Tunnel

6) St. Anna Tunnel (must see)

Sprung on the banks of the river Scheldt, Antwerp is filled with monuments that tell exciting stories of the past and portray the richness and opulence through their architecture and design. No means of exploring a city can be quite satisfying and exciting like discovering the city by foot. A long walk down the alleys and streets of a city truly brings forth the true essence of the city and Antwerp is no exception. One such sight worth the visit on foot or the bicycle is the St. Anna Tunnel. What may seem like your average underpass is actually built under the river Scheldt, which runs through the middle of the city.

Truly a feat of engineering, what makes the Tunnel even more fascinating is that it was built in 1931. It is believed that the city had thought long and hard about connecting the two banks of the river via a bridge, however that would seriously interrupt navigation and traffic to the port, which is when the decision of building a tunnel materialized.

The St. Anna Tunnel is 572 m long and at a depth of 31.57 m. one can enjoy the rustic look of the Tunnel as the antiquities like the wooden staircase and escalator are still very much in use. The tunnel was built in attempt to connect the old town to the new, developing side across the river.

So, if you are looking for a surreal adventure, there is one right in the heart of the city.

Walking Tours in Antwerp, Belgium

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Create Your Own Walk in Antwerp

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Religious Sites of Antwerp

Religious Sites of Antwerp

Admire the unforgettable works of Peter Paul Rubens, Otto van Veen, Jacob de Backer and Marten de Vos at the Cathedral of Our Lady. Feel the spirit of antiquity at Beguinage of Antwerp. Listen to the music of the 18th century organ at St. James' Church and see the 18th century Baroque altar and the pulpit of Jan-Baptist Van Hool and Jan-Frans Van Geel at St. Andrew’s Church.

Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.5 Km or 2.2 Miles
Famous Museums of Antwerp

Famous Museums of Antwerp

Visit the famous home and studio of Peter Paul Rubens and see the works of this unsurpassed master. Admire Northern Renaissance art at Mayer van den Bergh Museum. Discover new depths of 14th century art at the Royal Museum of Fine Art and observe the evolution of fashion at the unique Mode Museum.

Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.9 Km or 1.8 Miles
Antwerp Daily Life Tour

Antwerp Daily Life Tour

Antwerp has many attractions that are popular among locals, including sports venues, theaters, parks and shopping centers. Visit Dageraadplaats and see its amazing artificial starry sky. Walk Cogels Osyei and see the pride of the city, its Art Nouveau architecture, and be sure to visit Meir, the city’s famous shopping street, to find a great bargain.

Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
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South Side Walking Tour

South Side Walking Tour

Visit Antwerp’s South Side and see Waterpoort, built in honor of King Filip IV. Visit Sint-Walburgiskerk, the place used by Rubens in many of his works. The Royal Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Modern Art are great places to see the development of art in the region.

Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.0 Km or 1.2 Miles
Old City of Antwerp Tour II

Old City of Antwerp Tour II

Visit Pierre Bruno Bourla’s most famous work, the Royal Theater, and witness its extraordinary 19th century architecture. Take a walk in the peaceful oasis of the Botanic Gardens and be sure to see the remarkable Rubens house and admire his famous masterpieces.

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Nightlife Tour in Antwerp

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